This post is about a lot of things, but mainly Ben-Jon’s safety

March 8, 2013

Wow, there’s been a lot going on in the world of Vocal Point and TMtP lately, so we’re going to do our best to try and get caught up on everything.  First of all, can you believe that one year ago today we were in Provo?  And we had no idea what was in store for us.  Crazy times.  We’re sad that we aren’t able to make it out there for this round of Covey shows, but life has been on the hectic side of busy for us.  And our schedules have been diametrically opposed.  Here’s an actual gchat conversation we had earlier this week that took place at early o’clock or late dark thirty, depending on which way you look at it.

Troi: … you’re not actually awake, are you?
Crusher: ::shame:: yes
Troi: ::theLOOK::
Crusher: eh, i was working
Troi: did you get it done?
Crusher: yeah. okay, i should… nap, or something
Troi: lol go sleep!
Crusher: lol, ok.  love ya!
Troi: love ya too!
Crusher: g’morning!
Troi: lol, goodbye.

Okay, so now to play a little catch-up.  VP had a concert in the de Jong Concert Hall last week and it sounds like everyone in the audience had a blast.  One reader, who we’ll call B’Elanna Torres, sent us her thoughts on the show.  According to her, Scoot absolutely rocks his solo on “Set Fire to the Rain” (which, don’t quote us, but we think he arranged that new addition to the repertoire as well).  B’Elanna also loved the new Frankie Valli medley.  And guess what?  Another super-helper, Sarnic (hey! we met her in Provo a year ago!), managed to get a video of at a square-singing this week.

Now, when we first heard that this medley was in the works, we had one question for our informant: “Is ‘Who Loves You’ included?”  Our informant’s memory wasn’t able to confirm at the time, and so every time the medley was brought up again, we repeated the question.  Why?  Because “Who Loves You” is an awesome song.  There’s a reason why it’s the closer in Jersey Boys.  So, we’re totally tickled pink blue and yellow that Prince Trevortastic is holding it down there at the end with “Who Loves You.”  And somewhere Ben Folds is swooning without knowing why, as he’s just able to sense that patented Kevin falsetto from thousands of miles away.

B’Elanna also let us know that the guys sang happy birthday to Mega-G and that Bad-Decision did “one heck of an amazing job!”  Another of the TMtP faithful, fromsandytoo, went to the concert with her friend, dillpickle (don’t ask us, that’s a self-assigned pseud!).  These two fabulous ladies showed up in shirts featuring one of the suggested designs from the swag poll we ran a while back.  Not enough people voted for it for us to add it to the Spreadshirt shop, so these two decided to make them on their own.


And not only that, they managed to get a picture with the Staring One himself…

…which we took the liberty of TMtP-ifying for blog purposes.

Okay, moving along, Sarnic also sent us another video from Wednesday.  Here are the guys doing their encore number, the “Don’t Stop Fallin’ In Love Without You” mash-up.

And of course the most important thing to note is that Bryce is wearing red pants (if you thought we had missed them after the Frankie Valli medley video, you really should give us a lil’ bit more credit).  Bold choice, sir.  We’re pretty sure we like it.  Oh, and he sounds amazing too.  We’re really loving the smooth tone he adds to the group.

Next on the agenda: VP released a new single to iTunes!  We’re sure you’ve all seen this all over facebook, but if you need a link, here ya go: Good Times on iTunes.  We’d like to give a mega-gigantor-sized thank you to the VPer who sent us the link as soon as it was available.  We’re not sure where Key Chain ended up (is he still being held hostage by Tanner?) but we’re pretty sure that such displays of blog helpery earn you the right to hang with him for a week.

Alright, now it’s time for the serious stuff.  This is the time where we make a plea for one man’s physical well-being.  You guys may remember back during the November Covey concerts when the chosen “Call Me Maybe” girl chased dear Ben-Jon around the stage.  Which, you know, is one way to get a man.  Well, it seems the ladies of Provo keep raising the stakes in their never-ending quest to woo the man who was once turned down in favor of a Justin Bieber cut-out.  Not only did B’Elanna mention what happened during “Call Me Maybe” last weekend, we also had several people email us just to let us know about that one incident.  One reader, who we’ll call A.C., was even kind enough to point us in the direction of video evidence.  Here, see for yourself just what went down:

Oh boy, we’re not sure whether to high five her, bless her heart, or help Ben-Jon file a restraining order.  But what we are sure of is that we’re scared of what the next level might be, if the “Call Me Maybe” girls this weekend feel the need to try and top Tackler Girl (Tacklher?).   So, we thought that instead of sitting by idly and then finding out that poor Ben-Jon got handcuffed to someone or ended up in a body cast, we’d go ahead and provide some safe alternatives that you can choose from if you get selected as the “Call Me Maybe” girl.  How ’bout you:
  • Just start doing a human pinwheel around Ben-Jon and see if you can get the other guys to join in.


  • Toss Bryce a container of cinnamon.
  • Channel Sara Bareilles and offer Scoot a juice box.
  • Play air trumpet with Kevin, or eat an air sammich in memory of Tyler.

  • Stand and salute the McDictator.
  • Do your best “Thriller” zombie impersonation.
  • Preemptively have slips of paper with your own number ready, and offer one to each guy as he hands you his.

  • Throw up the TMtP hand sign.  Wait… that means we need a TMtP hand sign.  Oh, how about just “T-M-t-P” in ASL?  That would actually look pretty sweet.
  • Pull a brightly-colored handkerchief out of your pocket and sashay around.

work it

  • Turn down Ben-Jon’s advances and instead pull out a photo of the Biebs.
  • Try to commandeer the pitch pipe (and thus ALL OF THE POWER) from Keith.

controlling kevin

Actually, you know what?  Scratch that last one.  The goal here is to avoid a bloodbath onstage.
And finally…
  • Splay your limbs.  Just splay them in any which way.  Perhaps while yelling, “Being a human is hard!  Because…


So, we hope that these options seem more appealing than the escalating violence against Ben-Jon.

And we hope everyone has fun at the Covey shows this weekend.  Tickets are still available for all three shows at  And please, do send us reports with all of the hilarious things that happen!  And we’ll love you forever if you manage to get some video (we know that at some of the November concerts there were announcements to not take video, but we’ve been McAssured that filming will be okay at these)!  And eat a German Chocolate Crunch cone in our honor!  (Or not, if GCC is actually nasty… we wouldn’t know from personal experience).

-Troi and Crusher


It’s a Good Day to Make Some Bad Decisions in Wyoming

February 22, 2013

That’s right, today we say…

Or, if those cupcakes aren’t getting you in the birthday mood, perhaps one of these options would be better?

Any one of these choices would be a great decision.  Of course, this could easily be turned into a bad (awesome) decision by choosing to eat all of the options.  So, you know… as you do.

Anyway, the guys do have a concert tonight in Evanston and one tomorrow in Lyman (info here).  And we hope that they take some time to do it up crazy Wyoming-style (we don’t even know what that means in this context!) and celebrate Bad Decision’s birthday.  Because you only get one Golden Birthday (he’s turning 22 on the 22nd), and if you have to spend part of it in the Standard Look, there had better be some kick-awesomeness in the rest of the day to balance that out.

So, yay for Bryce’s birthday!  We’re so excited (not quite as excited as Jessie Spano, but close)!  And so is… this guy:

Hey, we heard you like bowling, too!  Annnnd… we think you should convince the guys to call you B-ryce, B-rizzle, and B-everything.  B-cause… it’s your day!

-Troi and Crusher

Poll Results and the End of an Era

February 20, 2013

Okay, so remember how a while back we did a poll on who should be in the center of the human pinwheel?  Well, we’re finally back with the results and also some heartbreaking news.

First up, the overwhelming winner of the poll was…

::vocal percussion drumroll::


That’s right, he downright ran away with it, tallying an impressive 80% of the vote!  A good number of you also wanted to help save Mega-G’s knees by putting him in the center.  There were a sizable amount of write-ins, including an impressive campaign for Ben-Jon, some Mikey fans (or Mikey himself) advocating for the creator the pinwheel, and a few of you sassypants who wanted us, as in Troi and Crusher, in the center.

So now, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

We’ll start with the bad.

It looks like we have seen the last of the wonder that is the human pinwheel.  With Cowboy Conlon departing and due to the addition of new songs, “Higher and Higher” is being retired from the VP rotation for the time being.  Yes, let’s all take a moment to have a good cry, and then let’s compose ourselves.

Sadly, our attempts to get a Zombie Pinwheel added to “Thriller” also seem to have failed.  But, we told you there was good news, and it’s true.

Before disappearing forever, there was at least one last human pinwheel.  It took place at Bobert and Mrs. Bobert’s wedding reception, and it was magical.  You guys… look who was in the center.

That’s right.  The human pinwheel went out just the way it should.  With McCrockett in the middle.

-Troi and Crusher

Rumor Patrol: It’s a Good Thing We’ve Gotten to Used to Change

January 13, 2013

Okay, so some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been lately.  Well, not in terms of our physical locations.  We can’t imagine any of you think about that too often.  But in terms of bloggity goodness.  Even our own Big Mama was all, “So, um… the blog?  What’s going on?”  And well, we did get a bit behind.  And we totally dropped an adorable Scoot-shaped ball and missed his birthday, too (we’re so ashamed).  But then, well… things started to happen in VP-land.  And we wanted to wait until things were settled before we barged in with our own unique blend of our patented made-up information combined with the responsibility of disseminating actual information.  So, here it goes:

We know that everyone had gotten used to the various iterations of Vocal Point that have been around since the glory days of the True Group.  There was the mythical-never-on-the-official-website 2012 group, and then the most recent 2012-2013 group.  Except… that’s not what that line-up ended up being.  They were, in fact, the 2012 Part Dos Group.  Or the 2012.5 Group.  Or 2012: Hawaiian Adventure Group.  Or something.  And that is because things are getting changed up again.  Due to a work opportunity, Cowboy Conlon will not be continuing on with the group this semester.  While we were sorry to see his high energy and flippy-goodness depart, we waited anxiously to see how the guys would fill the void his upcoming departure will create.

Now, we’d like to imagine that the first thing McDictator did upon hearing this news was check to see if there were any grad school programs he could weasel his way into for the upcoming semester so he could just take over the spot himself.  But instead of that dream coming true, the guys decided to seek out some fresh blood to round out what we guess will be known as just the 2013 line-up?  2013: The New Class?  2013: The Next Generation?  2013: Electric Boogaloo?  Or… something.

So who did they find?  Well, let us introduce you to the one, the only, New New New Guy.  Shall we call him New Cubed Guy?  Let’s all meet…

Bryce Romney!

Bryce hails from that hotbed of TMtP readership, Dallas, Texas, where he was salutatorian of his high school class.  And academics aren’t the only place this guy is an overachiever; you may notice that Bryce is also in the upper percentile when it comes to height.  Another tall dude?  Hmm… we wonder if Prince Trevortastic is still working on his CounterMcPlot.  Scoot and Bobert, watch each others’ backs, that’s all we’re sayin’.

Now, if you’re wanting to hear New Cubed sing a bit, check out this video. (Um… not for the squeamish… and we don’t think we’ve ever had to give a warning like that before on TMtP… breaking new ground!)

Now Bryce, when we said the guys were seeking out “fresh blood” we didn’t mean for you to take it so literally.  Okay, okay, here’s a video from a few years ago of Bloody Bryce doing some legit musical theatre singing.  Turns out Kevin isn’t the only one with a little Secret Garden in his past.

Okay, we’re not gonna lie, part of what made us choose that video to post was that Bryce says in the description: “I want to take this down so badly it’s not even funny.”  Dude, if we could find something more recent that we could include here, we totally would, but the most recent thing we can find is this:

So… we’re going to go ahead and call you Bad Decision Bryce.  Is that okay?  Because doing the cinnamon challenge is one hilariously bad decision. (Note: We totally think that joining VP is NOT a bad decision. Just wanted to be clear. But we do hope that this penchant for bad decisions will lead to some hilarious shenanigans.)

Alright, so here’s how this whole transition is going to go down.  Conlon will perform with the guys for the upcoming Idaho shows.  Simultaneously, BDB will start going through his very own personal VP boot camp.  Within a month, Bryce will make his debut with the guys, and the VP machine will keep chugging along.  Exciting stuff, right?

So, let’s all wish Conlon well, and welcome New Cubed Bryce with open blog-arms!  And if you have any suggestions for what should be included in his Vocal Point Boot Camp, let us know. Oh, and before we get more behind, let’s all wish Robert a happy, happy birthday!

-Troi and Crusher

Happy Birthday Ben… and Ben-Jon… Ben-Ben-Jon?

December 7, 2012

That’s right, today is True Group Ben’s birthday!  Woo-hoo! Or as they say in Australia… Woo-hoo!

And really, can you think of a better day to celebrate the birth of Ben-Jon as well?

Oh… his actual birthday?  Well… yeah.  Good point.  But we missed that.  Because no one told us when it was. Oops. Geez… it’s like the guys were distracted by being in Hawaii or something.

So we’re making up for it today, by celebrating the birth of everyone Robert has ever called “Ben” onstage (to the best of our knowledge).

So, let’s first take a moment to enjoy a video starring each Ben(-Jon) that we’ve haven’t featured here at TMtP before.

From Big Ben, here’s a little “I’m Yours,” posted by mycroft16 on Youtube.

And then check out the Ben-Jon interview in this feature on the Homecoming Spectacular (Spectacular!) from BYU Weekly (starting at 1:58).

Talented Bens, the both of them. 🙂

So, let’s wish a real happy birthday to the real Ben.


Yup, someone loves cake.

And of course, we’re also wishing a belated happy birthday to the real Ben-Jon.

jon face

Who is equally excited by the prospect of delicious baked goods.

And let’s all be thankful that Robert’s magic is confined to his bag, so that a simple moment of misspeaking onstage merely renamed Jon, and didn’t cause this to happen:

ben ben jon

‘Cause then we’d have to be all, Happy Birthday, Ben-Ben-Jon!  Or something.

-Troi and Crusher