Boys and girls of every age…

October 31, 2012

…wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Oh, we’re just kidding, Jake. ūüėČ ūüėČ

Okay, in lieu of something strange, how about a lil’ Vocal Point-and-candy-flavored viewing game instead?

Here’s what you do:

First, go get your stash of Halloween candy.  Got it?  Good.

Okay, now you’re ready to watch the Halloween medley opener from the Sing-off last year.¬† That’s right, we’re kickin’ it True Group style today.¬† You guys remember this one, right?¬† It’s the one with this awesome hand raise:

If you can recall the way early days of the blog, that moment of win inspired this Dear Keith, (written before we ever knew Keith would actually see the blog and answer his Dear Keiths!).

Ah, good times.

Alright, so here is the video of the full performance, as posted by caldwellj on YouTube.

You can go ahead and watch the video a few times for enjoyment if you want to.¬† You may notice that certain VPers are easier to spot than others.¬† Once you’re ready, here’s how you play:

Each time you see Keith, eat some Nerds or Smarties.¬† We doubled up on the options for Kevin for two reasons: first, he’s in the number a whole dang lot, so we wanted to make sure you’d have enough candy to get through it.¬† Second, we originally picked Nerds, and we have to say, Nerds are totally one of the best candies and if you’re going to be eating something as many times as Gandalf is in this number, it should be something as awesome as Nerds.¬† But then we got worried that Keith would read an unintended negative connotation into being paired up with Nerds (really, even if we were directly calling him a nerd, that would only be a compliment coming from us).¬† So we thought Smarties might be a good second choice.¬† Plus, everyone always gets a ton of Smarties at Halloween, so there should be enough to make it all the way through to the Charleston magic.

Okay, next up: a McCrockett sighting means it’s time to eat some candy corn.¬† Why, you ask?

Oh, no reason.

Alright, so now we’re chugging right along, which is the perfect time for a little Tyler the Tank Engine action.¬† Of course, if you want to stop for a sammich break at this point, go right ahead.¬† Otherwise, partake in a Tootsie Pop each time you can identify Tyler in the video.¬† Tootsie Pops are a staple of Halloween, and no treat bag is complete without one.¬† Just like how Tyler was a total team player in VP, and the True Group just wouldn’t have been the same without his power stances.

Now if you happen to spot Ben and his smooth voice, take the opportunity to snack on the Milk Duds in your candy stash, with their equally smooth caramel center.

Cool.¬† Now, when you spy a little Rossface happening, it’s time for the 8 second Cowboy Ross challenge.¬† Do as the man himself would want, and see how many Jelly Bellys you can toss into the air and catch in your mouth in 8 seconds.¬† Double-points if you tag-team with a friend and toss the jelly beans into each other’s mouths.

And what candy should you dig out of your bag if you manage to spot Mikey?  Well, Mike and Ikes, of course.  And really, would Mike be able to get along with Ikes?

Of course!


Yeah, maybe.

Uh, not so much.

This performance, of course, is the one where we noted Robert is being a bit on the creepy side.¬† Of course, that’s kind of the goal, so he’s really just on task.¬† Take the chance when you spot him to enjoy a nice Now and Later, since he was in Vocal Point at the “now” of the taping of this performance, and is still in Vocal Point “later.”¬† Just seems fitting since he’s the only guy who has remained in VP for all of the “nows” between then and present day, and will still be around for some “laters” to come.

CLARK BONUS!¬† Whenever you watch the video and you get to the part at 2:31 where Clark from the Aires says, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” eat a mini-Clark bar if you have one.¬† Otherwise, show that you ain’t afraid of no mystery candy, close your eyes, and select a piece at random.¬† Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a Reese’s.¬† Maybe you’ll draw the despair of those horrible peanut butter kisses / Mary Jane grossnesses.¬† It’s a risk.¬† A low one, admittedly, but that’s the sort of “living dangerously” you get here at TMtP.

Okay, so playing “spot the Hunsaker” is extra fun for this performance, since he puts on his Troy costume for a hot second midway through the number.¬† And there’s really only one candy fit for the man with his very own Jake’s Jokes blog segment.¬† That’s right, enjoy some nice Laffy Taffy when you catch a glimpse of Original Flavor Jake doing his thang.¬† Feel free to submit the jokes from your Laffy Taffy wrappers in the comments, we’re sure Jake will appreciate the new material.¬† Here’s one to get us started (from an actual Laffy Taffy wrapper, we take no credit / blame for this):

Q: Which candy can’t get anywhere on time?

A: Choco-LATE!


And finally, if you manage to spot and identify the elusive Honey Badger, well, dear reader, it’s time to go all out.¬† Bust out the good stuff.¬† That’s right, if you’ve got it, it’s time for you to eat your BYU Bookstore Fudge.¬† Nearly eight months since we went to Provo, we finally hear about this wonder.¬† And just like Tanner in this performance, it apparently was there all along, but we just weren’t able to see it clearly at first.

And speaking of BYU Bookstore Fudge, we want to give a special birthday shout-out to our blog reader Lynette, who was the first kind soul to tell us about this wonder.¬† We’re currently even considering buying some for our Thanksgiving holiday (any recommendations on which variety is best?).¬† So thanks, Lynette, for providing us with valuable information for making likely poor grown-up decisions!¬† Have a fantastic birthday!

Alright, everybody, now we don’t want you to make yourself sick on candy playing this game, but we do hope that it at least encourages you to rewatch the Halloween opener and try to spot all nine guys.¬† It’s a fun little challenge, exacerbated by the fact that some of the guys are wearing the plastic wigs, while others are not (we can’t find a logic as to the who and why of how that played out, but we’d love to hear if there was some reasoning).¬† And then, if you want to get really sentimental, go check out the Elvis medley again, since that was the other performance VP had this week last year.

-Troi and Crusher


We aren’t the only ones obsessively refreshing the official VP website, are we?

September 25, 2012

Oh… we are?


We just can’t help it.¬† We’re blue in the faces from how long our breath has been bated, awaiting the much-anticipated updates to

You see, for as strongly pro-True Group we felt in the beginning, here at TMtP we did eventually get around to embracing the 2012 VP line-up and now the 2012-2013 line-up (McReign foreva!).¬† But the official website is still living in the Sing-off glory days.¬† One day soon, though, that’s going to change.¬† We can just feel it in our bones.¬† (And, you know, we’ve seen the sneak peeks of the new photo shoot someone posted on facebook.)

So, it’s become a little bit o’ blogger habit to check the site and see if the magical switch has taken place.¬† And then to sigh.¬† Heavily.¬† But the other day we noticed something that suddenly halted our sighing.¬† Which led to a bit of a coughing fit, as you can imagine.¬† But we recovered.¬† And now we want to share our discovery with you.¬† After confirming that the home page still looked like this:

We clicked on over to the “About” page just to make sure they weren’t being sneaky and getting the new bios up before anything else.¬† No dice.¬† What we did find, however, was this:

Um… what the what?!?

So. Many. Questions.

First, where did Bobert go?

We know he used to have a photograph there just like everyone else.¬† Where do you think Jakebert’s hair came from?

Why did it disappear?¬† And if anyone’s pic was going to disappear, why did it have to be the one guy who has been a Vocal Point member from True Group on through to present day?

But more importantly… why is there a “member_placeholder_thumb” that is WEARING A TIE?

Oh dear Webmaster, how did you have time to create that gem and yet still haven’t gotten around to updating the website?

Of course, most people would probably see that and think, “Ha, that’s kind of funny.”¬† But y’all know us.¬† Our brains don’t work like that.

So the first thing we thought was, “Well, if Robert’s photo is gone, they should ALL be gone!”¬† So we did this:

And we were rather pleased with ourselves.

But something wasn’t quite right.

We kept looking at that little be-tied placeholder, and while he totally worked for eight of the boys, we got a nagging feeling that something was missing for one of them.  That little circle of a head kept gnawing at us.  And then it hit us in a flash and we knew what needed to be done.  May we present:

…Fixed it for you.

ūüėČ ūüėČ

-Troi and Crusher

Search term goodness and all sorts of blog business and news

May 24, 2012

We hope everyone is having a good Papa Sterling’s Birthday.¬† It’s like the Washington’s Birthday of TMtP, only instead of getting the day off, we get fabulous search terms and blog business and cake.¬† You may ask, how is that different from a normal Thursday?¬† Well, the cake… obviously.

Alright, here we go — wheeeeeee!

Category winners get 12,000 TMtP blog points, the weekly runner-up gets 26,000, whoever comments on Papa Sterling’s birthday post gets 15,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of the week gets 40,000 totally and completely worthless blog points.

Okay, first up this week we have the catch-all category for things relating to TMtP and VP:

One of you went all retro on us, remembering totally missing the grammatical point.¬† Someone else is curious about vocal remix academy, which in and of itself is a crafty way of remixing ReMix Vocal Academy.¬† Unfortunately for the searcher of r e m i x vocal academy age 10, the age-range for RVA is 15-25.¬† And we really can’t be of much help for whoever searched for byu vocal point back in blue production notes.

See, we both have digital copies of the album (and if the production notes are included in the digital copies, we’re way too tech-illiterate to figure that out).¬† But we’re thinking we may have a few readers who could help this searcher out.

Now, we’re not too sure what the search for vocal point been meant.¬† Was it just a misspelling of this guy’s name?

Or is it the start of a fun new game, like VP Mad Libs or something?

Hmm… we kind of like it.

Alright, winning the category points here is someone who decided to show some love to the current line-up with vocal point 2011-2012.¬† Although we tend to favor calling them just “Vocal Point 2012,” we appreciate the effort made towards acknowledging that this line-up really and truly does exist.

Now we’ve got the category for Geez, we’ve stopped mentioning these brothers and yet we still get SO MANY SEARCHES for them:

Yup, those curly-headed sitcom stars are still driving lots of confused traffic to TMtP.¬† Someone who is not confused, though, and is also the winner of 12,000 shiny new blog points, is the searcher of jakebert’s hair sings bass but his face sings tenor. Ha!

Love it!

Now everybody get ready, cause it’s time to Hunker Down with this next category:

We have our standard weekly apology to the searchers of jake hunsaker, who were probably just looking for factual information, and to Jake himself, because those searchers found TMtP.

But there is helpful information here.  Like, for the searcher of how to emcee after a singing.  Well, look no further than this video:

(from tamijeanne’s Youtube, carnage at 1:20)

Such. A. Pro.

And for whoever wanted some good jokes for motor coach trips, we’ll just direct your attention to the latest edition of Jake’s Jokes.

The search for hunker down hunsaker, beauty and the beast was clearly referencing the last Dear Trevortastic, and really, can’t you see Gaston as a news anchor, too?

Okay, some people were remembering that match-up and also the Dear Mikey about Harry Potter, because we got searches for jakeicles vocal point’s bad boy and jakeicles always gets to be the bad guy.

To which we have two rebuttals.  First, Jake was matched up with Fonzi for the Puppy Bowl post, and does he look like a bad boy?

Not even a little bit.

And second of all, our category winner here reminds us of the very first matching post (and probably still the most clever thing on the blog), the LOTR Dear Keith, with jake hunsaker of vocal point is peregrin took.¬† See?¬† Jake’s not always the bad guy.¬† Sometimes he’s the little confused guy instead!

Now it’s time for the Smattering of Miscellaneous Searches category:

We had a search for savage garden + embarrassing.¬† Which, really?¬† Is this like a thing?¬† Like, we always assumed Ross was alone in his shame, but maybe we were wrong.¬† Are we actually supposed to be embarrassed of our love for Savage Garden?¬† Sorry, that’s just not going to happen.

Someone googled vocal sport and came to our blog, instead of the official website.¬† So, we’ll just pop you on back over there, and mention that Vocal Sport II is happening July 28th.¬† It sounds like they’re doing all of the categories in one day, so be prepared for the long haul if you’re going to go watch that.

And finally, we had some sartorial related searches, with yellow suspenders being balanced out by awesome shoes, and the category points going to khakis look good on no one.

Let’s now go through our Special Snowflakes category, where we blog-love each of the guys uniquely and equally:

Except for mckay crockett, but that’s because you readers voted for him to be our favorite for all of summer.

See, it says right there on the official certificate that he’s going to be a blog star all summer long, and so far that’s proven to be true.¬† We’ve gotten to seeing all sorts of their adventures, from going to the theatre, to playing with McNiece, to visiting schoolchildren.

What will they do next?¬† Will McKC get bored and call up Tanner to take him on some shenanigans?¬† Will someone kidnap McKC at the concert next week and hold him ransom?¬† And is there any way we could still convince everybody to get on board with the whole Sisterhood of the Traveling Key Chain thing?¬† No?¬† Do we just need to go watch the pants movie again to get our fix?¬† Okay, fine. (Side note: “the pants movie” is totally how we refer to that film.¬† As in, one of us will call up the other and say, “Guess what!¬† I got the combo pack of the Duffster’s movie with the pants movie for $7!¬† Sweet!”)

Alright, we had some honey badger searches this week, with tanner nilsson, what grade is tanner nilsson in (grade?), and what is tanner nilsson’s graduating class (oh, is that what you meant) coming through.

The New New Guys were holding it down, with adam heimbigner and conlon bonnor both getting individual searches.

New New Guy 4 had some fun searches, with keith of vocal point always a gentleman with the escorting bringing someone here.¬† We’re assuming that’s in reference to this video (from this post), where Keith does some jiggerific escorting at the end.

(from ptowntrumpet04’s Youtube, the gangly adorableness starts at 3:03)

Someone else wanted to point out that spats flatter rerun, and it’s true!

(fromHale Center Theater Orem’s facebook, copyright Pete Widtfeldt)

Spats are just so darn awesome!¬† Also awesome, the search for trevortastic’s vocal point disney magic.¬† We loved it too.¬† And winning the category and 12,000 points is oh, the trevortastic stare. ‚̧

Yup, and our love for it abounds no matter what direction it goes in.

And now, to wrap up, we have the introduction of a new category, those searches for TCaR and REMIX:

We’re glad some of you are excited for the possibilites of TCaR.¬† We are too, even if we’re still not quite sure just how that blog will continue to grow as the group is in these early stages.¬† It’s kind of fun to be in on the ground level, though, isn’t it?

So, we’re hoping the searcher of kutv remix found what they were looking for in terms of REMIX’s first appearance.

Others of you had us cracking up with searches like totally loving that’s called a remix: double your pleasure double the fun, vocal point’s favorite vehicle….tcar, and tmtp’s troi and crusher can drive tcar.

And winning the points for the display of sheer happiness and excitement is totally loving that’s called a remix!! yay!

Alright, now it’s time for this week’s runner-up, which is rerun clubbing baby seals.

We love this term, because it just has so many possibilities.  We mean, it could be this:

Or, perhaps the searcher could have meant this:

You know, we hope to bring you our very own TMtP-styled History of the Baby Seal Clubbing in the near future.  So stay tuned for that.

And finally, we’ve reached the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner of 40,000 points.¬† Getting the big prize this week is: i hope this search term comes in not as “unknown”, troi and crusher!

It made it through!¬† Yay!¬† We know that lately we’ve been bemoaning the fact that a lot of search terms haven’t made it through to us, so we were super-excited to see this gem make it through.

In a related topic, we just had to share this curious bit of blog business with you all.¬† Earlier this week, we noticed that our Troi and Crusher’s Road Trip Survival Guide post was getting a crazy amount of views.¬† Posts that old normally don’t get more than a few reads a day.¬† But this post was rapidly climbing up our “Most Read Posts of the Day” list.¬† At the same time, we were getting a huge number of Unknown search terms.¬† We eventually realized that they were matching up with the views for that post.¬† Which seemed weird enough.¬† But then, that night we looked over at our country stats, and saw that the Survival Guide had the exact same number of views as those originating from South Korea.¬† So, for some reason that we really don’t know, we were super-popular in South Korea for two days.¬† But only that one post.¬† Oh, the strange joys of blogging.

In other news, ReMix Vocal Academy has updated their staff page, with more team leaders and special guests, including Rossface and Bob the Founder (of Vocal Point).¬† Their website also notes that there is Limited Space Remaining, so if you’ve been holding off on auditioning, get it in gear and get to it!

And finally, the most exciting news — we’re only a few days away from the SCERA concert!¬† We’re super-excited to see some fresh performances, and we’re thankful in advance for those of you who are going to try to get us photos and videos and whatever.¬† Tickets can still be purchased at SCERA’s website.¬† Also, this website has a tickets and concessions deal — one note, though: it says that the voucher you purchase must be redeemed prior to the day of the concert, which essentially means you need to be able to go over to the SCERA tomorrow or Saturday between 12pm-6pm to trade in your voucher for the tickets.¬† So keep that in mind as you make your awesome a cappella plans.

Alright, we’re pretty sure we’ve covered everything!¬† Have a great rest of Papa Sterling’s Birthday, everybody!

-Troi and Crusher

And the Summer Adventures of McKay and McKC Roll On: Kickin’ it Old School

May 19, 2012

After completing his higher education (by which of course we mean, getting his degree from TMtP University), McKay decided to take McKC back to elementary school to brush up on some basics. Well, actually, these awesome youngsters had a class assignment back after The Sing-off aired. They had to write a persuasive essay on why Vocal Point should come visit their class. Their teachers then had the great idea to send the letters to Vocal Point.

Well consider VP persuaded! McKay, Tanner, Robert, Beaker, and Ben-Jon went and visited their class this week.

We’d just like to point out that Ben-Jon, Beaker, and Robert are giving perfectly normal “I’m having my picture taken” smiles. McKay, of course, is taking a big bite out of life while holding up dear McKC. And Tanner…. well, Tanner’s putting bunny ears on the kids.¬† Nice. ūüôā

Good job, guys! We’re sure those students had a great time meeting you all!

-Troi and Crusher

The search terms slim down for summer and something fresh on the horizon

May 17, 2012

Hey everybody!¬† As we move into summer, we’re going to cut down on the number of search terms we report each week.¬† Don’t worry, we’ll still include the best gems that make it through to us, but we’re noticing that we’re getting less terms overall.¬† Maybe everyone’s getting tired of bringing the hilarity to Google each week?¬† Or maybe people are just spending more time at the beach or park or wherever.¬† In any case, we’ll keep this feature going as long as it’s feasible, and we do love a lot of the terms we’re stilling getting.¬† We just wanted to clue y’all in on why these posts will probably be shorter than in the past for the next little while.

Okay, so let’s go through the terms, give out some points, and then hit some blog business and news.

As is the custom, category winners get 12,000 blog points, the weekly runner-up gets 26,000 of the worthless suckers, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner gets 40,000 completely worthless TMtP points!¬† Let’s get to it!

First up, we have the ever-delightful Jake category:

Okay, we’ll start off nice and simple with a search for jake hunsaker.¬† Then we had a search that we can’t really confirm, as someone says that jake hunsaker is jokey smurf.¬† Hmm… is that true?¬† Didn’t Jokey Smurf just give people presents that exploded?¬† Or are we wrong about that?¬† To be honest, we were more likely to watch the Snorks growing up.

(from via Google Images)

Someone else is still celebrating Hunsaker’s birthday, wishing him happy birthday jake.¬† We have a kindred spirit with the searcher who read about Hunker Down’s summer adventure in the latest addition of Jake’s Jokes and searched for jake hunsaker drives a motor coach and gives a tour?? sign me up!¬† Oh, sign us up too!

And our category winner here drew some Kevin-comment inspiration from that same post and searched for jakeicles the goof.   Yup, and we love him for it!

Now we have the category of Random things we’ve likely tangentially mentioned so now we get searches for them:

We’re always happy to get searches for things like the fellowship of the ring members, because we know that even if the searcher wasn’t looking for a matching of a former line-up of a collegiate a cappella group to the members of the Fellowship, they’ll probably still get a kick out of Keith’s response to that Dear Keith.¬† It’s just that epic.

Another Dear Keith likely led to the search of “how do you type with boxing gloves on?” tumblr finding our blog.

To be honest, we still kind of think Keith types with boxing gloves on.¬† At least that’s the mental image we always conjure up.¬† And really, searcher, if you’re looking for a tumblr, why would you click on a wordpress site?¬† We could only have ever been a disappointment to you.

Now, we’re not sure what the person searching for power stance theatre had in mind, but we kind of love that term anyway.¬† If Tyler ever wants to get into acting, Power Stance Theatre sounds like the perfect place for him to work.


Another searcher is probably currently confused and soon-to-be disappointed.¬† They wanted to know when does sing off season 3 start.¬† Well, the third season of the Sing-off started on September 19, 2011 on NBC.¬† Because it already happened.¬† And most of you have probably heard that there will not be a fourth season of the Sing-off.¬† Which, on the one hand, is totally sad.¬† On the other hand, at least we don’t have to worry about discovering a new favorite group and having to start over with a whole new blog!¬† How awkward would that be?

We’ll direct the searcher of pentatonix summer concerts to our post about the Memorial Day concert at the SCERA.¬† For whoever wanted to know about byu graffiti, we’re pretty sure Trevor isn’t the Banksy of Provo, and is actually just “it” in whatever TMtP’s version of tag is.¬† Still wondering what you’re going to do with that one, Trev.

We’re really glad that a search for impressive group led here, because we can think of one group that impresses that everyone should be acquainted with:

And as for the search for jokes about khakis?¬† Yeah… we’ve got you covered too.¬† Just click around a bit.¬† You won’t be disappointed. ūüėČ

And finally, our category winner here is baby honey badger.

See, most sites would just give you something like this:

But here at TMtP we go above and beyond.  Therefore, when you search for baby honey badger, this is what you get:

Okay, now we have the Category we no longer mention by name but it’s for two brothers and you know who me mean:

Yup.  Same rules still apply.  Only the winner gets reported. And that is: jakebert makes every blog better.

It’s true.

Alright, this week, the Special Snowflakes will be divided up into three subcategories.¬† Let’s start with those snowflakes from the Past:

We are thoroughly confused by the search for free falling captain awesome of vocal point.¬† But we kind of like it.¬† Here: this is a video of someone named Tyler Sterling who may or may not be VP’s Captain Awesome (we really don’t know) kind of doing a version of a free fall (although not really, but it’s the best we could do).


There was a simple for search for vocal point ben, but someone else a little more grammatically-challenged queried what is ben murphy girfriend called. ¬†Well, she’s now called Mrs. Ben, and today she is also called The Birthday Girl.¬† Happy Birthday!

And our winner in the geezers division of the special snowflakes is mikey of vocal point has the smooth moves intro.¬† We’d love for this category winner to provide a bit of clarification.¬† We mean, we are confident enough in Mikey’s moves to agree with you without knowing just what intro you’re talking about, but we’re kind of curious.

Alright, next up we have the Present special snowflakes:

Mostly basic stuff here, with jake tengelsen, vocal point ross, and vocal point mckay all driving traffic to the blog.  Mixing it up a bit, someone found us by searching for bobert sings bass.

And winning the 12,000 points in this subcategory is “mchugger.”¬† As we say in one of the podcasts and as you can see here…

…McKay is totally, one hundred percent, a McHugger.

And to round out the special snowflakes, we have those from the Future:

It’s fun to see the New New Guys get searches, although we don’t have much material to post about them yet.¬† Of course, if they or their friends / family / whoever want to submit stuff, we’ll be happy to use it (email us at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com).¬† Until that happens, we’ll have to direct the searchers of adam heimbigner to the New New Guy introduction post, and this other post, where he commented.

As for the searcher of conlon bonner,¬†we can tell you that his tour with the BYU Young Ambassadors of southern Africa is wrapping up this week, and we’re totally looking forward to Cowboy Conlon’s time in VP next year.

Especially if he manages to bring nine cowboys hats with him from the Young Ambassadors.

One New New Guy we do have material to post about is New New Guy 4.¬† You know… Keith.

We’re not sure what someone meant by oh no it’s not keith evans, but we guess if you were expecting Kevin and got something else, that would be cause to say “Oh no!”¬† Of course, you don’t have to worry about that if you go see his show at the Hale Center Theater Orem, since he is one of the few people single-cast in The Secret Garden.

(posted by the Hale Center Theater Orem on facebook, copyright Pete Widtfeldt)

That means you don’t have to worry about showing up and seeing someone else wearing the spats.¬† We still love spats.

But you know what we love more than spats?¬† The idea of Keith being back in Vocal Point.¬† That’s why we totally agree with the searcher of totally excited about the return of rerun.

Likewise, we totally agree with the search for keith evans needs a smart phone. (It’s true.)

And taking the points in this subcategory is: rerun dances the lsr.

Yes, yes he does.

He also jigs:

Does a mean Charleston:

Werks it out:

And we hope one day soon incorporates this entire routine into his dance repertoire:

A couple of bloggers can dream, right?

And let’s go through our final category now, all things relating to VP and TMtP:

We’ve already put of the plea to Conlon to bring some cowboy hats with him to VP, which would definitely help with sorting out the “cowboy hat” business? ¬†Because… no.¬† Still not buying it, guys.

Now, we had sort of an interesting thing happen this week.  We had multiple searches for vocal point 2010-2011.

And y’all know how much we love that line-up.

But then we also had multiple searches for 2012-2013 vocal point byu.

And those guys are pretty cool too.

But we got zero search love for good ol’ Vocal Point 2012, the current line-up.¬† That’s just wrong!¬† Perhaps Trevor should have just made all of them Lost Boys from Peter Pan in his fantastic Dear Trevortastic from Monday.¬† That’s okay, we can improvise.¬† We’ll use the search term of vocal point image as an excuse to post the current line-up.

See, now you don’t have to be Lost Boys.¬† And fight vampires.¬† Or be vampires?¬† We never actually saw that movie.¬† Oh wait, that’s the wrong Lost Boys anyway, isn’t it?¬† Moving right along…

Someone is totally missing the tmtp podcasts,¬†and to be honest, so are we!¬† We hope that at some point we’ll be able to do more.¬† Somehow.

And winning the category is totally missing vocal point’s pumbaa.¬† Aww, you are?¬† How about some Pumbaaface to make you miss him less?

We’ve reached this week’s runner-up and winner of 26,000 points, and it is elmo sings bass, kevin sings tenor, me and mcbutters would join right in there.

We’re still totally loving that shirt, by the way.

It, and all of the other new shirt designs, are available in the Totally Missing the Point Spreadshirt Shop.

And now it’s time for the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner of 40,000 TMtP blog points!¬† Winning the big points this week is…

jake hunsaker vocal point- so good at expectorating

Ha!  We love it!  For those unaware, may we direct your attention to 1:50 of this video?

Totally Hunsaker, isn’t it?¬† So, 40,000 points to the searcher, and 10 points for Gaston OF Jake!

Alright, now let’s hit up some business and news.

We want to send a thank you out to Trevor for so enthusiastically tackling his first major beast of a Dear Trevortastic.  He seriously cracked us up with his comparisons, and we look forward to what other wacky hijinks we can come up with for his feature.

ReMix Vocal Academy is still taking applicants, and preparations for the camp are kicking into high gear.

And finally, a bit of a vague heads up for those of you in Utah / the viewing region of KUTV CBS 2.¬† We highly recommend watching their morning news tomorrow (Friday) between 6am-8am.¬† And if you happen to be handy with recording / transferring things to the internet, you’d totally be our best blog friend and get a ton of points if you worked some magic in regards to that.¬† Trust us, you’ll know what we’re talking about when you see it.

Alright, have a great night, everybody!

-Troi and Crusher