Poll Results and the End of an Era

February 20, 2013

Okay, so remember how a while back we did a poll on who should be in the center of the human pinwheel?  Well, we’re finally back with the results and also some heartbreaking news.

First up, the overwhelming winner of the poll was…

::vocal percussion drumroll::


That’s right, he downright ran away with it, tallying an impressive 80% of the vote!  A good number of you also wanted to help save Mega-G’s knees by putting him in the center.  There were a sizable amount of write-ins, including an impressive campaign for Ben-Jon, some Mikey fans (or Mikey himself) advocating for the creator the pinwheel, and a few of you sassypants who wanted us, as in Troi and Crusher, in the center.

So now, do you want the good news or the bad news first?

We’ll start with the bad.

It looks like we have seen the last of the wonder that is the human pinwheel.  With Cowboy Conlon departing and due to the addition of new songs, “Higher and Higher” is being retired from the VP rotation for the time being.  Yes, let’s all take a moment to have a good cry, and then let’s compose ourselves.

Sadly, our attempts to get a Zombie Pinwheel added to “Thriller” also seem to have failed.  But, we told you there was good news, and it’s true.

Before disappearing forever, there was at least one last human pinwheel.  It took place at Bobert and Mrs. Bobert’s wedding reception, and it was magical.  You guys… look who was in the center.

That’s right.  The human pinwheel went out just the way it should.  With McCrockett in the middle.

-Troi and Crusher


It’s the biggest Valentine’s Day post EVER on TMtP!

February 13, 2013

…Especially because it’s the only Valentine’s Day post ever here on TMtP. You see, we’re pretty sure all of you remember that we prefer to celebrate a different holiday on February fourteenth. But, our dear Geordi loves Valentine’s Day so much that she didn’t want it pass by unnoticed again this year.  So she took things into her own hands and went to town Paintshopping up some wonder for us.

We present to you the Geordi-designed, limited edition, TMtP Vocal Point Valentines!   Of course, we couldn’t let things get too classy around here, so we did the internet version of bedazzling and added some in-your-face borders to make the darn things even more ridiculous.  We wanted to post them today so you could print them and share them with all your friends and family tomorrow.  Because that would be awesome.  And wouldn’t make them give you any side eye at all.

vtine bad news

vtine beaker

vtine being a human is hard

vtine benface

vtine benjohn

vtine cowboy conlon

vtine elmo

vtine honeybadger

vtine hunker down

vtine jakes jokes

vtine kevin

vtine landon

vtine mcbesties

vtine mcleader

vtine mega g

vtine mikey

vtine rossface

vtine sammich

vtine scoot

vtine trevortastic

vtine smolder walk

Oh, and we may have not been able to resist Paintshopping up a bonus one here at the end.

vtine jakebert

So a big, huge, current-VP-line-up-height-sized thank you to Geordi for coming up with these adorable Valentines.  We hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!

-Troi and Crusher

(PS – a “Happy Birthday!” goes out today to a very special reader who sent us all kinds of tips about where to eat and shop in Provo, and facilitated the great “Troi and Crusher come face to face with Kevin” introduction, AND who is just an all around amazing woman!)

Happy birthday, Mikey!

November 15, 2012

That’s right, today is the day that True Group stalwart, Zoe’s daddy, and Harry Potter match-up extraordinaire Mikey was born!  Plus… he’s the guy who choreographed this:


It’s true, Mikey is an indelible part of the story of TMtP.  And today on his birthday, we want to celebrate one special part of that.  Some of you may remember that Keith was our very first commenter ever.  And that was truly amazing.  But Mikey… Mikey was the first Vocal Point member to embrace us publicly beyond the confines of the blog.  He did so by posting the following on his facebook page way back on January 6th:

Oh, how it warmed our hearts to be given the virtual thumbs up by one of the True Group (and actually, now that we think about it, Mikey may still be the only member of True Group to have posted about the blog on his personal facebook page).  And it’s somehow fitting that Mike was then the first VPer we met when we went to Provo (and actually,  he was also the last one we saw before flew back home… our trip had Mikey bookends).  He’s sort of the ideal gateway VPer, always ready with a smile and encouragement.  And so today we are thrilled to wish him happy birthday!  Have a great one, Mikey-guy!

(original photo copyrighted by TaraPhotographics, perked up for the birthday with a little Paintshop ridiculousness).

We hope you and your adorable family have a blast celebrating your day!

-Troi and Crusher

Totally Loving a Blast from the Past: Oh Mikey, You Won’t Believe What We Found

November 8, 2012

So, as the dedicated bloggers we are (since we’re the world’s worst bloggers, we at least have to be dedicated, right?), we occasionally go searching through the Internet, trying to find new blog material.  Sometimes this means falling down various rabbit holes on facebook or YouTube, and ending up at places that surprise even us.  This little gem was discovered on one such adventure.  And frankly, readers of TMtP, we just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Straight from MrLucasinalaska’s YouTube, we have this video that Mikey and a friend made several years ago:

Oh boy, oh boy, this is just the best thing ever, right?  Right?  Please don’t tell us we’re the only ones excited beyond all reason by this.

Okay, the first thing you may notice is that Mikey isn’t taking the lead in this lip dub, but rather is serving as the best Alaskan fly girl we’ve ever seen, backing up a guy we will refer to as Lil Phelpsie, because…


So Lil Phelpsie gets things started, and at :09 we get our first Mikey sighting.  But things really get interesting at :37, when Norm busts out this move:

And really, we’re just disappointed that the closest we ever got to seeing anything that street from Mikey in Vocal Point was this:

Just not quite the same, is it?

Lil Phelpsie then tries to bring it in the moves department as well, but he’s clearly no BYU Folk Dance alum (unless he is, in which case, our bad!).

At 1:20, Mike-Daddy (like Mac Daddy? and he is a daddy?  Okay, we’re reaching, but forgive us, we’re totally thrown off by Street Mikey) takes the lead, and a few seconds later treats us to some… what is that?  Backwards robot moonwalking?  Love it!

And then Lil Phelpsie weasels his way into our blog hearts with one simple move.  That’s right, at 1:41 he nails a bell kick.

Keith!  He’s stealing your moves!  McKay!  He’s reminding us of this:

Hmm… Lil Phelpsie may have just gotten himself into a blog feud with the McBesties.  You’d think he would have been more cautious on someone else’s turf, right? We’d mention how this could be as big as the East Coast / West Coast rap feud, but we know VP claims to not know anything about rap, so we just won’t go there (you guys should still totally do “Tha Crossroads” by the way).

Now, the real magic starts at 2:04, as Mikey just totally brings it in this next section.  Like, 2:16-2:20?  That is just everything.

And then it’s more roboting at 2:25 and, oh our goodness guys, it becomes clear at 2:37 that Mikey is actually wearing some bizarrely fly version of the Standard Look.

Like, all he would have to do is try and convince us that that’s a cowboy hat, and it’s like he’s already in VP.

And then we just about lose it at 2:51, because seriously, Mikey?

You, sir, are hilarious.

And then Lil Phelpsie gets all sad panda at the end, since he can’t seem to “calculate ya” but Mikey’s just like, “Whatever, I’ma gon’ throw my hat like a balla an’ bounce!”

(Or, you know, however kind, sincere, Mike would actually say that.)

And that, dear readers, is by far our favorite thing we’ve seen on the internet this week.  Or maybe ever. But for sure this week.

-Troi and Crusher

Boys and girls of every age…

October 31, 2012

…wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Oh, we’re just kidding, Jake. 😉 😉

Okay, in lieu of something strange, how about a lil’ Vocal Point-and-candy-flavored viewing game instead?

Here’s what you do:

First, go get your stash of Halloween candy.  Got it?  Good.

Okay, now you’re ready to watch the Halloween medley opener from the Sing-off last year.  That’s right, we’re kickin’ it True Group style today.  You guys remember this one, right?  It’s the one with this awesome hand raise:

If you can recall the way early days of the blog, that moment of win inspired this Dear Keith, (written before we ever knew Keith would actually see the blog and answer his Dear Keiths!).

Ah, good times.

Alright, so here is the video of the full performance, as posted by caldwellj on YouTube.

You can go ahead and watch the video a few times for enjoyment if you want to.  You may notice that certain VPers are easier to spot than others.  Once you’re ready, here’s how you play:

Each time you see Keith, eat some Nerds or Smarties.  We doubled up on the options for Kevin for two reasons: first, he’s in the number a whole dang lot, so we wanted to make sure you’d have enough candy to get through it.  Second, we originally picked Nerds, and we have to say, Nerds are totally one of the best candies and if you’re going to be eating something as many times as Gandalf is in this number, it should be something as awesome as Nerds.  But then we got worried that Keith would read an unintended negative connotation into being paired up with Nerds (really, even if we were directly calling him a nerd, that would only be a compliment coming from us).  So we thought Smarties might be a good second choice.  Plus, everyone always gets a ton of Smarties at Halloween, so there should be enough to make it all the way through to the Charleston magic.

Okay, next up: a McCrockett sighting means it’s time to eat some candy corn.  Why, you ask?

Oh, no reason.

Alright, so now we’re chugging right along, which is the perfect time for a little Tyler the Tank Engine action.  Of course, if you want to stop for a sammich break at this point, go right ahead.  Otherwise, partake in a Tootsie Pop each time you can identify Tyler in the video.  Tootsie Pops are a staple of Halloween, and no treat bag is complete without one.  Just like how Tyler was a total team player in VP, and the True Group just wouldn’t have been the same without his power stances.

Now if you happen to spot Ben and his smooth voice, take the opportunity to snack on the Milk Duds in your candy stash, with their equally smooth caramel center.

Cool.  Now, when you spy a little Rossface happening, it’s time for the 8 second Cowboy Ross challenge.  Do as the man himself would want, and see how many Jelly Bellys you can toss into the air and catch in your mouth in 8 seconds.  Double-points if you tag-team with a friend and toss the jelly beans into each other’s mouths.

And what candy should you dig out of your bag if you manage to spot Mikey?  Well, Mike and Ikes, of course.  And really, would Mike be able to get along with Ikes?

Of course!


Yeah, maybe.

Uh, not so much.

This performance, of course, is the one where we noted Robert is being a bit on the creepy side.  Of course, that’s kind of the goal, so he’s really just on task.  Take the chance when you spot him to enjoy a nice Now and Later, since he was in Vocal Point at the “now” of the taping of this performance, and is still in Vocal Point “later.”  Just seems fitting since he’s the only guy who has remained in VP for all of the “nows” between then and present day, and will still be around for some “laters” to come.

CLARK BONUS!  Whenever you watch the video and you get to the part at 2:31 where Clark from the Aires says, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” eat a mini-Clark bar if you have one.  Otherwise, show that you ain’t afraid of no mystery candy, close your eyes, and select a piece at random.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and get a Reese’s.  Maybe you’ll draw the despair of those horrible peanut butter kisses / Mary Jane grossnesses.  It’s a risk.  A low one, admittedly, but that’s the sort of “living dangerously” you get here at TMtP.

Okay, so playing “spot the Hunsaker” is extra fun for this performance, since he puts on his Troy costume for a hot second midway through the number.  And there’s really only one candy fit for the man with his very own Jake’s Jokes blog segment.  That’s right, enjoy some nice Laffy Taffy when you catch a glimpse of Original Flavor Jake doing his thang.  Feel free to submit the jokes from your Laffy Taffy wrappers in the comments, we’re sure Jake will appreciate the new material.  Here’s one to get us started (from an actual Laffy Taffy wrapper, we take no credit / blame for this):

Q: Which candy can’t get anywhere on time?

A: Choco-LATE!


And finally, if you manage to spot and identify the elusive Honey Badger, well, dear reader, it’s time to go all out.  Bust out the good stuff.  That’s right, if you’ve got it, it’s time for you to eat your BYU Bookstore Fudge.  Nearly eight months since we went to Provo, we finally hear about this wonder.  And just like Tanner in this performance, it apparently was there all along, but we just weren’t able to see it clearly at first.

And speaking of BYU Bookstore Fudge, we want to give a special birthday shout-out to our blog reader Lynette, who was the first kind soul to tell us about this wonder.  We’re currently even considering buying some for our Thanksgiving holiday (any recommendations on which variety is best?).  So thanks, Lynette, for providing us with valuable information for making likely poor grown-up decisions!  Have a fantastic birthday!

Alright, everybody, now we don’t want you to make yourself sick on candy playing this game, but we do hope that it at least encourages you to rewatch the Halloween opener and try to spot all nine guys.  It’s a fun little challenge, exacerbated by the fact that some of the guys are wearing the plastic wigs, while others are not (we can’t find a logic as to the who and why of how that played out, but we’d love to hear if there was some reasoning).  And then, if you want to get really sentimental, go check out the Elvis medley again, since that was the other performance VP had this week last year.

-Troi and Crusher