Bobert and Mega-G (belatedly) Present: Bryce’s First Concert

March 24, 2013

So, do you guys remember when Bryce was just a fresh little VP noob, going through his own personal boot camp to learn the ways of the power stance and khakis?  Seems like forever ago, right?  Well, we’ve got a little flashback to that time for y’all today.  You see, our special correspondents, Bobert and Mega-G, were right there with a breaking news interview with B-Ryce the night of his very first Vocal Point concert (lest you forget, it was also the McDictator’s birthday).

So why is this coming to the TMtP nation six weeks after the fact?  Well, Bobert got busy becoming Mr. Katie (by which we mean, getting married), and then sometimes it’s hard to get videos from iPhones to Youtube.  But really, you can’t expect too much punctuality from us.  We started this blog a month-and-a-half after VP had already been kicked off the Sing-off (which, “Yay!” for the Sing-off going all Thriller-zombie on us and being resurrected back onto the NBC schedule).  Basically, we’ve never really been of-the-moment, ya know?  And that works for us.  So, let’s all enjoy this glimpse into Bad Decision’s first night as a performing member of VP.

Aww, isn’t he precious, like a gangly newborn colt?  One that’s perhaps experiencing its first flehmen response?

Nope?  Just us, then?  Okay.

Anyways, by now Bryce is practically old hat, but it’s pretty impressive how quickly he got up to speed.  We mean, just think how long it took Hunsaker to master the step-touches… and general human-like movement. (Goodness, we miss you, Jake!)

-Troi and Crusher


Bobert and Mega-G Present: The Mary Poppins Bag

November 20, 2012

We promise we’ll have Covey concert goodness coming your way soon.  Some amazing blog helpers have sent us so much good stuff from Friday’s concert that it’s taking us a bit of time to organize it all.  We’re still looking for any info on Saturday’s concert, as we’ve gotten, well, basically nothing.  We know there must have been some gems, so if you were there, feel free to send us your recollections at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.  In lieu of the full-on concert post, today we’re going to bring you this amazing little treat.

Alright, before we show you this video, which is totally cozying up to this as our favorite thing on YouTube, perhaps a little bit of backstory is in order.

When the guys were getting ready to head to Hawaii, the following exchange may have occurred:

T or C: make sure to pack your sunscreen!

VPer: Robert will pack it for me. He’s Mary Poppins: always has everything we need in his bag.

T or C: that’s hilarious!

But then we started to wonder… could this be true?  Could Robert really have a magical bag?  So we McAsked around and received secondary confirmation, that yes, such a bag did indeed exist.  Well, this made us practically giddy with excitement.  We decided we would really, really like to see just how magical Bobert’s bag was, preferably via a video tour.  And then we thought, “You know what would make this even better?  Adam.”  (We kind of think Mega-G just makes everything better, right?)

So, we lit up the VP bat signal and sent out a request to see if Bobert and Mega-G could team up to provide some tour-rific (groan) video wonder while they were in Hawaii.  But… no dice.  Hawaii was kind of a crazy-busy time for the guys, what with the snorkeling and pineapple and jet lag and concerts.  Plus, while TSA regulations help keep us safe, they definitely decrease the magicalness of magic bags.  But the request had been sent out into the ether and continued to linger in the air.  Until…

The Covey concert last Friday.  When the guys had some free time before the show.  And Bobert had his magical bag with him.  And Adam had… himself with him.  And then, dear readers, all of that goodness combined together to give us, well, this:

Oh sweet a cappella, we love that video so hard!  (You know what’s not hard?  Robert’s laptop, apparently.).  We can only hope against hope that it’s the first of many in the “Bobert and Mega-G Present” series.  Readers, thoughts on this video?  Ideas of other things that these two could present in videos… for later(?)?

Oh, and can we just say — BLOG SHIRT SIGHTING!  We’re pretty sure that means there were at least three blog shirts in the Covey on Friday night.  Way to represent, y’all!  We’re so proud. 🙂

-Troi and Crusher