Bobert and Mega-G (belatedly) Present: Bryce’s First Concert

March 24, 2013

So, do you guys remember when Bryce was just a fresh little VP noob, going through his own personal boot camp to learn the ways of the power stance and khakis?  Seems like forever ago, right?  Well, we’ve got a little flashback to that time for y’all today.  You see, our special correspondents, Bobert and Mega-G, were right there with a breaking news interview with B-Ryce the night of his very first Vocal Point concert (lest you forget, it was also the McDictator’s birthday).

So why is this coming to the TMtP nation six weeks after the fact?  Well, Bobert got busy becoming Mr. Katie (by which we mean, getting married), and then sometimes it’s hard to get videos from iPhones to Youtube.  But really, you can’t expect too much punctuality from us.  We started this blog a month-and-a-half after VP had already been kicked off the Sing-off (which, “Yay!” for the Sing-off going all Thriller-zombie on us and being resurrected back onto the NBC schedule).  Basically, we’ve never really been of-the-moment, ya know?  And that works for us.  So, let’s all enjoy this glimpse into Bad Decision’s first night as a performing member of VP.

Aww, isn’t he precious, like a gangly newborn colt?  One that’s perhaps experiencing its first flehmen response?

Nope?  Just us, then?  Okay.

Anyways, by now Bryce is practically old hat, but it’s pretty impressive how quickly he got up to speed.  We mean, just think how long it took Hunsaker to master the step-touches… and general human-like movement. (Goodness, we miss you, Jake!)

-Troi and Crusher