Email us… or not

So when we started this blog, we really didn’t think anyone was ever going to find it, let alone stick around to read it. And we really didn’t think anyone was going to find it as funny as we did AND comment on our posts. Now that that’s actually happening, we realized we should have had a contact page up with our email address and such so people would have some place to send hate mail, spam, and additional blog fodder (because let’s be honest, we’ve got a pretty limited supply to pull from).

If you have any of the above, or just general blog thoughts you’d like to share but maybe not post in a comment, feel free to email us at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com

-T & C

Please note: do not use the comment form below.  That will put your comments directly on this page.  We’ll assume you made a mistake and delete them. Just trying to help. Instead, use the email address above and shoot us a regular email.  If we were more tech-savvy, we could probably figure out how to take the comment form off of this page, but… we can’t.  Sorry.


2 Responses to Email us… or not

  1. 7of9 says:

    I love Troi and Crusher!!!!!!!!!!!! And, no, it’s not a mistake that I posted this here…Borg don’t make mistakes.

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