Troi and Crusher’s Excellent Adventure!

July 13, 2012

Woohoo! Road trip! Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it out to the ReMix Vocal Academy concert, it was too much of a detour. But we are trekking (heh) from Troi’s state to Crusher’s. We have our friend Guinan (you know… Whoopi Goldberg’s character on ST:NG) along for the ride.

We left Troi’s house at 3 am and will stop somewhere near the middle to chill (and cause a little ruckus if we can) tonight before we go the rest of the way tomorrow.

Yes… We promise to follow all our own road trip rules. We’re even going to test drive (heh) a few car games. We’ll let y’all know how those work out!

And now we present The Mascot of this little adventure:


We’re pretty sure she needs a super awesome name, but it’s still way early o’clock, so we’re open to suggestions. Hit us up in the comments! Oh, and did y’all notice her sweet car jams? This is gonna be epic.

-Troi and Crusher (and Guinan… who is currently sleeping in the back seat… probably regretting her decision to come with us)


Programming Note

June 11, 2012

TMtP’s going to take a bit of a quick summer break.  We’ll be sure to let you know if there are updates on the McKC hostage / liberation situation (we’re still not sure which of those situations it is), and of course still send us any tips or fun things you find so we can let everyone know.  Normal posting will resume shortly. 🙂

Before we go, we’ll leave you with this little gem of the McBestie’s getting their “Thriller” on from a couple of summers ago.  We recommend stopping at 1:45 because the rest of the recording is just the audience blasting out the audio.

Take care and wear sunscreen and watch out for a cappella zombies!

-Troi and Crusher

WHAT the What?

April 1, 2012

Happy Sunday everyone!  We have some sad news and also some exciting news, here at the newly-branded TMtS (formerly TMtP).  You see, we have completely exhausted all of the material available about Vocal Point that exists.  Anywhere.  We had a tiny bump in material following our trip to Provo, but even that supply has dwindled away to nothing.  So, what are two bloggers to do in such a situation?

Well, you move on to the next most popular topic on your blog.  In our case, that would be the Savage brothers.  You see, every week we get an inordinate number of searches for those lovable, curly-headed beacons of our youth.  Clearly there is a void on the interwebs when people go searching for them.  A void that perhaps can only be filled by our unique brand of made-up information and ramblings.

So, here’s the plan.  Totally Missing the Point shall now be known as Totally Missing the Savages.  While we still love Vocal Point, our blog hearts will now be devoted to Ben and Fred.  Perhaps Jakebert can occasionally check in on the boys from Provo for us.

But don’t worry, our format will remain much the same.  We’ll still have performance reviews (maybe scene-by-scene), fav moments, letters to Will Friedle (a Savage’s fake brother, so right up our alley of bending reality to our will), polls, and all of the other shenanigans you readers expect from us.  We hope you’ll all stick around as we embrace this change in focus.  And to the Savage brothers’ fans who find our blog daily, we hope you’ll now have motivation to stick around.

So here are a few things we love about the Savage brothers (as always, this is based on Youtube and wild speculation):

  1. Fred Savage – Oh, those early years were so full of wonder, weren’t they?  And don’t even get us started on “The Princess Bride.”  He is quite simply, an indelible part of our childhood.  But dear Freddy is not just a relic of his time.  Oh no, he has reinvented himself as an in-demand sitcom director.  A child star who is aging gracefully into a successful adult?  Truly impressive.
  2. Ben Savage – The little brother who managed to become an icon for a whole new generation.  As the titular “boy” in his show, Ben managed to go from average middle schooler to neurotic and idiosyncratic college student and husband, all while remaining the heart of the show.  Like his older brother, he also values education, and has become a well-adjusted adult who, much to our delight, still pops up on television every now and then.
  3. Jakebert Savage – The long-lost Savage brother.  Poor Jakebert was separated from his family early in life, and therefore was denied the chance to star in his own generation-defining sitcom.  However, he is now looking to rise to the prominence that is rightfully his.  Perhaps a television producer should consider this concept for pilot season: two brothers, both former child actors, are stunned to find out that they have a third brother that they never knew about.  In order to get acquainted, the three of them move into one Los Angeles house with their families.  And… hilarious shenanigans ensue.

Well, those are our introductory thoughts as we move into this new phase of TMtPS.  Stay turned as we move forward.  We’re excited, and we hope all of you are too!

-Troi and Crusher

Dear Will Friedle

April 1, 2012

Dear Will Friedle,

Long time, no see, buddy!  Today we want to ask you about your rise as a comedic superhero.  Eric Matthews is one of the greatest goofball characters of the past twenty years, and his development from shallow older brother to complete nutjob is nothing short of a masterful display of comedic genius.

Of course, every great superhero has a secret weapon, and every great performer has a signature move.  We feel that you managed to distill both of those into one simple phrase during your tenure on Boy Meets World.  For reference, let’s check the tape:

Oh, the Feeny call, how we love it.

So, we’re curious?  How did you develop this little gem of primetime comedy?  Was it something that happened over time, or did the inspiration just strike you one day?  Was it one of those magical table read discoveries that cracked everyone up and became and instant classic, or did you stumble upon its wonder during a long day of filming multiple takes?

We really hope that you can answer these questions, because we are so very much in awe of the mythic rise to grandeur the Feeny call has taken.

-Troi and Crusher

Fav Moments! Princess Bride Edition

April 1, 2012

We’re pretty sure we’ve made our feelings known about The Princess Bride. Best movie ever, basically. And young Fred Savage plays a key role in this cinematic treasure.

One of our favorite little Fred moments is from the very start of the film (and also appears in the oh-so-80s-and-boy-do-we-love-the-smooth-jazz trailer), when his movie mom tells him that his dear grandfather, played by the inimitable Peter Falk, has come to see him because he is home sick from school. Little Fred bemoans this development in a day that would have otherwise been spent playing some way cool 8-bit Nintendo and complains that his grandfather will pinch his cheeks. And then he lays this little gem on us (at the 12 second mark):

“I hate that.”

So. Much. Sass. You guys! You know how we love SASS! And this is SAVAGE SASS! Fred is, dare we say, savagely sassy! Oh, the puns! They just keep coming!

-Troi and Crusher