Podcast #5: Wrapping it up by turning the tables

April 17, 2012

In this final installment of our TMtP podcast series, we let Keith turn the tables and ask us the questions.  Seemed only fair, given the number of questions we’ve lobbed at the poor guy over the life of the blog.  Of course, he (quite naturally) asks us for our opinions on Vocal Point, so it’s really more of the same goodness you’ve come to expect.  We’ll admit that, unlike with VP, we do play favorites with our podcast segments, and this one is right up there with the very first segment in terms of how much we like it.

After we finished recording, Keith had to leave for a prior commitment, and then McStudioWizard began the arduous task of turning our ramblings into something resembling actual podcasts.  It took a lot of concentration on his part, as evidenced here:

And eventually reinforcements had to be brought in.  And by reinforcements we mean McCheez-its.  At a certain point, we were all tired and giddy enough that this McButters-and-his-henchmen photo seemed like a good idea:

And yes, Crusher had to stand on a ledge to make sure her head would be out of the frame.  And Troi’s shirt is totally a way cuter (and gender-appropriate) version of the horrible lady blouses.  And McKay is wearing the shiny suit pants from the November concerts. This photo is just a fountain of information, isn’t it?  And that’s without even going into just how tired-in-the-eyes poor McButters looks.  Such a trooper, that one.

Anyway, McKay was able to work his magic on the forty or so minutes of us and Kevin just cracking ourselves up and produced the five segments we have now.  Again, a million thanks to both him and Keith for indulging us and helping with this little blog experiment and surprise.

Here it is, Part 5:

And here are some links that may be of interest to you:

-Previous podcasts: Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

-The first mention of Uno Lady on the blog

-The post where we discovered Uno Lady exists beyond a poster

-The Day 2 recap where we talk of going on our Clari-tour and meeting Uno Lady in person

And… here she is again, our favorite making-up-stuff tour guide, Clari!

We hope you all have enjoyed our series of TMtP podcasts, or at least have gotten a giggle our of our ineptitude. 😉

-Troi and Crusher


Podcast #4: Dear Keith

April 10, 2012

First, remember to go vote for who you think should be our favorite for ALL OF SUMMER.  This is a big responsibility, folks!  The poll will close at midnight tonight, Provo Daylight Time.  That’s right, the poll is closing early this week – VP has their last class of the semester tomorrow, and we’ll announce the winner then so he can collect his spoils (is “spoils” too dramatic of a way to describe a key chain? Maybe?) before the group no longer sees each other on a regularly scheduled basis.

Okay, now onto the podcast-business at hand…

So, before we sprung the whole, “Why don’t you host the whole podcast” thing on him, all Keith thought he was getting himself into was an in-studio “Dear Keith.”

Of course, you’ve all heard how he stepped up to the plate big-time for us, and helped some bloggers out (Links for parts 1, 2, and 3).  In this segment, we finally reach the “Dear Keith” portion of the podcast.

Now, here’s a little bit of TMtP history for ya: you would probably think that “Dear Keith” is something we came up with when we first started writing the blog, right?


“Dear Keith” as a concept actually predates the blog.  When we would watch the Sing-off videos together over the holidays, sometimes we would just have a question about, oh, well anything.  And for some reason, we decided that Keith was the best equipped / most likely to answer of the VP guys.  So, while watching, say, “The Way You Look Tonight,” we would notice that the guys all had different hats.  And that was weird.  Like, why would the costumers do that to them?  And one of us would say out loud, “Dear Keith, why are the hats so jacked up?” or whatever.  Eventually, when something curious would happen, one of us could just say, “Dear Keith,” and the other one would crack up laughing.

So, when we started the blog that first night, we decided to write down some of those questions.  Never thought we would get answers.  We’re really, really glad we were wrong about that.  “Dear Keiths” are one of the core institutions here at TMtP, and the fact that we got to do one in-person was just a hoot and was definitely one of the high points of the Provo blogcation.  So now, straight from Studio 87c, please enjoy this installment of “Dear Keith.”

Okay, once you’ve listened to the podcast, feel free to take part in our new poll (which will also go live in Poll Land for a while).

-Troi and Crusher

(Mc)Podcast #3: All sorts of McButtery goodness!

April 3, 2012

It’s time for Part 3 of the TMtP Limited Edition Podcasts!

The focus for this segment is dear ol’ McButters himself.

Don’t give us the side eye, McKay… you’re totally worth a whole podcast segment!

Here’s the podcast:

And here are some links to things we discuss:

Covey concert reviews: Friday, Saturday matinee and evening

The Great McButters Conspiracy (plus Keith and McWayMad’s comments)

The Dear Keith where Tanner said we were right about things in the comments

Our original analysis of “Never Say Never

-Troi and Crusher

It’s time for our second PODCAST! (Can you tell we’re still excited about these?)

March 27, 2012

Alright, everybody!  Last week we served up the first part of the McKay-produced, Keith Evans-hosted, TMtP fantastic hot mess of a podcast.  And now it’s time for the second installment.

Again, we have to give a thousand thank yous to the McBesties for making this possible.  Just look at how hard McStudioWizard worked to edit us into something presentable:

See, it’s not like it was all McCheez-its and giggles.  Okay, so maybe it was mostly McCheez-its and giggles.  But McButters is totally money behind the controls.  Dare we call him… McMoney?

Anyway, here’s the podcast:

And for your perusal, here are links to some of the things we discuss in this segment:

Our Covey concert reviews: Friday night, Saturday matinee, and Saturday night

The first TMtP appearance of Fish Jake: “12 Days” performance analysis

The first TMtP appearance of the human pinwheel: McCrockett is always the happiest person in the room*

The human pinwheel as done with the New Guys: “Higher and Higher” from the Arizona tour

The original “Game Day” with the Tanner / Tyler combo: “Game Day” performance analysis

-Troi and Crusher

We made a PODCAST! It’s almost like we’re a real blog!!!

March 20, 2012

You guys remember when we teased working on a special blog project with McButters?

Well, here it is: TMtP’s very own podcast, Part 1 (of 5)!

Here’s how it all went down: upon deciding that, yes, we were in fact creepy enough to go to Provo for the VP concerts, we started to brainstorm for something extra-special to do for the blog.  We thought that taking a tour of McKay’s studio might make for a fun feature, but then we realized that we could totally up the stakes by recording a podcast while we were there.  We got in contact with the McMan himself, and it seemed like things were going to work out.  Unfortunately…

McKay is a really in-demand kind of guy.  And we were traveling out there during the absolute peak of Vocal Point / Vocal Sport / school insanity.  So, when we left our homes and made our way to Utah, it looked like scheduling conflicts were going to block our McPodcast dreams.  But…

McKay and Keith are like, the “way best” guys ever (to use a McButtery turn of phrase).  Not only did they manage to find time to work the podcast adventure into their hectic schedules, the McFamily invited us to dinner and were just the sweetest and most welcoming people imaginable.

Since we had thought the podcast wouldn’t happen, we were woefully unprepared for the undertaking.  So, a few minutes before we began recording, we turned to Keith and said, “Why don’t you just host the podcast?”  He was all, “What?”  And we were like, “Yeah, that’s a great idea!”  And you guys, Keith was a total champ and got on board with our crazy request. He’s just awesome like that.

We had planned to do one quick little podcast.  Ten minutes, tops.  Well, we started recording and riffing off of each other (make sure to listen for the McButtery tidbits you can hear in the background, as McKay interjected things from the controls), and before we knew it, we had worked our way through our makeshift list of brief topics.  McStudioWizard came into the recording booth and informed the three of us that we had actually talked for close to forty minutes.  Oops!  Time flies when you’re… podcasting. After editing and some studio magic by McKay, we have five segments for you all, each about 5-7 minutes in length.

So, today we will begin with Part 1 of the McCrockett-produced, Kevin-hosted, TMtP podcast.  Again, we seriously cannot thank those guys enough for being such good sports and going above-and-beyond blog helper status.  They’re just… the best. 🙂

Here it is!

-Troi and Crusher