Jake’s Jokes!

May 15, 2012

Little bit of back story here: so, when we started Jake’s Jokes!, Hunsaker gave his approval of the new feature, and we told him that if he ever wanted to submit any more of his material, we would be happy to use it.  Well, last night he took us up on the offer, and emailed us a true OF Jake classic. 

For those of you who aren’t aware, Hunker Down is currently in Alaska, where he serves as the driver and guide for what we can only imagine is the most epic motor coach tour EVER (don’t worry, he’ll be back for the Memorial Day concert).  Seriously, we are so, so bummed that we can’t experience that magic in person.  Anyway, as he was giving his spiel yesterday, he got a case of the funnies and delivered this gem to his unsuspecting passengers.

The setting: following the Trans-Alaska pipeline through the Alaska wilderness.

“I was going to tell you a few oil jokes I know,”

“but I decided against it because they were too crude!”

Bah!  We love it!  Oh Jake, you truly never cease to amaze. 🙂

-Troi and Crusher


Jake’s Jokes!

April 18, 2012

Oh, Hunsaker… we can always count on you to bring the funny! Right, readers? Well Jake brought it, and brought it well at Vocal Sport. One of our favorite little gems wasn’t a regular ol’ joke, per se, but nearly had us falling out of our chairs with Jake’s flawless delivery.

During some emcee banter, Jake told the story of the infamous lady blouses from the Elvis medley performance on the Sing-off.

Hunker Down went on to say that when they were presented with their costumes, the lady blouses were hanging up and appeared to be about “this big” (insert a gesture indicating the size of a sheet of notebook paper here).

Jake’s expression, at this point, was this mix of incredulity and indignation. And then he said…

“Do people fit in those?”


(from nbc.com)

Sadly yes, yes they do, Jake. We’re so sorry.

-Troi and Crusher

Jake’s Jokes!

March 31, 2012

That’s right! It’s time for more chuckles courtesy of everyone’s favorite rising comedy star, Jake “Hunker Down” Hunsaker! We’re so excited!

Since we couldn’t attend the last night of Vocal Sport, we had to get reports from those who were there.  Here’s a tidbit Keith noted for us. Apparently there was a typo in the program that inspired the following wit from Emcee Jake:

Q: What do you get when you cross a really good singer with a Hyundai?

(captures from tamijeanne's Youtube)

A: Frank Sonata!

We’re not sure how the rest of the audience responded, but Keith did say that he belly laughed for Jake.  And really, who can blame him? We think that joke is darn funny!

For your viewing pleasure, here is the original typo:

-Troi and Crusher

Jake’s Jokes!

March 19, 2012

Here’s the thing. Jake Hunsaker is a funny, funny human being. Like, straight-up, downright funny (and sideways and crossways and splayed-ways too). The King of the Talkies had us in stitches on several occasions with his banter, and even had a few legit jokey-jokes that he shared during Vocal Sport. Okay, so one of them he actually had McKay share, and it’s possible that the two of us were laughing harder than anyone else in the audience. But whatever, we still thought he was hilarious.

As such, we’ve decided to start a new feature here at TMtP: Jake’s Jokes. That’s right, we’ll be serving you up a big ol’ slice of O.F. Jake’s funnies whenever we need a laugh. We mean, whenever we think y’all need a laugh. We’ve got some stored up from the trip, and once we go through those, we’ll have to see how this feature progresses.  Maybe the man himself will email us his latest material.  Or maybe we’ll just come up with jokes that we think he should use. Either way, it’ll be great!

So, here’s a joke that got trotted out during Vocal Sport on Monday and Tuesday, and it cracked us up both times:

Q: What do you call a computer floating in the middle of the ocean?

(captures from tamijeanne's Youtube)

A: Adele — Rolling in the Deep. (A Dell rolling in the deep!)

Ha! (There was a lot of Adele being sung at Vocal Sport. Like… a lot a lot.  So this joke killed.  With us, at least.)

-Troi and Crusher