Dear Trevortastic

May 14, 2012

Dear Trevortastic,

We have a proud history of matching Vocal Point guys up with random pop culture references here at TMtP. From LOtR, to Harry Potter, to the Puppy Bowl, we like seeing you boys paired off with whatever silly counterparts we can come up with.

Now, we realized that just because the 2011-2012 (Okay, really just January 2012 to present) incarnation of Vocal Point doesn’t exist on the official website is no reason this line-up should miss out on being commemorated here on TMtP with a little somethin’ somethin’. This is where we need your help.

How do you feel about good ol’ animated Disney?

We mean, VP and Disney have intersected in the past, for brief, glorious moments.  There is of course Tanner’s “Trashin’ the Camp” solo, James killing it on “Strangers Like Me,” and if we go way back, there was even some “Circle of Life” action happening.

See, here’s what we were thinking: There are nine members of Vocal Point 2012 —

(Ben-Jon, O.F. Jake, McButters, you, Landon, Beaker, Rossface, Tanner, and Bobert)

and approximately 9238472340 (you know, give or take a few) animated Disney characters to pick from.

To rein it in some, let’s stick to the regular Disney animated films (no Pixar).  We were going to make you assign each guy to one of the Disney princes…

…But then we realized that some of those princes are really dull and boring.  And dull and boring are two things Vocal Point would never be accused of being.  So, the possibilities are more open.  But we want to hear your reasoning for how you match the guys up.  The sillier or weirder the better.  We have faith in you, Trevortastic.  You can do this.

So, if each member of Vocal Point were a Disney character, who would they be and why?

-Troi and Crusher


Dear Trevortastic

April 24, 2012

We’re super excited that Trevor has agreed to step up and answer some questions for us! We think he might be angling to be the biggest blog helper of the New Guys.  Also, we’ve realized that we apparently get eager to give away new features when we have a Dear Keith go unanswered for awhile. Really, though… we know Keith’s a way busy with real life guy right now. 🙂 In the meantime, we’ve got a question we’ve been meaning to ask Gigantor for a while:

Dear Trevortastic,

We’d like to take this opportunity to again congratulate you on being part of the elite group of Vocal Pointers who have been voted, at some point, to be our Weekly Favorite. You ran with a truly original and inspiring campaign platform, which you reminded us of when you passed McKC off to McSummerFavorite last week.  Now, you accomplished raising the average height of Vocal Point (by a lot), and we’re sure that you all will be able to be able to finagle some more tall-friendly choreo into this coming year’s performances.

As much as we’d love to see you succeed in delivering on your final promise, unfortunately we think you might have a bit of a challenge ever getting Vocal Point to ditch the Standard Look.  You know, tradition and all.

We are curious, though… what exactly did you have in mind as a replacement look? All-matching? Coordinating but not matching? The return of boy band chic? If you were given free reign to replace the blues and khakis with a new signature look, what would you choose?  Sure, go ahead and think about that for a minute…

… and then let us know. 🙂

-Troi and Crusher