Totally Loving a Blast from the Past: Oh Mikey, You Won’t Believe What We Found

November 8, 2012

So, as the dedicated bloggers we are (since we’re the world’s worst bloggers, we at least have to be dedicated, right?), we occasionally go searching through the Internet, trying to find new blog material.  Sometimes this means falling down various rabbit holes on facebook or YouTube, and ending up at places that surprise even us.  This little gem was discovered on one such adventure.  And frankly, readers of TMtP, we just couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Straight from MrLucasinalaska’s YouTube, we have this video that Mikey and a friend made several years ago:

Oh boy, oh boy, this is just the best thing ever, right?  Right?  Please don’t tell us we’re the only ones excited beyond all reason by this.

Okay, the first thing you may notice is that Mikey isn’t taking the lead in this lip dub, but rather is serving as the best Alaskan fly girl we’ve ever seen, backing up a guy we will refer to as Lil Phelpsie, because…


So Lil Phelpsie gets things started, and at :09 we get our first Mikey sighting.  But things really get interesting at :37, when Norm busts out this move:

And really, we’re just disappointed that the closest we ever got to seeing anything that street from Mikey in Vocal Point was this:

Just not quite the same, is it?

Lil Phelpsie then tries to bring it in the moves department as well, but he’s clearly no BYU Folk Dance alum (unless he is, in which case, our bad!).

At 1:20, Mike-Daddy (like Mac Daddy? and he is a daddy?  Okay, we’re reaching, but forgive us, we’re totally thrown off by Street Mikey) takes the lead, and a few seconds later treats us to some… what is that?  Backwards robot moonwalking?  Love it!

And then Lil Phelpsie weasels his way into our blog hearts with one simple move.  That’s right, at 1:41 he nails a bell kick.

Keith!  He’s stealing your moves!  McKay!  He’s reminding us of this:

Hmm… Lil Phelpsie may have just gotten himself into a blog feud with the McBesties.  You’d think he would have been more cautious on someone else’s turf, right? We’d mention how this could be as big as the East Coast / West Coast rap feud, but we know VP claims to not know anything about rap, so we just won’t go there (you guys should still totally do “Tha Crossroads” by the way).

Now, the real magic starts at 2:04, as Mikey just totally brings it in this next section.  Like, 2:16-2:20?  That is just everything.

And then it’s more roboting at 2:25 and, oh our goodness guys, it becomes clear at 2:37 that Mikey is actually wearing some bizarrely fly version of the Standard Look.

Like, all he would have to do is try and convince us that that’s a cowboy hat, and it’s like he’s already in VP.

And then we just about lose it at 2:51, because seriously, Mikey?

You, sir, are hilarious.

And then Lil Phelpsie gets all sad panda at the end, since he can’t seem to “calculate ya” but Mikey’s just like, “Whatever, I’ma gon’ throw my hat like a balla an’ bounce!”

(Or, you know, however kind, sincere, Mike would actually say that.)

And that, dear readers, is by far our favorite thing we’ve seen on the internet this week.  Or maybe ever. But for sure this week.

-Troi and Crusher


Happy Birthday to our Favorite Toilet Paper Jingle Creator! — UPDATED (because dreams do come true!)

August 12, 2012

We hope everyone has been enjoying the Olympics — we sure have!  Today things wrap up with the Closing Ceremony, which for our purposes doubles as a big ol’ Brit-styled birthday shindig for everyone’s favorite Honey Badger, Tanner!  We mean, Olympic flame or 204 birthday candles for the Street One?

Po-tay-to, pa-tah-do.  (8.16 candles for each year old is totally the new thing to do, by the way.)

Now, the Closing Ceremony featured a cornucopia of British music, from The Who to One Direction, the Spice Girls to George Michael (who, along with Richard Marx, was in the rotation of boyfriends for our Barbies when we were growing up).  But we can’t help but feel that one thing was missing.  One thing that, despite our best efforts, has remained missing from our blog lives in general.  And that would be the jingle Tanner and his family wrote and performed to win the Cottonelle Tales of Best Friends and Family contest back in 2005.  As best we can tell, it was a song about toilet paper and their dog.  That Tanner did the beat boxing for, of course.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Troi and Crusher, y’all have made up some ridiculous stuff in your time, but this is just too far.  There’s no way you can expect me to believe this.”

Well, you know what they say: seeing is believing.

So… that happened.

Now, when we stumbled upon this, our first thought was, “HOW DID NO ONE TELL US ABOUT THIS?!?!?!”  We mean, we understand why Tanner would want to keep it on the downlow, but you would think that McButters would have emailed us this as a tip when we dug this gem out of the Frequency vaults.  But no dice.  We found this on our own.  And then tried desperately to find the video for all of you.  You see, we could find this screen on the Cottonelle website:

But “clicking here” only led to a dead webpage, with no toilet paper song goodness to be found.

In fact, the best evidence we could find was this pic of the Nilssons in their football jerseys that were apparently featured in the video and their adorable little pup.

We even went so far as to email Cottonelle’s parent company to see if they could help us procure the video, but received this in response:

So, in lieu of toilet paper aural goodness, we’ll all just have to imagine what must have been.  And spend some time wishing happy birthday to the man who made those dreams possible.  Thanks, Tanner!  We may never have contemplated a canine / beat boxing / toilet paper conglomeration without you… in fact, we’re pretty sure you’re the only person in the world who would successfully combine those things into a prize-winning jingle.  Now, if only someone would get us the video…

-Troi and Crusher


You guys, it’s like it’s our birthday!  Tanner himself emailed us this link shortly after we published the post.  The fact that he showed enough “don’t care-ness” to self-submit this video is just further proof that he truly is a honey badger.  Street.

Bahahahahahahaha!!  This is one of the few times in life where the reality exceeds anything our imagination could have dreamed up.

Best. Hot. Mess. Ever.

😀 😀

Totally Loving a Blast from the Past: New Jake’s Bringing Creepy Back

June 5, 2012

We were feeling a little nostalgic today, so we went back and reread the LOtR Dear Keith. And that got us to thinking, “Who would some of the New Guys be in this scenario? Would Trevor be Treebeard? Would Landon be Eomir?”

We’re just not sure.

Tengelsen, however… Tengelsen apparently pondered this himself, a long, long time ago. Okay, so it was a few years ago, but in blog time, it’s like a whole other era, right?

Oh, Beaker. This is one of our new favorite things. Everyone knows Gollum is one of the best Lord of the Rings characters, and watching you hop about and then perch on the piano bench is hilarious.

We’ll always love Robert’s Elmo voice, but your Gollum act might be climbing the ranks of our favorite fictional character impersonations.  Although, we still haven’t heard Keith’s Swedish Chef.  Seriously, between that and taking a photo, we really dropped the Kevin-ball when we were in Provo.

-Troi and Crusher

Totally Loving a Blast from the Past

May 21, 2012

No, we’re not talking about the delightful Brendan Fraser movie, although we do love that glorious mess.

You see, sometimes the internet gives us a present. Wrapped in a big ol’ nostalgia bow. When this happens, it’s like Christmas came early here at TMtP. And what kind bloggers would we be if we didn’t spread around that holiday cheer?

So, here we go, for the first installment of what we hope will be a running feature, we give you this precious little nugget.  A McNugget, if you will.  (Wait — that’s a real thing!)  Anyway, enjoy this vintage McBoyband:

We just… yeah. 😀 😀

Now, this does beg the question: at just what point did McBrooding turn into this biting-life with happiness guy?

And please, oh please, someone tell us there is somehow surviving video evidence, too.

(::cough cough:: totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com ::cough cough::)

-Troi and Crusher