Happy Birthday to my favorite “Not a Birthday” Person!

Hi, all! Troi here. Crusher’s totally not a birthday person, and doesn’t like to make a big deal of it, but I just wanted to pop on here and wish my sister a happy, HAPPY birthday! I hope today is everything you wanted it to be. Which I think probably involves cake, comfy pants, and maybe an Emily Owens, MD marathon on Hulu. 🙂

emily owens birthday

Happy Birthday, Crusher! Love you!




5 Responses to Happy Birthday to my favorite “Not a Birthday” Person!

  1. Hope WM says:

    Happy Birthday Crusher! 😀 I love the blog so much and you are both super fantastic!

  2. Geordi says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don’t take that greeting lightly because I rarely disregard the all-caps internet rule. So revel in that. But you deserve it for being crazy enough (along with Troi of course) to let me contribute to this fantastic blog. 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    Happy birthday, Crusher!!! 😀 I hope your day was awesome!

  4. Thanks, ladies! Yay birthday! And (to the other viewers of Emily Owens, MD, which, let’s be real, is probably just Troi) go TEAM MICAH!

  5. Granite says:

    Sorry I’m late Crusher, but a very happy birthday to you!!

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