Shhh… Nobody make a big deal, but…

IT’S KEITH’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of his day o’birth, people all around the world celebrate by giving each other candy and gifts and wearing pink and red.  Which really, perhaps we should change that next year, since clearly, the shade of blue he’s wearing in this video is totally a great color (posted by Katie Raynor on Youtube).

Bam! Stealth re-introduction of “Thriller!”  That’s right, this VP-classic is back (don’t call it a comeback!) and look who is on lead.  That’s right, it’s the birthday boy!

And really, this is totally a perfect performance to celebrate all things Kevin.  The falsetto.  The humor.  The performance quality.  The fact that the song left the VP line-up for a bit before returning.  And… the limbs.

Oh, the limbs in this video.  They downright warm the cockles of our heart.

So, from the bottom of our blog hearts (featuring newly-warmed up cockles), we say,

Happy Birthday, Keith! (sincere wishes get real names)

-Troi and Crusher (sincere wishes still get signed by pseuds on the blog, though)


6 Responses to Shhh… Nobody make a big deal, but…

  1. Tina says:

    Happy birthday, Rerun!!! What a great day!

  2. Erin says:

    Happy birthday, Keith!! That was an awesome performance! 😀 And on a side note, 58 points go to Robert for pure creepiness at 1:03. O_o

  3. Phan says:

    Loved it! Great performance. Happy Birthday Keith and Happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of you. You too Troi and Crusher – love you guys.

  4. Geordi says:

    Happy birthday Keith!

    That was a seriously fantastic Thriller performance. Props go to Beaker for his commitment.

  5. Moosen says:

    And the main thing I noticed from the performance (besides the awesomeness of Keith of course) is that Ben-Jon does not stop smiling. Love it!! Haha

  6. Penpal says:

    Great job Kieth! Happy Birthday!! (love the shorter hair, too)

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