Someone’s Having a McBirthday Today!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we had our first McCelebration of the birth of McButters?  Remember this little gem that appeared in the comments?

Such a precious little tater tot.  And my (our?), how you’ve grown in a year!

Is that a German Chocolate Crunch cone on top there?  Did you let Kevin design your cake?

And just think, in the past year you’ve managed to graduate (both from real college and TMtP University), run an a cappella camp (still waiting for our invite to do a guest workshop on Internet Safety at this year’s Remix), AND orchestrate and execute a complete transformation into being the McDictator of Vocal Point.  Twenty-five treated you well, McFriend.  We hope twenty-six is just as nice.

From the pics on the VP facebook, it looks like your birthday has been all sorts of awesome so far, so here’s to having a great rest of the day and a fantastic year!

-Troi and Crusher


3 Responses to Someone’s Having a McBirthday Today!

  1. Erin says:

    Happy birthday, McKay!!!! 😀

  2. McKay says:

    You guys are the very best 🙂

  3. Kris says:

    Yay for a McBirthday!!!!

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