Rumor Patrol: It’s a Good Thing We’ve Gotten to Used to Change

January 13, 2013

Okay, so some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been lately.  Well, not in terms of our physical locations.  We can’t imagine any of you think about that too often.  But in terms of bloggity goodness.  Even our own Big Mama was all, “So, um… the blog?  What’s going on?”  And well, we did get a bit behind.  And we totally dropped an adorable Scoot-shaped ball and missed his birthday, too (we’re so ashamed).  But then, well… things started to happen in VP-land.  And we wanted to wait until things were settled before we barged in with our own unique blend of our patented made-up information combined with the responsibility of disseminating actual information.  So, here it goes:

We know that everyone had gotten used to the various iterations of Vocal Point that have been around since the glory days of the True Group.  There was the mythical-never-on-the-official-website 2012 group, and then the most recent 2012-2013 group.  Except… that’s not what that line-up ended up being.  They were, in fact, the 2012 Part Dos Group.  Or the 2012.5 Group.  Or 2012: Hawaiian Adventure Group.  Or something.  And that is because things are getting changed up again.  Due to a work opportunity, Cowboy Conlon will not be continuing on with the group this semester.  While we were sorry to see his high energy and flippy-goodness depart, we waited anxiously to see how the guys would fill the void his upcoming departure will create.

Now, we’d like to imagine that the first thing McDictator did upon hearing this news was check to see if there were any grad school programs he could weasel his way into for the upcoming semester so he could just take over the spot himself.  But instead of that dream coming true, the guys decided to seek out some fresh blood to round out what we guess will be known as just the 2013 line-up?  2013: The New Class?  2013: The Next Generation?  2013: Electric Boogaloo?  Or… something.

So who did they find?  Well, let us introduce you to the one, the only, New New New Guy.  Shall we call him New Cubed Guy?  Let’s all meet…

Bryce Romney!

Bryce hails from that hotbed of TMtP readership, Dallas, Texas, where he was salutatorian of his high school class.  And academics aren’t the only place this guy is an overachiever; you may notice that Bryce is also in the upper percentile when it comes to height.  Another tall dude?  Hmm… we wonder if Prince Trevortastic is still working on his CounterMcPlot.  Scoot and Bobert, watch each others’ backs, that’s all we’re sayin’.

Now, if you’re wanting to hear New Cubed sing a bit, check out this video. (Um… not for the squeamish… and we don’t think we’ve ever had to give a warning like that before on TMtP… breaking new ground!)

Now Bryce, when we said the guys were seeking out “fresh blood” we didn’t mean for you to take it so literally.  Okay, okay, here’s a video from a few years ago of Bloody Bryce doing some legit musical theatre singing.  Turns out Kevin isn’t the only one with a little Secret Garden in his past.

Okay, we’re not gonna lie, part of what made us choose that video to post was that Bryce says in the description: “I want to take this down so badly it’s not even funny.”  Dude, if we could find something more recent that we could include here, we totally would, but the most recent thing we can find is this:

So… we’re going to go ahead and call you Bad Decision Bryce.  Is that okay?  Because doing the cinnamon challenge is one hilariously bad decision. (Note: We totally think that joining VP is NOT a bad decision. Just wanted to be clear. But we do hope that this penchant for bad decisions will lead to some hilarious shenanigans.)

Alright, so here’s how this whole transition is going to go down.  Conlon will perform with the guys for the upcoming Idaho shows.  Simultaneously, BDB will start going through his very own personal VP boot camp.  Within a month, Bryce will make his debut with the guys, and the VP machine will keep chugging along.  Exciting stuff, right?

So, let’s all wish Conlon well, and welcome New Cubed Bryce with open blog-arms!  And if you have any suggestions for what should be included in his Vocal Point Boot Camp, let us know. Oh, and before we get more behind, let’s all wish Robert a happy, happy birthday!

-Troi and Crusher