IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!!!! Updated (11:30pm)

December 23, 2012

On this very night one year ago, in a giddy fit of a cappella goodness and snark, we made a simple decision to start a blog to document all of the random inside jokes that had developed over a month of binging on Youtube clips… and in our only moment of responsible adultness we decided to create pseuds to keep our blogging habit on the hush.  And thus Troi and Crusher were born. So was TMtP. Wait… TMtP was born, and so then Troi and Crusher were born shortly thereafter. Or Troi and Crusher were born and then birthed TMtP? Or maybe we’re triplets? Sorry… This one really ran away from us, y’all.

Anyway, in celebration of our 1st birthday, we’re going to go back through and reread some of our favorite posts from the past year throughout the day. Scratch that.  We’re going to go all out and reread all of the posts and comments .  We’ll keep you updated on our progress on this post, and we may just go on a comment spree later in the day.  You are all welcome to join in the rereading fun — be sure to let us know what your favorite TMtP moments, posts, shenanigans, and comments have been.

And later tonight, we’re going to throw a bit of a blog birthday party.  There may be TMtP-themed baked goods involved, some nostalgic Youtube watching, and, well… who knows what else we’ll come up with.

Thanks for a great year, everybody!  More to come soon!

-Troi and Crusher


Legolas is ready for the party!

leggy bday

We’ve started our epic re-read of the entire blog and have amused ourselves to no end.  Decorating is ongoing, more pics to follow. 🙂 🙂

-T and C


Alright, y’all know we don’t really get things cooking until 3am when we’re together, but we’ve just been super-productive and decorated for the party.  See here:


And while we were working on that, we also prepped for the next activity on our blog birthday docket: TMtP-themed baked goods!  Yup, we went there.  Because… why not?  And, just for you, here’s the evidence:

tmtp cookies

So… that happened.  A couple of things of note: yes, we totally bought special food coloring so we could mix up some khaki icing.  Also, you might notice the McBesties in the middle, as we just couldn’t resist making one of the little guys extra limb-y for Keith.  And the McButters circle head is the craftsmanship of Troi’s husband.  Other than that, it’s just a pretty random collection of blog jokes and sugar.

Alright, so we’ve got the decorations, we’ve got the snacks… now it’s time to sit back with our laptops and finish our re-read of the blog and Youtube watch-fest.  What a crazy, crazy year it’s been.  As we often say, our lives are totally weird, but we love them.  And Creepy Jake.  We’ll always love Creepy Jake.

-T and C



Happy Birthday Ben… and Ben-Jon… Ben-Ben-Jon?

December 7, 2012

That’s right, today is True Group Ben’s birthday!  Woo-hoo! Or as they say in Australia… Woo-hoo!

And really, can you think of a better day to celebrate the birth of Ben-Jon as well?

Oh… his actual birthday?  Well… yeah.  Good point.  But we missed that.  Because no one told us when it was. Oops. Geez… it’s like the guys were distracted by being in Hawaii or something.

So we’re making up for it today, by celebrating the birth of everyone Robert has ever called “Ben” onstage (to the best of our knowledge).

So, let’s first take a moment to enjoy a video starring each Ben(-Jon) that we’ve haven’t featured here at TMtP before.

From Big Ben, here’s a little “I’m Yours,” posted by mycroft16 on Youtube.

And then check out the Ben-Jon interview in this feature on the Homecoming Spectacular (Spectacular!) from BYU Weekly (starting at 1:58).

Talented Bens, the both of them. 🙂

So, let’s wish a real happy birthday to the real Ben.


Yup, someone loves cake.

And of course, we’re also wishing a belated happy birthday to the real Ben-Jon.

jon face

Who is equally excited by the prospect of delicious baked goods.

And let’s all be thankful that Robert’s magic is confined to his bag, so that a simple moment of misspeaking onstage merely renamed Jon, and didn’t cause this to happen:

ben ben jon

‘Cause then we’d have to be all, Happy Birthday, Ben-Ben-Jon!  Or something.

-Troi and Crusher

Deck the Halls with New TMtP Swag!

December 4, 2012

That’s right, just in time for the holidays, we are rolling out some new TMtP swag.  And this time, we’re going way beyond t-shirts.  And by that we mean, Troi and Crusher may have gone a little nuts in the Spreadshirt product creator.

Okay, all of the new merch is available in our Spreadshirt shop, where you can also still find all of the old classics.  You’ll notice that you can now sort by product category, which we hope is helpful.  Also, Spreadshirt has said that purchases should be made by December 12th to guarantee they get to you in time for Christmas with standard shipping.  In case you’re actually going to buy some of this awesomeness for the people on your list or put it on your own wishlist.

Here are some of the highlights of the (ridiculous) holiday line:

Bags to Carry all of the Things:

You guys! We found out there were all these different kinds of bags we could put blog jokes on!  They sort of fall into three subcategories.  First there are:

The Magical and Non-magical Backpacks.

Inspired by Bobert and Mega-G’s tour of Robert’s magical Mary Poppins bag, the Magical Backpack lets everyone know you are prepared.  And magical.

As for the Non-magical Backpack?  Well it’s true… Unless you mean a cappella magic!  Because you can use this bag to carry the only tool of the trade you need: your handy dandy pitch pipe.  That way, if Ross’ pitch pipe ever breaks again, everyone will know to turn to you for help. *Pitch pipe not included.

Next up there are:

keepin' the dream alive!

The (Preemptive) 2010-2011 True Group Reunion Tour Bags (Duffel and also available in Beyond the Point Drawstring).

You may think we’re jumping the gun on this one, but we just want to be prepared for when the True Group has their reunion tour.  We sort of imagine that they’ll go by the name “Beyond the Point,” which is why it’s featured on the drawstring bag.  So you’ll be way ahead of the game if you get either of these bags.

And finally, for those days when you have a few extra things to carry or plan on doing some shopping:

tote bags

Classic TMtP Tote Bags.  Featuring McButters, Dear Keith, and Elmo Sings Bass.

They’re bags! They’ll hold things! Lots of things! Please note, these bags only have designs on one side (so they do not feature whatever appears on the back of their respective shirts).  They’re still way more silly than any tote bag you have right now.  Guaranteed.

But Maybe You’d Like to Adorn Everything in Your Life with Buttons:

We can help with that!

bloggity buttons

Here are a few of the options.  Show people you’re the favorite or go retro and get some blog points.  More options are available in the store.

T and C, I Thought this was a Holiday Line, Where’s the Christmas Swag?

Oh, we’ve got ya covered. 🙂

you could wear it on the plane to the boarding school in France

Yup, let everyone know you’re just as dangerous as Hunsaker and as adorable as Scoot with this I’m Gettin’ Santa Hat.

Not much of a hat person?  Well, how about this little piece of VP holiday cheer?

yaaaaay Christmas!

That’s right, the newly-intelligible words to the BB gun rant in “I’m Gettin’ Nothin’ for Christmas” grace the front of this I’m Gettin’ Stocking.  You can thank Scoot for the fact that we can now transcribe it without mentioning bell-bottoms.  And don’t worry, the punchline is on the back!

If You Didn’t Believe We Went a Little Nuts, Here’s the Random Stuff We Came Up With:

So, you may be thinking, “Bags, buttons… this all seems fairly normal, Troi and Crusher (I mean, for y’all… on the TMtP scale.)”  Which, we’ll grant you, is kind of true.  But don’t worry.  We’ve got weird covered too.  Like this:


Yup, that’s a McDictator Hot Chocolate Mug.  Because nothing warms the heart like a good McTakeOver and a cup of hot chocolate.

And in either our moment of greatest pride or deepest shame, we present to you this:

how much more of a warning do you need to give people?

The Being a Human is Hard Reflective Safety Vest.  The next step in protection.  If your glow-in-the-dark shirt isn’t enough, it may be time to upgrade to this safety vest, to let everyone know that, well, being a human is hard for you.

Be sure to head over to the shop, where other craziness awaits, including dog shirts, iPhone cases, and something that says “McThuggin‘” on it.  Again, greatest pride or deepest shame, we’re not sure.  You’re welcome or we’re sorry.

And of Course, We Need to Introduce Some New Shirts!

And boy, do we have some winners for you.  First up is this gem, inspired by and featuring a quote from one of our readers:

pocket scoot

The Pocket Scoot Shirt, in both Men’s and Ladies’.  Because… don’t we all want a pocket-sized Scoot on a shelf, in our hearts?  Not only can you proclaim that with this shirt, the printed “pocket” also features, well…

TMtP... making dreams come true...

…a pocket-sized Scoot, peeking out from his perch on a shelf… in your heart.

But maybe instead of the shelfness of Scoot, you prefer the bold styling choices of TMtP’s resident prince.  We’ve got ya covered:

what? speak up! can't hear you over this shirt!

It’s the Trevortastic Unisex Shirt!  Embrace the bold, tie dye-loving style of Trevortastic himself.  Features neon pink text.

Of course, there are some people who come to the concerts not because of the music, but for other reasons.  May we present:

aren't we all fan-fangirls?

The Fan-fangirl Ladies’ Shirt.  Let everyone know you’re a fan-fangirl.  Which is, as explained on the back of the shirt, “A female fan of the human pinwheel.”

Or, to put it more simply:


Available in both Ladies‘ and Men‘s, let everyone know the REAL reason you show up to Vocal Point concerts.  Features “Black Glitz” writing.

Alright, folks, that’s the new stuff!  We hope you all enjoy it, or at least get a laugh from it.  We certainly had fun coming up with the stuff, and there’s more than a few things here we wouldn’t be mad to see under our own Christmas tree.

-Troi and Crusher

A New New Addition to the VP Family!

December 3, 2012

That’s right, if Zoe was the first VP baby of the blog era, then tonight we welcome the second–Conlon and his wife’s adorable new baby girl!

Now, while we’re sure McEagerToFill-inAgain was pressuring Baby Bonner to make her entrance last Friday so he could be the McHero of the A Cappella Jam, Jane was having none of that and took her own sweet time.  Someone’s already got her daddy’s back. 🙂

To celebrate her birth, here’s a cool little feature on Conlon that BYU Weekly recently did.

Alright, we guess with it now being featured in a news story, we should acknowledge the back flip as one of Conlon’s signature moves — and we do love his reaction at 1:43 to being asked how to do a back flip, where’s you can tell he’s thinking, “Oh Alexis, this isn’t going to end well if you try to do one.”

If we truly examine our blog hearts, though?  We may have to admit that we love his variation on the Wonder Woman spin even more.  Get it, Wonder Conlon!  (Annnnd, we’re pop culture-weird enough that that makes us think of Wesley Snipes and Patrick Swayze, and not Lynda Carter.)

And then how absolutely sweet is it at 3:02 when Conlon talks about his (at the time yet-to-born) daughter?  A total “Aww!” moment, right there.

But it’s not all puppies and sunshine.  Oh no, because once the sentimental talk is over, Conlon gets down to business, making one last case for why his human pinwheel should be the preferred one.

Will this media influence combined with the adorable powers of a newborn baby be enough to help him take the lead in the poll?  We mean, we know the poll is the weighing heavily on Conlon’s mind — it’s not like he has more important things to think about right now. 😉

Seriously, though, we wish all the best to Conlon, his wife, and their daughter.  Congratulations!

-Troi and Crusher