We all knew this day was coming…

… really, it was only a matter of time.

Sometimes, though, these things sneak up on us.

We’ll just be YouTubing around, looking for new Vocal Point videos, when we notice a couple of new uploads.  “Oh, of course,” we think, “those are probably just the normal during-class Square performances.”  But…

They aren’t at their usual spot.

And, well…

Something’s different.

(posted by onhech on YouTube)

Now, readers, maybe it took you a few moments to realize what was going on, or maybe it stuck out to you right away, but by the end of the video it is clear what has happened.

McDictator has found a way to (temporarily) weasel his way back into the performing line-up.  And we couldn’t be happier.  Oh sure, we’re a bit worried about Beaker, who has succumbed to a “mysterious ailment” (gee, what does that remind us of?).  But you guys, McButters sang with Vocal Point again!  And not only that, he sang not one, but two of his signature songs.

(posted by onhech on YouTube)

It’s enough for our True Group-loving selves to momentarily delude ourselves into thinking we’re back in time, until Trevortastic steps forward for the bridge instead of Kevin “legitimately country” McBestie. (Yes… we did just make Keith’s name “Kevin McBestie” … and we’re not ashamed of it.)

After those two videos of McCrockett taking back his solos, we were almost shocked when we got to the next video and he didn’t sing lead.

(posted by onhech on YouTube)

Because we forgot that this wasn’t just a “reliving McTheseSolosAreMine’s best-of concert.”  And Conlon wasn’t afflicted by illness… yet.  Oh, VPers, you best be on the lookout for McSaboteur, now that he’s whetted his performing appetite by eliminating Jake.  So the song was presented as usual for a choreography-free performance.  Which, we think that they should totally bust out the human pinwheel, even when they aren’t doing the rest of the choreo.  People love the human pinwheel.  (Side note: there’s a new poll up in Poll Land relating to that wonder).

Anyway, the guys were out singing to promote their upcoming participation in the A Cappella Jam this Friday.  Here are the details:

Friday, November 30th


Room 151 of the Tanner Building

Tickets are $5 at the Wilk Info Desk in advance, $7 at the door.

Some of you should go, just so you can report back to us how many current Vocal Pointers are still in good health versus how many parts McMineMineMine has taken over. 😉 😉

-Troi and Crusher


5 Responses to We all knew this day was coming…

  1. Jersey says:

    Sounds like Beaker might want to get a food taster. You can’t be too careful in this business.

  2. LoveMeSomeVP says:

    If McKay wasn’t actually the the nicest guy I’ve ever met, I would be scared for many, many lives…

  3. Lynette says:

    Did I just never notice the awesomeness of that chord change at approximately 2:06 in the Elvis Medley or is it new? Either way, wow it’s awesome.

  4. Onhech says:

    It was better live 🙂

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