Fixed Bio Series – Mega-G Edition

Alright, so y’all know how excited we were to see Vocal Point’s official website finally (finally!) get updated.

And the guys actually did a decent job on their bios.  But except for Landon’s, none of them really meet the strict TMtP standards of Made-up Information.  So of course, we had to do as we do, and, well… “fix” things for them.

This is going to be an ongoing series here at TMtP for a while, and we’ve decided to start at the top of the list (because if there’s one thing everybody knows, it’s that we don’t have favorites amongst all of the special snowflakes!).  So, that means darling Adam is our first recipient of a customized, super-duper, super-convoluted TMtP-fixed bio!

Before we get to the bio proper, we obviously first had to fix the blurb.  For reference, you can check out his original blurb here.

“Pow”? Does this mean two of the other guys bring the “boom” and the… other “boom”?  Okay, points for enthusiasm, but still… we’re gonna fix that for ya:

Okay, with the blurb taken care of, it’s now time to tackle the Big Show (snicker)! Here’s the link to Adam’s original bio.

Not too shabby. We kinda want to hear the ambulance story, actually. But until then, we’ll just have to make up some stuff:

(Click on that if you want to see the text larger.)

Alright, everybody, there ya go!  The very first of the fixed bios.  We hope that everyone takes this opportunity to get to know all of the New New Guys a bit better.  And heck, we could probably all stand to get to know the New Guys better, too.  And Robert.  (The only non-New/New New guy at this point).  Oh, and Adam… we’ll be waiting for that ambulance story.

-Troi and Crusher

PS – Did everyone notice that ALL of the New New guys have now commented on the blog?  Yup, Cowboy Conlon stopped by yesterday in the comments here.


9 Responses to Fixed Bio Series – Mega-G Edition

  1. True Blue BYU says:

    You’ve classified the VP members as Robert, the new guys and the new new guys. Where does Keith/Kevin/Rerun fit in? He isn’t Robert and he isn’t a new guy. He also isn’t really a new new guy because he’s an old new new guy, which puts him in a class of his own. But I guess we already knew that, didn’t we.

  2. Tina says:

    I want to hear the ambulance story too! And I love love love the behind-the-scenes glimpse of The Big Show (hee! he totally looks like him!) and Scoot’s valley walks!

  3. Erin says:

    I totally lost it at the wheaties and spinach part. Sooo funny! 😀 After all, wheaties make you stronger (but cheez-it’s make you adorable!).

  4. Keith says:

    I will confirm that the ambulance story is all it’s hyped to be. Can’t wait for more of these, by the way.

  5. Scott says:

    Love it! And Mega-G and I do indeed enjoy walks through the valley 🙂 But how did you guys find out?

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