A little signing, a little singing, and a whole lot of sass

Okay, has everybody bought their copy of Vocal Point’s new album, Lead Thou Me On?  There’s some pretty sweet stuff on there, right?

Those in Provo today had the opportunity to go to a fun little event at the BYU bookstore and get their CD signed by VP themselves.  BYU Records posted some photos on their facebook page.  But we have an extra-special treat for you, TMtP readers.  You see, the awesome Michelle was a super blog helper and came through as a source of some great photos and videos from the event.

Today, we’d like to feature this video she got of a bookstore performance of one of the new tracks on the album, “Noyana / Come, Come, Ye Saints”.

This cool arrangement is a Prince Trevortastic product, and we think the guys sound fantastic on it.  And we have to give props to Michelle for the videography — when your proximity to the singers makes Papa Sterling-style full group videography an impossibility, this kind of steady and inclusive style is definitely the way to go.

Michelle also uploaded this video of “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” from the signing.

Once again, we’ll have to take Keith’s word that he was werkin’ it.  (Although we can say with confidence that, just like Ben-Jon, he is werkin’ the new hairstyle.)

Make sure you check out 1:08 — doesn’t Trevor sound just freakin’ amazing?  So smooth and soulful.  We love it.

And finally, Michelle the wonder-helper sent us some great photos she took of the event.  Some of them we’re going to store away for a rainy blog day.  But it would have been downright selfish to hold on to this one and we just couldn’t keep it from y’all; we had to share it immediately.

Anyone want to take a shot at captioning that gem?

We’ll start with:

“Keith Evans…

…is not impressed.”

-Troi and Crusher


10 Responses to A little signing, a little singing, and a whole lot of sass

  1. Sarnic Dirchi says:

    I love that we also get a brief glimpse of McButters at 1:21 in the second vid too btw. 🙂

  2. Keith says:

    Bah! Unimpressed indeed! At that exact moment Adam was pointing out how much taller he is than Jake, which doesn’t impress me cause, you know, Adam’s taller than everyone….

  3. Payten says:

    Jake- Meep me me meep, Me meep
    Adam- The long hair is scaring me too, I’m gonna move over here
    Keith- I’m unimpressed
    Trevor- yeah….

  4. Lynette says:

    Not exactly a caption, but it definitely looks to me like Jake is going to break out in a British accent while offering flyers to passers by. And Mega-G is probably an infomercial. Trevor is probably distracted by the amazing BYU Bookstore fudge. That’s all I got.

    • Lynette, we love you so hard. This is awesome. For many reasons. And why did no one tell us to try the Bookstore fudge when we were out there?
      -T and C

      • Lynette says:

        What!? No one told you about the bookstore fudge? I am shocked that your Provo itinerary didn’t include it. Clearly your itinerary was made by a male, that place is overrun when Women’s Conference is on campus.

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