Homecoming isn’t really about the football game anyway…

…at least, it wasn’t at any of the schools we attended.  Our high school, in particular, was known for people attending the games just to see the marching band.  So we’re confident in saying that this Homecoming week at BYU was really all about… the Spectacular!

And, well, we’ve heard that the Spectacular was quite… spectacular.  In fact, no words in the vernacular can describe this great event. (You’ll be dumb with wonderment. So ex-ci-ting, the audience will stomp and cheer. So de-light-ing… just us? Okay.)

Anyway, a super blog helper has hooked us up with some material from the concert (even a bit of video!), so we’ll be bringing that to you in short order.  First up, we have a couple of photos of the various looks VP sported, with the sartorial assistance of the BYU costuming department.

There were some retro shenanigans:

Which, we think we can all agree, is just stinkin’ adorable.

There was also a little Standard Look happening.

As it does.

There was some horizontal striping going on for the Elvis medley.

Which, you know, is very on-trend at the moment.  We’re not sure why the trend-makers decided to flood the market with horizontal stripes (the least flattering of all of the stripes), but we will say the whole thing is much less “what the what-y” without the green pants.

And, there was this look:

Which, actually, is rather nice.  We’ve seen it elsewhere compared to Skittles, but really, all we can see is this.

In which case, going from left to right, we’d have Landon as Blue Raspberry, Bobert as Lime, Trevor as Grape, Scoot at Orange, Mega-G as Blueberry, Conlon as Cherry, Ben-Jon as Strawberry, Beaker as Pineapple, and Keith as… Keith as… (oh crumb cake, we’re out of blue flavors)… so Keith as… Blue Drank.

So, does that whet your appetite for what’s to come (or at least whet your appetite for some Fanta… Wanna Fanta!  Don’t you wanna?)?  We’ll soon be coming your way with more goodness from the Spectacular (Spectacular!), and if anyone else has material or personal reports from it, please do let us know (totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com).

-Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to Homecoming isn’t really about the football game anyway…

  1. Keith says:

    Funny – I’ve never seen Moulin Rouge, yet I still know that that’s where that quote is from, somehow….

  2. Lynette says:

    Oh I love retro things, and shenanigans are definitely included. Bravo BYU costume department.

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