Oh Happy Day!

The official VP website has been updated!

Now, don’t get too excited, it’s still a bit of a work in progress.  See?

McDictator is listed as director, the new album is being plugged, and… the True Group picture is still there.

But hey, it’s a start.

And as soon as the editing is done on the group pics from the latest photo shoot, those will be making their way to the website. Or so we’re told.

The new bios are up as well, right here.  Oh boys, don’t you worry, we’ll get started right away on “fixing” those for you.  Now, we don’t mean legitimate editing–we’re sure Grammarian Gandalf will catch any typos soon enough.  Oh no, we plan on “fixing” each guy’s bio into what it really should say.  For example, hardly anyone has their correct nickname listed.  (By “correct” we mean “TMtP,” because by “TMtP” we mean “reality,” and by “reality” we mean “hey, we can make stuff up if we want to.”)

So, be on the look-out for those new-and-defactualized bios in the coming days.

In other happy news, here’s another little video of Vocal Point doing one of their on-campus performances at The Place Where Landon Fell.

(posted by faithann36)

Okay, just a couple of quick things about this video.  First, faithann36 is a total doll for uploading these to youtube.  We for real totally appreciate it, since there haven’t been many videos making their way to the interwebs for all to enjoy.  But the fact that the video turns sideways at the :29 second mark would totally make Papa Sterling cry.  That being said, the sideways Ben-Jon Show is still pretty darn entertaining.  Doesn’t he sound just fabulous on the Kevin-arranged “Call Me Maybe” (let us know if someone else has an arranging credit on that one, guys)?

Ben-Jon has always sounded fantastic, but we feel like he’s growing in confidence and style and fun-ness, too.  Get on with your bad self, boy!  We definitely approve!

It’s great to finally hear the third part of that mash-up.  We’re looking forward to hearing it when everyone is individually mic’d, because it sounds like Mega-G is doing some awesome things at 5:05.  And we’re kind of falling in love with the section that starts at 5:33.

And then at the end, Scoot gives his talkie and we’re just like, “Awwww.”  He’s totally picking up the McPrecious mantle and adding his own Scooty patches to the sleeves, and maybe bedazzling his name across the back or something.  Sure, it may sound a bit like Hunsaker was his speech writer, but here’s the thing: we’re not going to be super nitpicky over these Square performances.  We get that these are about gaining experience as a group and giving the students passing by a smile or two.  And we totally got at least three smiles from Scoot’s talkie (and the Keithy, “So close” in the background), so we consider it a success.

Also, just to expound upon a little factual information from Scoot’s talkie (at 7:01, and yeah, factual info on the blog still scares us), VP will be performing at the BYU Homecoming Spectacular this Thursday and Friday, October 11th and 12th at 7:30pm at the Marriott Center.  Tickets are available here.  If you are able to go and can manage to take some photos or videos of the concert, please send them our way (totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com).  We hear there are delightful vintage sweaters and (manly) striped shirts involved.  We need blog evidence of this!  So, please, please, please — if you can help us out, we’ll love you forever (or we could give you blog points… does anyone still care about those?  And whatever happened to McKC?  Bueller?… Bueller?).

And finally, just to do a little rumor control: we did not spend part of our summer break going all Mad Men on you and starting careers in advertising.  Didn’t happen.  We absolutely, 100% promise that we had nothing, 0% to do with this…

So yeah, that totally wasn’t our doing. 😉 😉

That being said, can anyone help us get that to play on a loop as our blog background? …Tanner?

-Troi and Crusher


7 Responses to Oh Happy Day!

  1. fromsandytoo says:

    Bonus Points to all of the VP guys who put their blog nicknames as their official nicknames on the official VP website!!!
    Also, does anyone know what day/time VP performs in Brigham Square?

  2. Keith says:

    When I saw that commercial, I immediately knew you’d have a field day with it. (That’s as snarky as I can get right now, guys; it was a long night)…

  3. Sami says:

    I was reading the bios, and I was incredibly upset to see Bobert’s favorite quote. “Eagle’s may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.” It’s eagles, not “eagle’s.”

    I liked the quote, but that apostrophe made me very sad. 😦

  4. Lynette says:

    I must give kudos to Keith for that Abraham Lincoln quote. It has been one of my favorite Lincoln quotes for years. He had such foresight.

  5. Erin says:

    I still care about blog points!!! And, I’m loving the blue blazers. Very stylish. 🙂 I agree with fromsandytoo. Bonus points to the guys who put their blog nicknames as their official nicknames! 😀

  6. Kris says:

    True Group pic is gone, New Group pic is up. Individual pics and all.

    I know, insanity.

    Sounding great guys! Aloha!!

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