We aren’t the only ones obsessively refreshing the official VP website, are we?

Oh… we are?


We just can’t help it.  We’re blue in the faces from how long our breath has been bated, awaiting the much-anticipated updates to byuvocalpoint.com.

You see, for as strongly pro-True Group we felt in the beginning, here at TMtP we did eventually get around to embracing the 2012 VP line-up and now the 2012-2013 line-up (McReign foreva!).  But the official website is still living in the Sing-off glory days.  One day soon, though, that’s going to change.  We can just feel it in our bones.  (And, you know, we’ve seen the sneak peeks of the new photo shoot someone posted on facebook.)

So, it’s become a little bit o’ blogger habit to check the site and see if the magical switch has taken place.  And then to sigh.  Heavily.  But the other day we noticed something that suddenly halted our sighing.  Which led to a bit of a coughing fit, as you can imagine.  But we recovered.  And now we want to share our discovery with you.  After confirming that the home page still looked like this:

We clicked on over to the “About” page just to make sure they weren’t being sneaky and getting the new bios up before anything else.  No dice.  What we did find, however, was this:

Um… what the what?!?

So. Many. Questions.

First, where did Bobert go?

We know he used to have a photograph there just like everyone else.  Where do you think Jakebert’s hair came from?

Why did it disappear?  And if anyone’s pic was going to disappear, why did it have to be the one guy who has been a Vocal Point member from True Group on through to present day?

But more importantly… why is there a “member_placeholder_thumb” that is WEARING A TIE?

Oh dear Webmaster, how did you have time to create that gem and yet still haven’t gotten around to updating the website?

Of course, most people would probably see that and think, “Ha, that’s kind of funny.”  But y’all know us.  Our brains don’t work like that.

So the first thing we thought was, “Well, if Robert’s photo is gone, they should ALL be gone!”  So we did this:

And we were rather pleased with ourselves.

But something wasn’t quite right.

We kept looking at that little be-tied placeholder, and while he totally worked for eight of the boys, we got a nagging feeling that something was missing for one of them.  That little circle of a head kept gnawing at us.  And then it hit us in a flash and we knew what needed to be done.  May we present:

…Fixed it for you.

😉 😉

-Troi and Crusher


8 Responses to We aren’t the only ones obsessively refreshing the official VP website, are we?

  1. Granite says:

    It is my personal opinion that not only should the members and pictures be updated, but that the new bios should be written by T&C.

  2. Keith says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I second!

  3. I love a cappella says:

    Hey girls! I have to say that I totally agree with Granite and Keith. =)

  4. As fun as that would be, we can’t imagine that we’d be allowed near anything official. But once it’s updated? We just may feel the need to go to town with the Paint-shop “fixing” things for them. 😉 😉
    -T and C

  5. Robert says:

    I too have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the website to be updated, but I guess little things have come up here and there that have prevented the full change to happen. But I’m happy to announce that we should have the 2012-13 group up on the website soon (we’re talking a week or two)! It will be complete with new bios and fresh pictures for all. Although each of the guys is currently writing their own bio I too wouldn’t object to Troi and Crusher helping out. Sometimes I think they know me better than I know me. 🙂

  6. Adam says:

    I for one would be so sad if I didn’t have a bio written about me. Please, oh please??

  7. McKay says:

    tehe 🙂

  8. Kris says:

    HA!!! Oh the awesome of it all.

    And I too would like the read the Troi-Crusher version of all bios…

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