Backing Away From the Dead End, or Just Taking One Last Loop Around the Cul de Sac

Well, it’s official folks — the 2012 Vocal Point line-up performed their final concert last week.  We sent them out in style, throwing a blog party dedicated to one of the departing members (Ross, Hunsaker, McCrockett, and Tanner) each night of the concerts.

Now it’s time for the McReign to begin in earnest, as the 2012-2013 line-up gets ready for a great year of concerts and events. But before he can go all McDrillSergeant on them, let’s allow one last moment to say goodbye to the departing four (and James, who leaves behind a great legacy after so many years as director).

Here’s the full 2012 group, with James and his son Christian:

Okay, we know that this post is supposed to be about the guys who finished up their time with VP, but can we just say that Ben-Jon wins this photo (and at life) for three reasons: (1) the new and kickin’ hairstyle, (2) the belt rebellion, and (3) the commitment to hydration.

And now — and with special thanks our back-alley source (you know… street) — here is one final photo of the four who are no more.

Well, except for McKay, who is sticking around.  And who knows, maybe some of the other guys will pull a Kevin and decide to come back for another go-around in grad school.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  But for now we say, thanks for all the laughs (intentional and un-) and thanks for all the music.  Now get off our blog!  Just kidding.  Please stay.  The New and New New Guys are still kind of scared of us.  Which is just silly.  We haven’t made an oops like Creepy Jake in, like, so many blog birthdays.

-Troi and Crusher


3 Responses to Backing Away From the Dead End, or Just Taking One Last Loop Around the Cul de Sac

  1. Jake says:

    You two are great. Thank YOU for all the entertainment and fun! I look forward to lots of “Gut Laugh” moments during class in the future. And for Heaven’s Sake, get back to Utah sooner or later and say “Hi”!!!

  2. Ben-Jon? says:

    We’re not scared of you! We love it! And thanks for the win in the group photo…From hydration to hair you know me all to well 🙂

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