Backing Away From the Dead End, or Just Taking One Last Loop Around the Cul de Sac

August 21, 2012

Well, it’s official folks — the 2012 Vocal Point line-up performed their final concert last week.  We sent them out in style, throwing a blog party dedicated to one of the departing members (Ross, Hunsaker, McCrockett, and Tanner) each night of the concerts.

Now it’s time for the McReign to begin in earnest, as the 2012-2013 line-up gets ready for a great year of concerts and events. But before he can go all McDrillSergeant on them, let’s allow one last moment to say goodbye to the departing four (and James, who leaves behind a great legacy after so many years as director).

Here’s the full 2012 group, with James and his son Christian:

Okay, we know that this post is supposed to be about the guys who finished up their time with VP, but can we just say that Ben-Jon wins this photo (and at life) for three reasons: (1) the new and kickin’ hairstyle, (2) the belt rebellion, and (3) the commitment to hydration.

And now — and with special thanks our back-alley source (you know… street) — here is one final photo of the four who are no more.

Well, except for McKay, who is sticking around.  And who knows, maybe some of the other guys will pull a Kevin and decide to come back for another go-around in grad school.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  But for now we say, thanks for all the laughs (intentional and un-) and thanks for all the music.  Now get off our blog!  Just kidding.  Please stay.  The New and New New Guys are still kind of scared of us.  Which is just silly.  We haven’t made an oops like Creepy Jake in, like, so many blog birthdays.

-Troi and Crusher


End of the Street — Tanner Edition

August 17, 2012

Tonight the Vocal Point guys wrap up their Education Week concerts, we wrap up our blog party send-offs, and Ross, Jake H., McKay, and Tanner wrap up their time as VP performing members.  Soon Robert will be the only member of the True Group still in Vocal Point, although Keith will be rejoining him shortly for the Rerun Era.  But first, let’s send the Honey Badger off in style.

Yes, the Street One brought some (much appreciated) style to VP happenings whenever given the opportunity.

This ensemble is still a standout in the choose-your-own-look department.

And of course, we still love the time Tanner totally threw Keith and the rest of the guys under the bus for the whole yellow suspender fiasco.

Which leads to what we really want to spend a little bit of time celebrating about Tanner: just how much of a good time he brought to the blog.  We mean, from encouraging us to do the post ragging on his lack of a hairstyle to starting the whole campaigning madness for the reader-voted Troi and Crusher’s favorite Vocal Pointer (plus all of the fun he had as the favorite), the guy sure has helped keep things interesting around here.  And of course there was this:

…Which… whatever did happen to McKC, guys?  Hope he’s had a good summer.

But beyond all of the shenanigans, Tanner also brought loads of talent to Vocal Point.  There was the patented vocal percussion smolder gaze:

And insane solos like this:


Even in the blues and khakis.

Which is quite the feat, we must say.

Okay, so that’s just a smattering of Tanner-awesomeness, anyone care to add any favorite memories?

-Troi and Crusher

End of the McRoad — McButters Edition

August 16, 2012

Okay, so this is technically isn’t the end of the VP road for tonight’s featured departing member.  It’s more like he’s moving from the back of the van to the driver’s seat, as he transitions from performing member to group director.  But just go with us.  Because can you imagine the McDrama if we neglected to throw this one a blog party? So let’s get to it!

But where, oh where, do we start?  At first, we thought he was just a squooshable little pile of McCheez-it-loving adorableness…

…Who had long-harboured a secret desire to be in the center of a human pinwheel.

It didn’t take long, though, to figure out that he was actually a McDevious little McPlotter.

But despite his tall-purging tendencies, McPrecious managed to win everyone over with performances like this one:

In fact, he was so quintessentially a shelf person that we forgave him for blowing this bell kick on national TV:

But before we charge full (warp) speed ahead into the McDictator era, let’s take one last look at one of the best things to come out of the McPerforming Era: the Happiest Person in the Room Open-mouth Smile.  You know what we’re talking about, don’t you?  Let us remind you, here in this beautiful (heh) Paint-shop collage.

Okay, so those are just a few of our favorite McButtery moments, but obviously we’ve left out a lot of good ones.  Anyone have some McClassics to share?

-Troi and Crusher

End of the Road — From Creepy to Newscaster and Beyond, OF Jake

August 15, 2012

It’s night two of the VP Education Week concerts, which means it’s time to celebrate another of the departing members.  Tonight we party it up in honor of the man who has given us so much blog gold.  We are speaking, of course, of dear old Jake Hunsaker.  TMtP might never have come into existence if it he hadn’t brought such a delightful level of creepy on the Sing-off.  And since those humble beginnings, things have gone so far beyond just the creepy.  Jake’s shown himself to be a man of many facets:

A newscaster:

A sassy divo:

A comedian:

An irresponsible hobbit and a future dark lord. (And we didn’t even come up with those — that was from his friends!)

A sly winker:

Even a swanky leading man:

But we’re going to be honest: we love him most when he’s a little bit creepy.

Because no matter what else happens, one thing always remains true:

Being a human is hard.

Thanks, Jake, for reminding us of that and for bringing so many smiles to our faces in the process.

Anyone else have a favorite Jake moment?

-Troi and Crusher

The End of the Road — Rossface Edition

August 14, 2012

You GUYS… It’s Education Week at BYU. Do y’all know what that means? Yes. Four nights of Vocal Point Concerts. And guess who’s going to be there?

Not us. 😦 😦

But we’re hoping that some of you awesome readers will hook us up with video or photos or even just a general report of what goes down.

Now, as you’re probably aware, the concerts this week will be the VP swan song for a couple of True Group mainstays.  OF Jake, Rossface, the Honey Badger, and McButters will be celebrating their last Vocal Point hurrah.  So of course, we have to send them off in TMtP style.  We mean…

It’s unnatural.

You belong to [us].

[We] belong to you.

Although we’ve come–

To the end — of — the road.

Still [we] can’t let go.

…But we’re gonna try.

After we enjoy a bit more Boyz II Men.  Feel free to join us, if you’d like.

What up, pre-Sing-off Shawn?

Man, the early ’90s were great, weren’t they?  And just look at those outfits!  Hilarious.  Although…

…that may actually be an improvement over the Standard Look.

Anyway, we thought we’d take this week to give each of the departing VP members a going away blog party.  We’re going to share some of our favorite performances, a goofy pic or two, and we’d love for all of you to chime in with your favorite memories from each guy’s VP tenure.

First, up: Rossface.

Oh Rossface, dear Rossface. We’ll miss you so. Not only did you bring a rock edge to VP, you’ve also given us so many moments of entertainment and laughter. It was hard to chose, but we’re gonna have to say that our favorite Ross performance is this one right here:

We certainly hope you were able to get some help for your back.

And of course, we’ll miss all the great face.

Or this one:

Or maybe these:

We can keep going:

So. Much. FACE:

(thanks, Google Images!)

Oh, Rossface, we could always count on you to deliver.  Every.  Time.  Thank you for that.  Enjoy your last VP concerts to the fullest, and we look forward to hearing about whatever comes next for you.

Okay, Readers, now it’s your turn: any favorite Rossface moments?  Epic performances?  Impressive displays of eating tons of food?

Check back later this week as we take time to celebrate each departing member.  And if you get too sad, take solace in this: all of the True Group is still on the official website.  So at least that’s still unchanged. 😉 😉

-Troi and Crusher