Troi and Crusher’s Excellent Adventure!

July 13, 2012

Woohoo! Road trip! Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it out to the ReMix Vocal Academy concert, it was too much of a detour. But we are trekking (heh) from Troi’s state to Crusher’s. We have our friend Guinan (you know… Whoopi Goldberg’s character on ST:NG) along for the ride.

We left Troi’s house at 3 am and will stop somewhere near the middle to chill (and cause a little ruckus if we can) tonight before we go the rest of the way tomorrow.

Yes… We promise to follow all our own road trip rules. We’re even going to test drive (heh) a few car games. We’ll let y’all know how those work out!

And now we present The Mascot of this little adventure:


We’re pretty sure she needs a super awesome name, but it’s still way early o’clock, so we’re open to suggestions. Hit us up in the comments! Oh, and did y’all notice her sweet car jams? This is gonna be epic.

-Troi and Crusher (and Guinan… who is currently sleeping in the back seat… probably regretting her decision to come with us)


With apologies to Robert…

July 4, 2012

We were too busy celebrating Canada Day on Sunday to get around to posting anything. We’d tell y’all how we partied, but we’re pretty sure¬†everyone knows how to celebrate Canada Day. Which… does anyone know how to clean the maple syrup off of the slip ‘n’ slide?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! We both celebrated with friends and good food and now we’re both settling in for the night.¬† Because we’re old.

In order to help everyone celebrate the last Independence Day before the official start of the McDictatorship this August, we’d like to share this little gem from the ol’ Youtube vault (What up, Lemon?!):

-Troi and Crusher