Totally Loving a Blast from the Past: New Jake’s Bringing Creepy Back

We were feeling a little nostalgic today, so we went back and reread the LOtR Dear Keith. And that got us to thinking, “Who would some of the New Guys be in this scenario? Would Trevor be Treebeard? Would Landon be Eomir?”

We’re just not sure.

Tengelsen, however… Tengelsen apparently pondered this himself, a long, long time ago. Okay, so it was a few years ago, but in blog time, it’s like a whole other era, right?

Oh, Beaker. This is one of our new favorite things. Everyone knows Gollum is one of the best Lord of the Rings characters, and watching you hop about and then perch on the piano bench is hilarious.

We’ll always love Robert’s Elmo voice, but your Gollum act might be climbing the ranks of our favorite fictional character impersonations.  Although, we still haven’t heard Keith’s Swedish Chef.  Seriously, between that and taking a photo, we really dropped the Kevin-ball when we were in Provo.

-Troi and Crusher


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