A New McButters Conspiracy Rises: ¡Viva la Revolución!

June 26, 2012

Before we get to some exciting news, let us first set the stage for you.

By now you’re probably all familiar with the McPlot that occurred in Vocal Point over the last four years.  If for some reason you aren’t, or if you need a brush-up, please go read The Great McButters Conspiracy to Decrease the Overall Height of Vocal Point right now.  Essentially, McCrockett worked for the first three years of his VP tenure to flood the group with shawties, weeding out those who were too tall through all sorts of McDevious means.  And by looking at the 2010-2011 line-up, it’s clear that his efforts were largely successful.

But then something strange happened.  The McPlot began to unravel.  Our most promising current hypothesis is that the delay in auditions in the fall of 2011 (because of the Sing-off) threw off the carefully calibrated mechanisms McGetsMyWay had put in place to ensure that no one of great height made it into VP.  By the time auditions took place in November, things were spiraling so far out of control that this disaster occurred:

Every single one of the New Guys failed to meet the standards of the McPlot.  This was a total disaster.

Forced to live out the last months of his time in Vocal Point in McFailure and disgrace, McSchemey had one last chance to turn things around and make the McPlot a success.  Even on his way out, if he could somehow make sure that the New New Guys reversed the height-increasing trend, he could still leave VP with his short little head held as high as it could reach.

But we all know that isn’t what happened.  In fact, as we can see in this video, the addition of the New New Guys cemented the status of the McPlot as being a bust.

Prince Trevortastic even says it right in the video, “The McPlot is over.”

But did you watch all of the way to the end?  Did you see McSeeminglyDefeated hang his head in shame?  No, no you did not.  Because that’s not how McButters handles adversity.  Instead, he raises his McFist of Fury into the air and begins to plot anew.

If it is no longer possible to maintain the short-statured ideal version of Vocal Point, how can McMeMeMe still manage to exert his will over the group?  Especially considering that his time with the group is drawing to a close?  The saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  But what if you didn’t apply to grad school like your McBestie and therefore can’t join ’em?

What is left for McDesperate to do?


If you can’t join ’em…

Rule over them.

That’s right, in a heard-it-here-first TMtP McAuthorized news break, we can tell you that McKay McButters McCrockett has been offered and has accepted the position of Vocal Point Director.

Now don’t worry, he didn’t have to “get rid of” the delightful James Stevens in any malicious way to make this happen.  James, who has been such an amazing driving force behind VP for the past several years, has decided that he is ready to move on, and it is into this void that McOverlord steps.  He may not have been able to keep the Talls out of the group, but in his new position, they will all have to follow his lead and do as he says.

So we say, let the McReign begin!

We see you’re working the thumbs up in that photo, but if you want to switch to ruling with an iron fist, go for it.  When the democratic nature of VP auditions leads to your McPlot falling apart, and you later find yourself in a position of power, that can only mean one thing.

It’s time for you to become…


-Troi and Crusher

PS – McDictator shirts are now available in our Spreadshirt shop.  Show your support for the new man in charge.


It’s a Post-Father’s Day Post!

June 18, 2012

A Happy Belated-Father’s Day to all the awesome dads around here! Of course, that includes Papa Sterling, our own dad, and of course, Dear Mikey.

Look who has grown into her blog shirt!  A-dorable!

-Troi and Crusher

Programming Note

June 11, 2012

TMtP’s going to take a bit of a quick summer break.  We’ll be sure to let you know if there are updates on the McKC hostage / liberation situation (we’re still not sure which of those situations it is), and of course still send us any tips or fun things you find so we can let everyone know.  Normal posting will resume shortly. 🙂

Before we go, we’ll leave you with this little gem of the McBestie’s getting their “Thriller” on from a couple of summers ago.  We recommend stopping at 1:45 because the rest of the recording is just the audience blasting out the audio.

Take care and wear sunscreen and watch out for a cappella zombies!

-Troi and Crusher

The Blog Institutions Square Off

June 8, 2012

So, we haven’t been holding our weekly favorite this summer (although that hasn’t stopped some favorite-related shenanigans from developing).  But, we thought of a little light-hearted poll that might be fun for awhile.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite of the random blog institutions that have developed here at TMtP over our time together.  We love them all.  But we’re curious as to who/what you love the most.

So, have at it!

-Troi and Crusher

A Quick Jaunt through Search Terms and Business

June 7, 2012

Our schedules are a bit tight, so we’re going to present an abbreviated selection of search term highlights this week before whipping through some business.  And by “schedules are a bit tight” we might mean “US Gymnastics Nationals are starting today and it’s an Olympic year” combined with “Someone recently told us to watch Sherlock and now we love it and rewatch the episodes more than we care to admit.”

Okay, the points still don’t matter but the distribution is the same — 12,000 for category winners, 26,000 for the weekly runner-up, and 40,000 for the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of the week.

First up we have the category where Our Attempts to not Mention those Blasted Brothers Does Nothing to Curb the Number of Searches We Get for Them:

Yup.  It’s still happening.  Guess that’s what happens when you change the focus of your blog for a day and don’t delete the evidence.  Oh well.  Winning this week: totally searching for jakebert.

Well, searcher, consider him found.  Here.  Every week.

Next up, we have the searches related to TCaR and REMIX:

Someone came to TMtP looking for remix vocal academy, and, as we tend to do, we’ll direct you over to the official website.

We were excited to have TCaR get its first search term where someone searched for it and it led them there instead of TMtP.  In fact, it’s the same as our category winner, which did lead someone here.  So, if you searched for thats called a remix and it got you either here or to TCaR, you can claim the points.

Now we’ve got the Special Snowflakes category:

One person was looking for info on byu vocal point new guys, and we’re proud to say that we’re one of the few places on the internet with information about them.  Sorry Ben-Jon, Beaker, Landon, and Prince Trevortastic — as of this writing, you still don’t exist on the official Vocal Point website or the wikipedia page.  But look!

You’re real to us!

We mean, how could we not recognize jon rose in vocal point when he does awesome things like this?

Of course, sometimes acknowledging reality means we might have to upset some people, so brace yourself, searcher of byu vocal point ben murphy 2012, but he actually hasn’t been in VP since 2011.

Someone who will be in VP in 2012 is conlon bonner, one of the New New Guys, and you can start to learn about him here.

We had one person who used their search to say that tanner digs vocal point style he likes to use it every once in a while, but we still sort of imagine that he wears the Standard Look under duress.  And the reappearance of alternative points led to someone declaring tanner street points are the best.  Well, if you feel that way, you won’t be upset that that search earned you zero TMtP points.

A search that is earning some TMtP points (12,000 to be exact) is jake hunsaker phones home.

Oh, Jake, we’re sorry.  It just never stops, does it?  But it’s so funny!

Alright, let’s go through a few of this weeks Random searches:

Someone wanted to know about cafe rio provo, and we can tell you that not only is it delicious, but that if you visit Provo without getting one of these…

… McCrockett will be personally offended.  At least that’s what he told us.

Someone was looking for a road trip survival guide, and yup — we wrote one of those.  It was really popular in South Korea for two days, too!

And finally, winning the category points, we have adorable music videos.  You get the points mainly because we can totally help you find what you’re looking for.

It just doesn’t get much more McStinkin’Adorable than that!

Now we’ve got some searches about Good Ol’ Kevin:

Aside from a simple google for keith evans vocal point, one searcher was looking for some dear keith jokes, and we have to say, this one has some of our favorite funny bits.

Now, for whoever looked for keith vocal point date of birth, we’re going to direct you to this post, when we all celebrated the lanky blog star’s birthday.  And someone else is apparently trying to raise the game when it comes to our horrible paint-shops, as they searched for rerun clubbing baby seals with spats on.

Well, we’re tryers.  ::shrug::

And finally, winning the category points is totally loving that rerun is.  Oh, the possibilities!  What is it about Rerun that you love?  This definitely gets the points because it allows us to do our next edition of VP Mad Libs.

And finally, it’s time for our category about TMtP and VP:

For whoever was searching for vocal point q&a, perhaps you will find this video to be helpful.  We hope that the person who googled troi and crusher wasn’t too disappointed to see that our pseuds were born out of our love for those awesome Star Trek ladies, and that we are not in fact the real thing.

We’re more confident that the searcher of tmtp vocal point special cupcakes found exactly what they were looking for, since some readers had a totally awesome birthday that we mentioned in this post.  And we still think those cupcakes look amazing!

Now, someone else wants to know when do the tmtp campaigns start again?  Hmm… we’re not too sure.  Maybe once school starts?  Or maybe we should come up with a new idea for the new year?  What does everybody think?

And winning the category points is totally loving the vp concert videos.  Yup, all of our super-helpers are totally awesome for coming through for the rest of us with amazing videos from the SCERA show.

Alright, now it’s time for our weekly runner-up.  Getting the 26,000 points this week is: tanner nilsson mckay crockett brothers vocal point.  Now, this search may have originally been made in earnest.  After all, VP often talks about how they’re all like brothers, and the Honey Badger and McButters even used to be roommates.  But, well, after this —

— we’re not sure if the brotherly love is still flowing.  But it’s hilarious, so we’re totally jazzed about it all.

And now, this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) winner of 40,000 TMtP blog points is…

Well first, let us explain ourselves.  You see, every week, some of you spend some time coming up with creative ways to get to TMtP from Google.  But a bunch of you stick to some classic searches.  We decided to honor a term that is consistently one of our top searches by making it this week’s What the What.  So, everyone who searched for it can claim the points.  And that term is…

totally missing the point vocal point

Sometimes simple is good. 🙂

Okay, let’s go through some business, shall we?

We talked about it a bit above, but we hope all of you check out the BLOG SCANDAL!!!!! that is erupting over Key Chain.  One side is claiming he liberated Key Chain, while the other is saying it was actually a kidnapping.  Who is telling the truth?  Where will McKC turn up next?  We actually have no idea, but we can’t wait to find out!

If you still haven’t auditioned for ReMix Vocal Academy, you should really get to it.  The camp is fast approaching at this point. Also, the following was posted on the RVA Facebook page earlier today: “ReMix just partnered with Utah’s most respected talent agency Stars Talent Studio! They will be teaching at the camp, as well as sending talent scouts to our concerts at the end of the week!” So you definitely should audition and have a shot at being scouted by the STS!

Approaching even faster is REMIX’s (the group — you know, Beyond the Point) concert at the Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremonies.  That is happening next week.  More information can be found over on TCaR.  If you are able to go and want to be a blog helper by sending us video, pictures, funny stories, whatever, send us an email at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.

Well, that’s it for business, so everybody take care and have a good night!

-Troi and Crusher