Search term goodness and all sorts of blog business and news

We hope everyone is having a good Papa Sterling’s Birthday.  It’s like the Washington’s Birthday of TMtP, only instead of getting the day off, we get fabulous search terms and blog business and cake.  You may ask, how is that different from a normal Thursday?  Well, the cake… obviously.

Alright, here we go — wheeeeeee!

Category winners get 12,000 TMtP blog points, the weekly runner-up gets 26,000, whoever comments on Papa Sterling’s birthday post gets 15,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of the week gets 40,000 totally and completely worthless blog points.

Okay, first up this week we have the catch-all category for things relating to TMtP and VP:

One of you went all retro on us, remembering totally missing the grammatical point.  Someone else is curious about vocal remix academy, which in and of itself is a crafty way of remixing ReMix Vocal Academy.  Unfortunately for the searcher of r e m i x vocal academy age 10, the age-range for RVA is 15-25.  And we really can’t be of much help for whoever searched for byu vocal point back in blue production notes.

See, we both have digital copies of the album (and if the production notes are included in the digital copies, we’re way too tech-illiterate to figure that out).  But we’re thinking we may have a few readers who could help this searcher out.

Now, we’re not too sure what the search for vocal point been meant.  Was it just a misspelling of this guy’s name?

Or is it the start of a fun new game, like VP Mad Libs or something?

Hmm… we kind of like it.

Alright, winning the category points here is someone who decided to show some love to the current line-up with vocal point 2011-2012.  Although we tend to favor calling them just “Vocal Point 2012,” we appreciate the effort made towards acknowledging that this line-up really and truly does exist.

Now we’ve got the category for Geez, we’ve stopped mentioning these brothers and yet we still get SO MANY SEARCHES for them:

Yup, those curly-headed sitcom stars are still driving lots of confused traffic to TMtP.  Someone who is not confused, though, and is also the winner of 12,000 shiny new blog points, is the searcher of jakebert’s hair sings bass but his face sings tenor. Ha!

Love it!

Now everybody get ready, cause it’s time to Hunker Down with this next category:

We have our standard weekly apology to the searchers of jake hunsaker, who were probably just looking for factual information, and to Jake himself, because those searchers found TMtP.

But there is helpful information here.  Like, for the searcher of how to emcee after a singing.  Well, look no further than this video:

(from tamijeanne’s Youtube, carnage at 1:20)

Such. A. Pro.

And for whoever wanted some good jokes for motor coach trips, we’ll just direct your attention to the latest edition of Jake’s Jokes.

The search for hunker down hunsaker, beauty and the beast was clearly referencing the last Dear Trevortastic, and really, can’t you see Gaston as a news anchor, too?

Okay, some people were remembering that match-up and also the Dear Mikey about Harry Potter, because we got searches for jakeicles vocal point’s bad boy and jakeicles always gets to be the bad guy.

To which we have two rebuttals.  First, Jake was matched up with Fonzi for the Puppy Bowl post, and does he look like a bad boy?

Not even a little bit.

And second of all, our category winner here reminds us of the very first matching post (and probably still the most clever thing on the blog), the LOTR Dear Keith, with jake hunsaker of vocal point is peregrin took.  See?  Jake’s not always the bad guy.  Sometimes he’s the little confused guy instead!

Now it’s time for the Smattering of Miscellaneous Searches category:

We had a search for savage garden + embarrassing.  Which, really?  Is this like a thing?  Like, we always assumed Ross was alone in his shame, but maybe we were wrong.  Are we actually supposed to be embarrassed of our love for Savage Garden?  Sorry, that’s just not going to happen.

Someone googled vocal sport and came to our blog, instead of the official website.  So, we’ll just pop you on back over there, and mention that Vocal Sport II is happening July 28th.  It sounds like they’re doing all of the categories in one day, so be prepared for the long haul if you’re going to go watch that.

And finally, we had some sartorial related searches, with yellow suspenders being balanced out by awesome shoes, and the category points going to khakis look good on no one.

Let’s now go through our Special Snowflakes category, where we blog-love each of the guys uniquely and equally:

Except for mckay crockett, but that’s because you readers voted for him to be our favorite for all of summer.

See, it says right there on the official certificate that he’s going to be a blog star all summer long, and so far that’s proven to be true.  We’ve gotten to seeing all sorts of their adventures, from going to the theatre, to playing with McNiece, to visiting schoolchildren.

What will they do next?  Will McKC get bored and call up Tanner to take him on some shenanigans?  Will someone kidnap McKC at the concert next week and hold him ransom?  And is there any way we could still convince everybody to get on board with the whole Sisterhood of the Traveling Key Chain thing?  No?  Do we just need to go watch the pants movie again to get our fix?  Okay, fine. (Side note: “the pants movie” is totally how we refer to that film.  As in, one of us will call up the other and say, “Guess what!  I got the combo pack of the Duffster’s movie with the pants movie for $7!  Sweet!”)

Alright, we had some honey badger searches this week, with tanner nilsson, what grade is tanner nilsson in (grade?), and what is tanner nilsson’s graduating class (oh, is that what you meant) coming through.

The New New Guys were holding it down, with adam heimbigner and conlon bonnor both getting individual searches.

New New Guy 4 had some fun searches, with keith of vocal point always a gentleman with the escorting bringing someone here.  We’re assuming that’s in reference to this video (from this post), where Keith does some jiggerific escorting at the end.

(from ptowntrumpet04’s Youtube, the gangly adorableness starts at 3:03)

Someone else wanted to point out that spats flatter rerun, and it’s true!

(fromHale Center Theater Orem’s facebook, copyright Pete Widtfeldt)

Spats are just so darn awesome!  Also awesome, the search for trevortastic’s vocal point disney magic.  We loved it too.  And winning the category and 12,000 points is oh, the trevortastic stare. ❤

Yup, and our love for it abounds no matter what direction it goes in.

And now, to wrap up, we have the introduction of a new category, those searches for TCaR and REMIX:

We’re glad some of you are excited for the possibilites of TCaR.  We are too, even if we’re still not quite sure just how that blog will continue to grow as the group is in these early stages.  It’s kind of fun to be in on the ground level, though, isn’t it?

So, we’re hoping the searcher of kutv remix found what they were looking for in terms of REMIX’s first appearance.

Others of you had us cracking up with searches like totally loving that’s called a remix: double your pleasure double the fun, vocal point’s favorite vehicle….tcar, and tmtp’s troi and crusher can drive tcar.

And winning the points for the display of sheer happiness and excitement is totally loving that’s called a remix!! yay!

Alright, now it’s time for this week’s runner-up, which is rerun clubbing baby seals.

We love this term, because it just has so many possibilities.  We mean, it could be this:

Or, perhaps the searcher could have meant this:

You know, we hope to bring you our very own TMtP-styled History of the Baby Seal Clubbing in the near future.  So stay tuned for that.

And finally, we’ve reached the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner of 40,000 points.  Getting the big prize this week is: i hope this search term comes in not as “unknown”, troi and crusher!

It made it through!  Yay!  We know that lately we’ve been bemoaning the fact that a lot of search terms haven’t made it through to us, so we were super-excited to see this gem make it through.

In a related topic, we just had to share this curious bit of blog business with you all.  Earlier this week, we noticed that our Troi and Crusher’s Road Trip Survival Guide post was getting a crazy amount of views.  Posts that old normally don’t get more than a few reads a day.  But this post was rapidly climbing up our “Most Read Posts of the Day” list.  At the same time, we were getting a huge number of Unknown search terms.  We eventually realized that they were matching up with the views for that post.  Which seemed weird enough.  But then, that night we looked over at our country stats, and saw that the Survival Guide had the exact same number of views as those originating from South Korea.  So, for some reason that we really don’t know, we were super-popular in South Korea for two days.  But only that one post.  Oh, the strange joys of blogging.

In other news, ReMix Vocal Academy has updated their staff page, with more team leaders and special guests, including Rossface and Bob the Founder (of Vocal Point).  Their website also notes that there is Limited Space Remaining, so if you’ve been holding off on auditioning, get it in gear and get to it!

And finally, the most exciting news — we’re only a few days away from the SCERA concert!  We’re super-excited to see some fresh performances, and we’re thankful in advance for those of you who are going to try to get us photos and videos and whatever.  Tickets can still be purchased at SCERA’s website.  Also, this website has a tickets and concessions deal — one note, though: it says that the voucher you purchase must be redeemed prior to the day of the concert, which essentially means you need to be able to go over to the SCERA tomorrow or Saturday between 12pm-6pm to trade in your voucher for the tickets.  So keep that in mind as you make your awesome a cappella plans.

Alright, we’re pretty sure we’ve covered everything!  Have a great rest of Papa Sterling’s Birthday, everybody!

-Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to Search term goodness and all sorts of blog business and news

  1. Erin says:

    Claiming my points for: oh, the Trevortastic stare. <3, totally loving that's called a remix!! Yay! and last but not least "I hope this search term comes in not as "unknown", Troi and Crusher!" Ahhhhhh, I love worthless blog points. 😀 And, I had a "was that correct grammar?" afterthought on the last search term. then I decided that this blog has had grammatical issues before, so I wasn't too worried. 😉

  2. Fredette about it says:

    Claiming points for….rerun clubbing baby seals, peregrin took and jakebert sings….and I’m responsible for the TCaR jokes! Big props to Erin for out remixing me!

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