Let’s Celebrate the Birth of a TMtP Legend

So, you know how they say things come in threes?  Well, that’s true this week at TMtP, as today we have our third birthday of the week.  Of course, we started with Ross’ birthday a month late, then little Zoe’s one-month birthday, and now it’s time to celebrate the birth of one of our favorite VP-affiliated people — the one, the only, Papa Sterling.

Now, somewhere along the way, Tyler’s dear old dad ceased to be a mere mortal person to us.  Oh no, he has now taken on mythical levels of awesome here on the blog.  And we love that this has happened.  Especially because we have no evidence that he’s ever actually even seen the blog.

But that won’t stop our devotion to his fantastic full-group videography skills, and all of the other extraordinary things we now attribute to him.  Let’s be honest.  “Papa Sterling” as a concept now embodies so much wonder.  He’s like a unicorn, Santa Claus, a minotaur, and Bert from Mary Poppins, all rolled into one fantastical being.  Oh, and Peter Jackson, both pre- and post-weight loss.   In short, he’s just the best.

So, happiest of birthdays to you, Papa Sterling!

(from ProvoChannel17’s Youtube, you can either stop at :17, or imagine that Papa Sterling embodies all of Provo… either way works for us)

Oh, silly Vocal Point.  Papa Sterling can’t get any wiser than he already is.  It’s just not possible. Because we say so.

-Troi and Crusher

PS – We’ll be back later tonight with search terms and blog business. 🙂


3 Responses to Let’s Celebrate the Birth of a TMtP Legend

  1. phan says:

    Happy birthday Papa Sterling! Hope its a great one. We love your videos!

  2. Erin says:

    Happy Birthday, Papa Sterling!!! You’re the best videographer I’ve never met! 😀

  3. Bela says:

    Happy birthday to the legendary Papa Sterling 🙂

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