That’s called a REMIX! Wait, what’s called a REMIX?

Raise your hand if you got up way early and tuned in to KUTV! Now raise your hand if you were totally excited by what you saw but maybe aren’t quite sure what you saw.  And go ahead and raise your hand if you didn’t get to see the news this morning and have no clue what we’re even talking about.

Hi there.

Let’s start by backing up a little, shall we?

Okay, so this is how we imagine things went down… McButters had a great idea one day. (Why McButters?  He just seems the most McSchemey.)  See, he was sitting out in a grassy meadow, contemplating how his life would be different once he is done performing with Vocal Point.  How would he get his performing fix?  What would keep the McBestie bonds tight as Kevin once again became a VPer?  And just why did the Sing-off costumers make him wear a lady hat?

And then BAM! it hit him. McKay thought to himself,

“Hey there McSelf! I have a great idea! I’ll start a pro a cappella group! And then I can keep performing forever! And every summer our group can run an a cappella camp for young folks so we can share all the awesome knowledge we’ve picked up over the years… Oh, but McSelf, what will we call this group o’wonder? … … hmmm … I have it! We’ll call ourselves REMIX! And we’ll call the camp ReMix Vocal Academy. And it’ll all be AWESOME!  Now… if only I could figure out that lady hat business…”

Or you know… something like that.

Now, you guys have been hearing all about ReMix Vocal Academy (RVA) here for a while now.  And this morning, something extra special happened.  McCampDirector and friends were on the morning news on KUTV to plug the RVA.  Fun stuff, right?  But here’s where it gets really exciting.

REMIX the group made their debut.

Now, before we tell you all about it, we have to pause here for a minute.  Because this is TMtP, remember?  The internet’s foremost authority on made-up information about Vocal Point.  But REMIX isn’t VP.  So what are a couple of worst bloggers ever to do?


We started a spin-off blog.

That’s Called a REMIX.

You can head on over there and check out all of our thoughts on REMIX and today’s TV appearance.

Now, given that the pro group is just getting things rolling, we won’t be blogging on TCaR every day.  And for this first little while, we’ll make sure to let you know here at TMtP when something new happens over at TCaR.  So, we hope you’ll join us over as we dish on what the pro group is up to and make up stuff about them.  We’re super-excited for the guys and this new endeavor.

Oh, and we’ll keep business running as normal here at TMtP. Well, as normal as things ever run around here, at least.  So… not very normal at all.

-Troi and Crusher

PS – 48,000 blog points to Sarnic for being a super blog helper and recording part of the broadcast for us!  Curious as to what we mean?  Head on over to TCaR, click around, and check out our first two posts!


7 Responses to That’s called a REMIX! Wait, what’s called a REMIX?

  1. Sarnic Dirchi says:

    I’m glad I could help out! Thanks for the blog points! ^^;;

  2. Kris says:

    So I come over here, armed with the link from this morning, thinking I’ll be a blog helper, only to find you not only have the link and then some (nicely done Sarnic :)), there’s a whole new blog! Ya’ll are amazing. So speedy. Want to come unpack for me… 😉

  3. petch says:

    Somehow I am not shocked that this happened…. I think I may have dreamt it, or am experiencing de ja vu. Seems so very…. right! Two lots of a capella goodness to follow = twice the joy, hurrah!

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