Lights, camera, caption!

So sometimes here at TMtP we have to go digging through the bowels of Youtube and Google (ew, gross!) to search for more Vocal Point treasures.  During a recent scavenging, we stumbled upon this priceless photo from the BYU Performing Arts Management’s website.

Dude, how come none of you readers sent us this gem?!?  We love it!  And we certainly think someone can come up with a better caption than what was used in the original article, which was, “Circling around the piano, Vocal Point members rehearse to find the perfect vocal blend.”

Come on, just one look at McCrockett’s face and the wheels start a-turning for a better caption!

So, hit up the comments with your best (or worst, we’ll take it all!) idea.  44,000 TMtP blog points will be awarded to the winner, with discretionary points given out at our, er… discretion.

-Troi and Crusher


9 Responses to Lights, camera, caption!

  1. Tina says:

    McKay: “You best show respect for the McStankFace.”
    OF Jake (little voice): “I’m scared!”

  2. Mike says:

    Ross: “Here’s to all my choir directors who told me I need to stand up straight when I sing.”
    Trevor: “Maybe if I just open my mouth, they will think I’m singing and I can just take a nap!”
    New Jake: “Hey guys! It really helps to sing with your palm facing up like this!”
    Robert: “Oooooooo look at how much Tanner is spitting!”
    McKay: “I’m so McMad right now for no reason whatsoever!”
    OF Jake: “New Jake, I’m not understanding how having my palm facing up helps…”
    Jon: “Hey guys, check it out, I don’t need the rest of my body to sing! Just my floating head!”
    Tanner: “Hey Robert, pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!”
    Landon: “I’m practicing my Trevortastic stare!”

    • Mikey! You win! Your caption is just great! We were cracking up before we even got through reading it, and laughing just in anticipation of what was coming next! 44,000 points to you, good sir! Well done! 🙂
      -T and C

  3. fredette about it says:

    in the style of Billy Joel….”Tanner is practicing politics as Jake hits a kid with a microphone and they’re sharing their Vocal Point Awesomeness cuz it beats being awesome alone. Sing us a song your McPiano man, sing us a song tonight, we’re all in the mood for a mcmelody and you got us feelin’ alright!!!” (full lyrics available upon request)

  4. Bela says:

    That was awesome! And the Billy Joel song made it even awesomer.

  5. Erin says:

    Rossface: “Nom, nom, nom!! I eat you, Beaker’s thumb!

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