It’s the end of the week — no wait — it’s just Thursday, wrap up! Search terms and announcements and such

Do you guys ever think about how it’s weird that we do our weekly round-up on Thursdays?  Kind of strange, huh?  We guess that the first time we got the idea to do one of these was on a Thursday, and we’ve just stuck with it ever since.  Yup, it’s about as logical as the rest of our blog.  Anyway, let’s take a gander at this week’s search terms and blog business, shall we?

Alright, y’all know the drill: category winners get 12,000 TMtP points, the weekly runner-up gets 26,000 of those worthless suckers, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner gets 40,000 totally worthless blog points!  (By the way… writing this every week feels like reading a Baby-sitters Club book… Claudia likes junk food and has a unique fashion sense, Mary Anne is dating Logan, Stacey has diabetes and you’re going to be told these things in every book.  The points are the same every week. 😉 )

First up, we have the category dedicated to Hunker Down Hunsaker:

We had an old classic reappear this week, with someone giving some search love to creepyjake.  That was balanced out by another searcher wondering just what flavor the original is, and positing a guess with swanky flavor jake.  Which… maybe.  Sometimes.  Someone else showed some appreciation for jake’s funny jokes.

We love those too!  Now, we’re working our way through our Provo material, but we don’t want the funnies to stop once we get to the end of it.  So, if you have some suggestions for Jake’s Jokes, we’d love for you to email them to us.  It can either be a joke you would like for Jake to tell, or (even better) a joke you’ve heard Hunsaker say.  There may be blog points available for those who are helpers in this department.

We had another search from someone who liked the post for OF Jake’s birthday, and they are totally missing the guys being creepy for jake’s birthday (even tanner).  Yup, everyone’s creepy some of the time, and Jake’s day o’ birth was the perfect time to celebrate that.

Our category winner of 12,000 points here is: got a case of the jakeicles.  That sounds… painful?  What are the symptoms?

Splayed limbs?

Intense stares?

Word salad?

(the magic starts at 2:58)

And of course, crazy, crazy amounts of talent.

Next up, we have the Truncated Category for the Brothers Who Must Rename Nameless:

Yup, we continued to get a lot of searches for those curly-headed beacons of our youth.  We’re still going to try not mentioning them by name, in the hopes of curtailing the flood of searches we get each week for them.  Of note for us, though, was a search for jakebert forever! and the category winner: jakebert an american (well tmtp anyway) classic.

Darn right he is.

And now it’s time for those Special Snowflakes to get their category:

A nice mix of past, present, and future Vocal Pointers were represented this week in the searches.  A certain vocal percussionist was rather popular, as tanner nilsson vocal point was searched for eight different times.  It was nice to see his replacement get some search recognition too, with adam heimbigner getting someone to TMtP.

Some searchers were making sure Tyler got some blog love, with tyler from vocal point and captain awesome vocal point both making appearances.  Which really, Tyler was such a solid VP member that we’re glad to see he’s not being forgotten by the fans.  We mean, he gave us gems like this:

So we can’t let him fade from memory.  Even if he’d prefer that we would forget that moment.  We can’t.  We love it too much.

You know what else we love?  When we get searches for a whole heap of VPers.  So we were excited to see robert seely, jon rose byu, mckay crockett, and conlon bonner all get searches.

Someone was also totally happy for mikey, which we totally are too.  Zoe is just adorable and he’s such a happy father!  No doubt because his daughter was able to start out in life with a surplus of blog points.

We had a search for mckay crockett bio.  Now, we’re kind of thinking that one worked out one of two ways.  Either the searcher came to us, but quickly found one of the many places where we link to legitimate bios for McButters (like his ReMix one).  Or, maybe they got sucked into the world of TMtP, and found themselves bombarded with McPlots, McCheez-its, McFavorites, and McPodcasts.  Which could be awesome.  So… you’re welcome or we’re sorry, whichever you think is more appropriate, to both the searcher and McKay.

Trevor got some search love, including trevor johnson tagged, which kind of makes us go “Huh?” and give the Trevortastic stare while we try to figure it out.

Well, Trevor, unless you’ve been tagging some graffiti while you’re away from Provo, we’re pretty sure this means… you’re it!

While Trevor figures out just whatever “being it” means in TMtP Tag, we’ll also share that someone else searched for totally love the trevortastic wardrobe, and we agree, it was rather snazzy.

We were excited by the search for 2012-2013 vocal point members, because we were actually the first place on the internet to feature a picture of that line-up together.

So again, for reference:

Back row: Elmo, Mega-G, Provo Globetrotter, Rerun, Gigantor, Ben-Jon

Front row: Sporty Spice, Beaker, and Scoot

And finally, our category winner here is totally loving ben murphy’s voice.  No arguments here.

We now present a Small Smattering of our Random Searches:

Lots of randomness came to us this week, so here are some of our favorites.  Someone came here searching for a twizzler slap, and we hope they saw the evidence of just how much damage those delicious candies can do.


Someone else was looking for an official seal of awesomeness, and really… we think we’re qualified to give those out.  Maybe we should Paint-shop something up.  Give us some time, we’ll work on it.

We kind of want to bop on the head the person who searched for delilah pentatonix scera concert, because, uh… you left out the most important group!  You know, the group with the awesome shoes.

We’re pretty sure we’ve offered this before, but if whoever searched for sketches of baby seals actually ends up drawing any, of either variety, let us know.

Yes, we will take sketches of either actual baby seals or Kevin… either of which can be clubbing baby seals.

Our category winner here is starlight express costumes.  Because why would anyone be searching for that?

But we like feeling like helpers, so you get the points.

And now it’s time for the category where it’s All About Rerun:

We had the basics, with “keith evans” vocal point and keith evans vocal point both getting multiple searches.  Then we had some people who were maybe looking to see how the latest show at the Hale in Orem is doing, as they searched for the secret garden keith evans and keith evans secret garden. Okay, you can check out McBestie’s review here, and McSister #1 gave her review in this post.  And you guys, you can’t see them in this photo…

…but Keith totally wears spats in the show.  We love spats!

Alright, one of you says you totally need some rerun swag, which, at this point, you could satisfy that urge with a Dear Keith shirt or even an Elmo Sings Bass shirt (all available at Spreadshirt).  We don’t have any swag with the “Rerun” moniker yet, but maybe we will in the future.

Someone decided to push their luck and search for khakis flatter rerun.  Look, plenty of things flatter Rerun.  But does this look very flattering to you?

No.  Because khakis flatter no one. 🙂

And winning the 12,000 category points here is johnny cash sings bass rerun sings tenor.  We’re glad someone knows what’s up.

And finally, we have that catch-all category of All Things TMtP and VP:

Someone searched for who are the dancers in the jump jive and wail video, which, well… you need to be more specific.  If you’re talking about the original artist, we can’t really help you.  But even if you’re talking about Vocal Point, we kind of need to know what video you mean.  There are about a million-and-a-half out there.  In most cases, the dancers are just Vocal Point, doing their thang.  But in the music video, they have a whole periodicals section of support.  We had a reader named Ashley who told us she was one of the dancers, but we never could get a screen cap of her in the video.  Anybody else want to speak up as one of the dancers?  And we’re still big fans of Mikey and Mrs. Mikey’s dancing.

Moving along, someone wanted to know when is vocal point next concert? Well, it’s on Memorial Day.  It’s Vocal Point and some other a cappella riff raff (just kidding, Delilah and Pentatonix fans… we love you all!).  We talk about it here.  And to the searcher of totally missing the pentatonix vp concert… you haven’t missed it yet!  We mean, we will be missing it, because we won’t be there in person, but some awesome readers are going to try to get us material from it, so we’ll all get to blogperience it together.

For whoever is totally misssing troi and crusher, we’re impressed that you’re even missing us with an extra “s.”  But we’re still here at TMtP, holding it down.  Unless of course, you’re in Provo and you’re missing the time when we were able to blog about Vocal Point while actually in the same general vicinity.  We kind of miss that too.  Made things easier.  But we’ll press on, and who knows?  Maybe we’ll make it back out to Provo again sometime.

We completely agree with the search of totally missing the point: being creepy is easy, being human is hard.  You bet it is!  That’s why we have these shirts now!

So we can all proclaim it loudly!  And in the dark (glow-in-the-dark lettering for the win!).

And getting the category points is totally missing the point university where snark happens.

Yup.  We’ve given out (completely worthless and non-accredited) degrees and everything.  There’s even a school shirt.

Okay, it’s now time for our weekly runner-up and winner of 26,000 TMtP points.  And the runner-up is: mckay nilsson is a real person!  Okay, a couple of things of note: (1) We never doubted the fact that McKay Nilsson is a real person, but we’re delighted to give Tanner’s brother a blog shout-out anyway.  (2) We’re kind of curious to know what made someone decided to do multiple searches for this.  Have the Nilssons decided that the McSiblings get an unfair proportion of blog love and want to make a claim to some for themselves?  Do we need to give all the Nilssons shout-outs now to be fair?  What’s the deal?  And more importantly, is McKay Nilsson a honey badger too?  Does the “don’t care” run in the family?

So, we’ll give 26,000 points to the searcher of this term, and 26,000 points to McKay Nilsson himself, if he wants to claim them.  Unless he was searching for himself.  In which case he can decide which of the points he likes better and claim those.  No double-dipping with blog points.  They’re too valuable.

You guys know what time it is, right?  It’s time for the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner of 40,000 completely worthless points!  And this week’s winner is: totally listening to mckay crocketts unbreakable over and over again.

Good.  Choice.  For those unaware, “Unbreakable” is a little ditty McCrockett released on iTunes in 2010.  And with a heavy-handed wink wink nudge nudge, may we suggest that someone look back to last week’s search term post for the opportunity to get a few extra blog points.  The one involving this headshot on the left:

Those haven’t been claimed yet, and some of you clearly have all of the info needed to swoop them up.

Alright, now onto blog business.

Well, we sort of bungled our first week of taking Sundays off from posting, as we inadvertently missed getting Landon’s birthday post up by a couple of hours.  Sorry, Landon.  Hope your birthday was fabulous!

We’re going to stick with taking Sundays off for now, unless there’s some sort of Vocal Point Breaking News Edition that needs to happen.

ReMix Vocal Academy announced the winner of the private lesson with Dean Kaelin on their facebook page, and they are still taking submissions for auditions.  (And we’re still looking for a potential TMtP informant to let us know how the camp goes).  There’s also a new ReMix graphic on the facebook page, and it sort of fascinates us.  It’s like a splatter-paint-slasher-movie-poster-modern-art-vocal-camp explosion of wonder.  Head over to their facebook page to take a look and let us know if you figure that graphic out.  In any case, we look forward to hearing more about ReMix as it gets closer.

Okay, that’s all of the news we can think of for now.  Oh wait — remember how we gave all of our BYU graduates shout-outs when they finished?  Well, if any of you other readers have graduations coming up, let us know, and we’ll totally give you shout-outs too.  We want all of our smarties to be recognized, so shoot us an email at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.

-Troi and Crusher


9 Responses to It’s the end of the week — no wait — it’s just Thursday, wrap up! Search terms and announcements and such

  1. Bela says:

    Yay! I won some TMtP points for my first ever Search Terms participation. As Droopy would say, “I’m so happy”. These points are going into my treasure chest along with my Tanner Street points, my McBlog points and my rare and precious Snark points.
    Btw, love the photo of Rerun. Maybe the new Rerun should check out his iconic dance moves

  2. Erin says:

    Claiming my points for “Totally listening to McKay Crockett’s Unbreakable over and over again”. 😀 Unbreakable is one of my most favorite-est songs ever. The first time I heard it, I thought “Oh! I love this! But it sounds different.” That’s when I realized it was the first time that I’d heard him with instruments, and not singing a capella. Maybe now that he’s
    McGraduated, he can put more of his McButtery music on iTunes! 😀

  3. Fredette about it says:

    Claiming my points for jakebert an American classic, a case of Jakeicles and where snark happens! I may or may not be responsible for khakis flatter rerun….the picture response was well worth it though lol!

  4. Sami says:

    Claiming “totally loving ben murphy’s voice.” On a side note, I was watching Law and Order. Fred Savage is the bad guy in this episode. A little jarring. He still looks and sounds like a kid.

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