Life is a Highway, Covey March Concerts Edition, or the one with the “cowboy” hats

You GUYS! Can you believe it’s been TWO MONTHS since we saw Vocal Point in concert at the Covey Center? It seems like it was either forever ago or yesterday, we can’t decide which. Since we’re now feeling a little nostalgic, we’ve decided it’s the perfect night to revisit “Life is a Highway.” We reviewed the Sing-off performance of this song a while back, and briefly went through the whole Friday night show from the Covey in March, but we thought it would be a blast to take a closer look at this particular performance and have a little fun with it.

(video courtesy vtwixted787’s YouTube)

This video picks up after the guys have sorted out the “cowboy hat” business and Robert is ready to start the VP Tour Van. The boys get the show on the road (snicker) and settle in in front of a neat background that lets us know that the VP highway runs through green fields and under blue, blue skies.  It’s downright idyllic.  As we start, the guys all show off their driving skills, and it appears that Robert is the only one determined to represent a realistic driving stance.  Either that, or the other guys truly do drive like a bunch of Swervin’ Irvans.  And McDeepKneeBend apparently is driving a low rider.

Figures.  That McSwagger.  As much as he bounces around onstage, his low rider probably has hydraulics, too.

Then the guys move into position at :10 for a little bit that gives us flashbacks to High School Musical 2.  “What?” you may say.  “Troi and Crusher, aren’t you too old for a HSM reference?”  Well, yes.  But, Crusher totally did a term paper in college on the development of tweens and pop culture as it relates to the theatrical experience.  And Troi… well, Troi had to listen to Crusher talk about her project a lot.  So… yeah.  We know HSM.  Anyway, here’s that bit:

See, it’s like this:

Right?  Maybe?  Please?  Okay, moving on…

The guys bop through the rest of the opening choreo and at 0:16 they part like the Red Sea for McRascalFlatts to cross down center and pick up the lead. And maybe it’s just us, but it kinda seems like McButters has upped the country ante just a smidgen. Is that a little extra McTwang we hear? We approve.

While McKay’s killin’ the lead, the rest of the guys are doing a two-step-step-touch-do-si-do-DDR-thing that we just love so much. It’s pretty impressive how well the New Guys are keeping up, especially considering the sheer amount of material they had to learn in just a few months. A little more  two-step-touching happens at :36 and then the guys do a little skip-foot-switch kick-ball-change thing (oh, we’re clearly down with the choreo lingo) that looks pretty darn cool.  Especially when you pause it in the middle of the move.


After that, the party heads stage right for a little VP jam session at :46.  Now, isn’t it exciting to see Tanner cut loose a little and get going with the hat twirling action at around :49? Also of note? Hunsaker again defaults to his cowboy stance during this little section.

At 0:53 McButters leads the guys on a quick jaunt across the stage to stage left, but before we get over there, look at how much fun Ben-Jon and Trevortastic are having in the background.

Just what do you call that leg move, Trev?  And we love McSassy’s little look back as he runs across the stage to continue the jam session.  On the way over, Beaker catches some serious air.

Once they regroup, they all back away slowly while Beaker sings Keith’s old part at 1:05. He also, we think, sounds legitimately country. McKay gets a little McSoulful on his little echo-y bits (wow, we’re busting out all sorts of technical terminology on y’all tonight!) and that’s just how we like him.  We also can’t help but notice a neat little effect the lighting and video recording have on the guys during this bit.

Kind of Touched by an Angel, isn’t it?

McCountrySoul then bounds back over to center to count the guys into the big glorious breakdown. And can we just say here, that even though the guys didn’t feel totally comfortable using the in-ears that night, they still nail this section.  Beaker does a good job picking up the falsetto guitar part while taking a knee and the rest of the guys do their thang as well.

We wrap up with a little more step-touch and car driving (with a little bonus sassy Hunker Down hip action in opposition at 1:39) and then we dig in for the big finish.  As the guys toss their hats into the air in victory, we get a bonus “Yeow!” to cap things off.

While we’ve always preferred the original Tom Cochrane version to the Rascal Flatts cover (sorry, McKay!)  this is one of those songs that has now been VP-ified for us.  After having seen them perform it and watching the Youtube clips (over and over again), we’ll just now always associate this number with Vocal Point, as their energy and fun have wormed their way into our permanent memory of this song.  And we wouldn’t change that for anything.

-Troi and Crusher


4 Responses to Life is a Highway, Covey March Concerts Edition, or the one with the “cowboy” hats

  1. Bela says:

    No Keith around to steal the McThunder :).
    McModernCountrySoul really does a great job with this song (I do love that legitimate country thingy too)

  2. Could Vocal Point be cooler? says:

    Fun post

  3. McKay says:


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