Hot off the Internet-presses! The Latest VP Video from YouTube!

So you guys  know how we’re always looking for fast-breaking Vocal Point news and cutting-edge bits of VP wonder? Well this video is the most recently uploaded Vocal Point video on YouTube! And so of course we had to feature it here on TMtP!  It’s a promo for a fantastic VP event!  Are you excited?!?!

That’s right! Let’s all get excited for this event!  Wait?  What? You mean to tell us it happened three years ago?  But the video was uploaded just three days ago!  And those aren’t New New (New?) Guys?  But Old (Old?) Guys?  Ah yes, just look how young McButters and Kevin appear!

We’re not sure why this video was just uploaded to YouTube either.  Since we’re just going to pretend that Vocal Point never had to sing a “swan song” on the Sing-off (What of it?  It’s our blog, we can delude ourselves if we want), this may be the only time we feature “Home” at all.  We did enjoy hearing this version from the first year McPlot line-up.

TMtP, your hub for all the latest in Vocal Point happenings!  Coming soon: Bob Ahlander and Dave Boyce have a great idea for a new group… in 1991.

-Troi and Crusher


One Response to Hot off the Internet-presses! The Latest VP Video from YouTube!

  1. Fredette about it says:

    5th on the sing off, 2nd at the ICCAs and 1st in our hearts….this vocal pointy thing might catch on….dream on Dave and Bob!

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