Making it rain blog points, plowing through some business, and a quick programming note

Y’all ready for some totally worthless TMtP points?  How about a smattering of blog business?  So are we!  Let’s get to it!

Okay, as per the usual, we’ll start out with this week’s search term winners.  Category winners get 12,000 blog points, the weekly runner-up will be bestowed with 26,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of the week will get 40,000 of our completely worthless points!

First up, we have the There was so much love for the special snowflakes we had to divide them up super-category:

Yeah.  Lots of searches for the individual guys this week.  So, we’ll have three subcategories, starting with The Gone-But-Never-Forgotten:

This subcategory is for those guys who graced Vocal Point with their presence at one time, but, you know, it’s been a while.  We’ll start off with a bit of a misdirection, as we had a search for tyler james stevens.  Now, we’re guessing that maybe Tyler James Stevens is an actual person, but we like Tyler and we like James Stevens, so we’re going to give them a shout-out anyway.

Okay, maybe not the best pic, but we haven’t managed to get James a lot of face time on the blog.  We’ll have to settle for back-of-head time for James and open-mouth time for Tyler.

Moving on, one of you is totally missing ben murphy :(.  Aww, we’re sorry.  But you know what?  We can look to our category winner of 12,000 points here, and totally remember ben murphy’s awkward dance moves.  While his skills had greatly improved by the time the guys did “Beat It” at ICCA finals, we’ll always hold dear that classic performance of “Hip to Be Square.”

Good times, good times.

Next up we have the subcategory of Those that were in the True Group and then stuck around:

There were some simple and basic searches here, including ross welch vocal point and jake hunsaker and mckay crockett.  And we even understand the search for swanky, intense jake and smiling, angelic mckay of vocal point.


But then… then we start to get a little confused.  Like, what does the search for keith evans, tanner nilsson and a honey badger mean?  And someone apparently wants us to know i love the mcbuttery dino!!!  Is the McButtery dino the same as the McZombie?

Or have we actually made a dinosaur reference for McCrockett that we’re forgetting about?  It’s been known to happen.  Like last week, when we were confused by McKay posting a pic of a car in the comments of the search terms post.  We were all, “Huh?” and he was all, “You asked what kind of car I would be if life really was a highway,” and we were all, “Oh yeah, guess we did.”

Anyway, someone else wanted to know: have you seen mckay crockett’s photo on vocal sport sans smile and glasses?  Yes, yes we have.  And it weirds us out every. single. time. We’re just so used to seeing the McFace with the McGlasses and the McReadyToTakeABiteOutOfLifeSmile, that McSeriousAndBrooding just does not compute.

That can’t happen to just us, right?  The serious headshot is also the same photo that’s used for his ReMix bio. And another place on the interwebs that gives us much joy.  We’ll give 25,000 TMtP points to the first reader who emails us a correct guess of what that internet location is — not just any old other place it’s used, but specifically the one that makes us so McHappy (totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com).

And our category winner is: tanner nilsson doesn’t know why that picture is creepy.  Okay, so as a birthday present to O.F. Jake, we found pictures of the rest of the members of the 2010-2011 group looking not so human.  But Tanner didn’t quite understand what made his so unusual.  We explained, he said he got it, but maybe we should have tried harder.  After all, bad angles and lighting don’t really put the creepy burden on the Honey Badger. So….

Is that better? 😉

And now we’ve reached our final subcategory of the Special Snowflakes, Those Fantastic New / New New Guys:

Most of these were of the basic variety, as we’re still in the process of developing fully appropriate made-up information and blog jokes about these guys.  We had:  trevor johnson, jon rose byu, adam heimbigner provo, conlon bonner, and byu young ambassadors conlon.

Our winner here, though, took things to another level, with a search for trevortastic clothing.  Ah, yes.  In his first Dear Trevortastic, the boy from Iowa proved that he actually has a really good fashion sense.  Keep reading on down into the blog business for more fashion and Trevor crossover.

Okay, we’ll have to explain a bit why this next category is now for The Brothers that Shall Not Be Named:

We fear that we’ve gotten into a bit of a self-perpetuating cycle with the searches for a certain lovable and curly-headed duo.  We get searches but can provide no answers, then we report those search terms, which in turn leads to more people finding TMtP by searching for those same words.  At this point, we’re a little scared that the diehard [REDACTED] Brother fans are gonna turn all street on us, like Tanner or Sanita.  So, let’s just say that we had many, many searches for them this week.  We will report our category winner, however, as it’s too good to pass up: jakebert is a blog star.

Darn right he is!

Next up we have the category about the guy who is only half the man Jakebert is (because Jakebert is half-comprised of Robert’s hair too), but he’s still our favorite future newscaster, Jake!

The person just searching for jake hunsaker vocal point was probably thoroughly confused, but hopefully delighted by the plethora of made-up information about him here.  And one of you cheeky searchers went old school, looking up jake hunsaker’s youtube page.  Heh.

Some of you are starting to get prematurely nostalgic, as we had searches for totally gonna be missing o.f. jake and original flavor jake is the finest of the flavors.  Don’t fret, dear searchers.  While we all will miss ol’ Hunsaker, gems like this will live forever on the internet to keep us happy.

(the magic starts at 1:15)

Of course, that incredible Jakeicles-ness is balanced by his incredible standout performances like this one:

It’s all part of the Jacob Hunsaker Experience.  And we love it all.

You know what else we love?  The category-winning search term, happy birthday jake.  Simple. Classic.  Timely.  We like it.

Okay, now it’s time for the search terms where We know it’s probably our fault you got here, but sorry, we can’t be of much help:

For the searcher of icca finals 2012 review, unfortunately, all we can really do is match you up with the searcher of “socal vocals” and tell you that they won.  We weren’t at the competition, so we can’t really review it.  Although, if someone wanted to hire us to cover the ICCA circuit next year, traveling to all of the competitions and writing reviews in our own unique aca-stupid and made-up information-heavy style… well, we wouldn’t be opposed to that.  Whoever had to read the reviews might be, though.

We also had a search for stupid questions about Utah, which we kind of hope wasn’t a search for us.  We know, we know… we admitted to being Utah-Stupid.  But that’s not quite the same as asking stupid questions, right?  Right?  No?  Oh, okay.

And fine, all of you beef jerky lovers, we guess it’s been awhile.

Just promise us you won’t take it on a road trip, alright?

Someone else is apparently curious about pizza pie cafe karaoke.  You know, we remember hearing about the guys doing that in the lead up to Vocal Sport, but we’re actually not sure if that’s still going on.  Can any of our Provo-based readers help this searcher out?

We really, really can’t help out whoever wanted to know about bass line and fills for “the way you look tonight.” Yeah, we’re not even going to try to make something up for that.

Now, for the person looking for goofy facial expressions, that we can definitely provide.

Of course, we always recommend starting with the classic, the Rossface:

But then you can branch out into Jakeface:

And Benface:

Or Tyler-eating-a-sammich face:

Or even Bobertface:

Okay, okay… we really should stop at this point.  We mean, this could keep going on for forever.  We still haven’t even gotten to the Trevortastic Stare, Ben-Jon’s face when he was declared the favorite, or any of the many gems we’ve covered from the McBesties, Tanner, Mikey, and on and on and on.  Basically, Vocal Point has the goofy faces thing covered.

We’re kind of cracking up that someone looking for something as generic as polls and results would click on TMtP.  Yes, we have polls and results, if you’re interested in the polls and results of who is the reader-voted Troi and Crusher’s Favorite Vocal Pointer.  But that’s a pretty specific subset of polls and results, isn’t it?

Anyway, our category winner here is most flattering khakis.  Oh geez.  Okay, if we had to pick what we think are the most flattering khakis (which, note: the level of flattery here is still not very much), we would go with these suit pants by Tommy Hilfiger.

They’re like, real pants instead of Dockers or whatever.  But still, we’re going to have to say that our official answer to the question of what are the most flattering khakis is: the ones that stay in your dresser while you wear better pants.

Now it’s time for the searches about Creepy Gandalf Rerun Kevin the White:

Again, we’ve got the basic searches coming in, with keith evans and keith evans vocal point.  Someone else is totally missing the keith, but dude… he’s totally here.  Giving behind-the-scenes tidbits and everything!

Now, these next two terms go together, as one person wants to know totally missing the point who would you trust? and someone else was curious to known will rerun babysit baby fredette about it?

Good questions, you two!  First, we’ve already covered that Keith is totally the one to trust as a babysitter, as long as Sea World isn’t on the docket.  Now, we don’t know if Mikey will let Keith babysit Fredette-about-it (er, we mean Zoe), but he’s probably capable if the need should arise.  Just look at this adorable photo McSister #1 sent us of Keith with the child genius McNiece and his McBestie:

See?  Keith is totally great with kids.  Also keep reading into blog business for the McSister’s review of Secret Garden.

And our category winner of 12,000 points is: my favorite rerun is in vocal point.

Word.  Ours too.

And finally it’s time for that catch-all category of all things TMtP and VP-related:

Someone is totally missing the search terms win!, so we hope that you’ll strike worthless points gold this week.  Last week, a fantastic new searcher named Diana R.F. came in and kind of swept most of the points.  So, we’ll have to see how things shake out this week.  It also seemed like we had a higher-than-normal number of searches that came to us as “Unknown” so we couldn’t see what they were.  So, apologies if the internet ate your search terms this week.

We’re not sure what the searcher of sister t-shirt vocal point was looking for, but we once had a reader have her sister go to the VP concert for her (as she lives across the country) and wanted us and VP to sign a t-shirt for her, so we did:

Fun times!

Someone else was looking for just the way you are vocal point, and our review of one delightful version can be found here.  Remember?  It’s the one with the group smolder walk.

Now, we need to have a little talk with whoever searched for troi and crusher have a crush on jake.

Ugh. Awkward much?

We don’t.

You see, we are totally full of platonic blog love for these guys.  But crushes?  No. That’s not how we roll.  So let’s not search for such things, okay?  We’d hate to have to reintroduce negative points, so let’s just try to not make everyone uncomfortable.  Deal? Deal.

We hope whoever searched for vocal point concert may is going to be able to go and will let us know how they like it.  You can find more info in our post on it here.

And our category winner here is: skip the ice cream totally missing the point.

What?  Skip the ice cream?  But it was so good!  That would be totally missing the point of the Creamery!  Okay, okay, the jury is still out on German Chocolate Crunch, but we loved the ice cream we did have.  And the impromptu performance we got to see.

And now, our weekly runner-up and winner of 26,000 points is: whats mckc doin’ now???

Good question!  Last week he totally got some culture at The Secret Garden.  You’ll have to stop by TMtP tomorrow to see what he’s been up to this week!  He’s been rather busy and as a teaser we’ll tell you that he stopped by one of our favorite locations from the Sing-off.

We’ve reached the point in the post where we get to give one lucky searcher 40,000 completely worthless TMtP blog points for being the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner.  And this week, that “honor” goes to… silver gets birthday blog points from troi and crusher, best gift ever.

Happy Birthday Silver!  We hope it was great!

And props for being so darn crafty!  Of course, this probably won’t work as a way for anyone else to get points in the future, but yay you for being the first to think of doing it!

Okay, now let’s breeze through some blog business.

As promised, here is McSister #1’s review of Kevin in The Secret Garden.  Now, keep in mind, she’s a bit of a professional, so she knows what she is talking about:

Keith was fantastic. And I don’t just say that cause I happen to like the guy. His singing was stellar (duh).  His Yorkshire accent (which is possibly one of the hardest of all accents to pull off  – and I am brutal when it comes to accents) was brilliant. But what I was truly impressed by was his acting. I 100% believed he was a delightful groundskeeper who went about making things grow and casting charms with a magic stick. Not to mention the sheer awesome factor his hair brought to the stage. Moment of note: the bloodhound choice. Yes, I’ll just leave it at that…  🙂

Well, yay Keith(!) for being so awesome!  But boo for us ( 😦 ) for not being able to see it.

Alright, we also promised some more Trevor fashion commentary, and that can be found in this video from ReMix Vocal Academy.

Just looked at his confusion starting at 1:40, as he tries to comprehend why Robert would want to wear khaki shorts.  There may be an eye roll and bemused look to camera involved, too.  Followed by some great singing, of course.  ReMix will also be announcing the winner of the private voice lesson with Dean Kaelin tomorrow, so that’s kind of exciting, too.

We’re so appreciative of the people who have left comments and emailed us about providing TMtP with info from the Memorial Day concert, and if there are more of you out there, we’d love to hear from you too!

Remember to vote in our poll for new swag concepts.  You can head right on over to Poll Land to vote.  And here’s another look at the new shirts we’ve already put in the store.

And remember, Spreadshirt (the company that makes the swag so we don’t have to touch real things like money or shirts) is having a special right now: free shipping if you spend $30 with promo code MOTHERSDAY12 through May 8th.

And finally, a bit of a programming note: we’ll be taking Sunday off this week for a couple of reasons.  First, we’re just going to try it out to see if that’s a good schedule to go with for the summer.  There will likely be less material coming in, so we want to make sure we can keep this little train of a blog chugging along through for the next few months.  Also, this is a particularly good week to start, since Troi is currently on a trip out West, so we’ll have to be more judicious with our blogging time anyway.  We just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so you aren’t surprised when Sunday comes and goes without a new post.

Have a great night, everybody!

-Troi and Crusher


6 Responses to Making it rain blog points, plowing through some business, and a quick programming note

  1. Keith says:

    McSister #1 was way nice in her review – I have always been worried the bloodhound didn’t read well with the audience, but now I can put my fears to rest!
    Also, seeing those Tanner faces is kind of a shock, as hasn’t done many goofy faces for a long time (the Honey Badger was too cool to make faces) 🙂

  2. Fredette about it says:

    Tanner doesn’t know….and what’s mckc doing’ we’re mine. In West Texas we love any kind of rain but blog point rain most of all!

  3. Silver says:

    Ah, thanks for the birthday blog points!!!! A gift that keeps on giving.

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