Fav Moments: The Tyler Weeble Wobble

Okay, so this particular fav moment has already been mentioned briefly on the blog, but we’ve decided to let it shine all on its own because we love it so much. It is at the beginning of this video (from the Youtube of CorinneRDavis):

Obviously, doing a performance analysis on “Beat It” made us fondly recall this gem, and so did, in a roundabout way, BYU’s commencement a week-and-a-half ago.

You see, being the dedicated bloggers we are (hey, if we’re going to be the worst bloggers ever, we should at least be dedicated, right?), we decided to watch the commencement online, holding out the tiniest bit of hope that we would somehow spot someone relevant to TMtP and could grab a quick screencap.  Of course, it became clear just a few minutes in that there were entirely too many graduates for that to feasibly happen, but we still watched, just in case.  Hey, once you commit to something, you have to follow through, right?

In order to do so, we had to sign up for BYUtv.  Dude!  Did you guys know that they play an episode of the Billy Ray Cyrus classic “Doc” everyday?  Television gold, we tell ya.  Anyway, we also thought to check their archives to see if there were any nuggets of VP goodness we had somehow missed.  What we found was a news archive of this clip, with one startling omission: The Tyler Weeble-Wobble was gone!

Now, admittedly, we had been a little dismayed upon first finding the clip on Youtube (way back when) that they had left his little balance check in the segment.  But to see that it was actually cut from the broadcast?  That was a shock to our systems we weren’t quite prepared for.  So, we scurried over to Youtube to confirm that this magical moment still existed on the interwebs.  Thankfully, it did.  And so, after covering the epicness of “Beat It” yesterday, it seems like an opportune time to celebrate this fav moment.

Before we do, though, we should probably explain a little about why this particular moment is a favorite of ours. You see, readers, we rarely see Tyler looking anything but cool. Aside from when he’s eating a trumpet sammich, of course. So to see this moment, when he nearly topples over, is both hilarious and adorable. Plus, his little “oh no!” giggle to himself just makes us happy.

Now, the moment is right at the beginning of the clip, but we’ve gone ahead and gif’d it for you anyway, because we want to watch it over and over again (er, we mean we want you to be able to watch it over and over again… 😉 ).

And guess what? It gets even better — there’s even a hidden gem within this hidden gem!  If you look closely (it’s slightly obscured by the “MakeAGIF” logo, so check the video if you need to), you can see that the Honey Badger also starts to lose his balance.  He manages to keep his in check, though.  Not so much over on stage right.  Look at the video, and as they move further into the song you can even see Mikey and Ben trying to not smile at Tyler’s almost-tumble, all while the front triumvirate remains unaware of the hilarity.  Luckily, we can all enjoy it together now.

Over and over again.

-Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to Fav Moments: The Tyler Weeble Wobble

  1. Phan says:

    Mikey may have been trying to not smile, but Ben seems to be giving in to the giggles and its hilarious. I love how you catch these little snippets of goodness and point them out to us T&C. Thanks.

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