Searchin’ the days away and exciting news over on TCaR

May 31, 2012

Hey everybody!  It’s Thursday (we know, weird right… Monday holidays always throw us off for the rest of the week, too), so that means it is time for search terms, blog points, and business.  Let’s hop to it.

Hop, hop, hop.

Okay, a refresher in case you’ve forgotten: category winners get 12,000 TMtP blog points, the weekly runner-up gets 26,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly search term winner gets 40,000 fabulously worthless points.

Let’s kick things off with the searches about everyone’s favorite street vocal percussionist, Tanner:

A couple of basic searches start us off, with the spelling-challenged finding us with tanner nillson, and the Scripps-ready getting here with tanner nilsson.  Someone else decided to reference this post, and declared tanner nilsson almost too street for vocal point.

Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s what he meant, too.  😉  Also agreeing with this line of thought?  The searcher of honey badger vocal point style.  He certainly brings a stylish edge to the Vocal Point proceedings when given a chance.  We mean, we still think this ensemble was a fantastic choice:

So, we’re definitely going to miss the style Tanner brings to VP when he finishes up in a couple of months.  But don’t worry, our category winner here is on to something.  Here at TMtP, we will always be a honey badger appreciation society.

Okay, now it’s time for the category of all things relating to TCaR and REMIX:

Both byu “remix academy” and vocal point byu “remix academy” got people to us, and perhaps that’s due to the quotes excluding the all-important word “vocal.”  But we’ll pop you right on over to the ReMix Vocal Academy official website, where you can find answers to all sorts of questions.

Now, if it’s made-up information you’re seeking about REMIX the group, well then, you’ll want to head over to TCaR, our little baby of a blog, where we’re chronicling the beginnings of this new a cappella sensation.  (What?  Too soon to call it a sensation?  We don’t think so!)  So, some of you have already played a bit on TCaR, and gave us some fabulous searches with troi and crusher take the wheel of tcar remix, troi and crusher ‘s tcar is snark fueled, and the category winner troi & crusher tsars of tcar. Yes!  We’ve always wanted to be tsars!  Sweet!

In the Let’s Brush Quickly by the Brothers We Can’t Talk about because We Get So Many Searches For Them category:

Winning the points and the only mention from the category is:  tmtp ageless wonder jakebert

Yup, we proved it once before, and it’s safe to say it’s still true.

Jakebert just never gets old.

Next up, we have the McButters category that got a little weird this week:

See, someone was all about trying to pin down McCrockett’s personal life this week.  Each of the following searches came in multiple times, and we’re not sure why someone kept coming back to our blog, as if we’d magically have the answers they couldn’t find fifteen minutes before.  But anyway, here are the answers to your searches: byu vocal point mckay crockett wife (nope), byu vocal point mckay crockett married (no), byu vocal point mckay crockett ring (not the kind you’re thinking of), byu vocal point mckay crockett baby girl (just nieces), byu vocal point mckay crockett baby boy (only nephews), byu vocal point mckay crockett baby (still no), and byu vocal point mckay crockett girlfriend (well finally, a yes).  With McPermission, we can say that there is indeed a McGirlfriend.  And not only is she just the nicest person ever, today also happens to be her birthday.  So, happy birthday, McGirlfriend!

Okay, so winning the category is mcbutters makes that shirt look good.


And now it’s time for a small selection of Random searches:

Someone wanted to know who the vocal sport winners were.  Well, not sure why you came to us, but we can link you to this video that has all of the March winners.  Of course, we can tell you how awesome one of the winners is, and that’s because he’s one of the New New Guys who will be in Vocal Point in the fall.  We’re talking, of course, of dear old Scoot.  That kid is cool.  He even has a song from “The Land Before Time” on his ReverbNation page.  So much win.

Less win, though, goes to the searcher of starlight express makeup natural.  Um, we’re not sure you could do a minimalist version of “Starlight Express.”  Why would anyone want to see that?  If you’re going to see that hot mess, this is what you want and expect:

Seeing “Starlight Express” with natural make-up would probably bring the same kind of disappoint as the searcher who was looking for rockapella but found TMtP.  Don’t get us wrong, we love Rockapella, but yeah… not so much what we talk about.

And winning the category points is hunger games vp. It makes us laugh so much to know that someone was probably trying to find out who was the vice-president in Hunger Games, but instead found out just how Vocal Point and the Hunger Games fit together. You’re welcome or we’re sorry, whichever you feel is more appropriate.

Of course, we’ve got a good selection of Jake searches for y’all today.

Someone out there was wondering how you call people who tell jokes? You mean, hilarious jokes that make people laugh like this?

Well, here at TMtP we call them “Hunker Down.” Or maybe “OF Jake” or even “Jakeicles” and sometimes just “jake hunsaker”  So… you have options. 🙂

Even though it’s been a month, the birthday vibes keep on flowing, with birthday jake and happy birthday jake bringing people here.  We’re sort of equal parts in love with and disgusted by the search for jake hunsaker hunker down forecast spit showers.  Funny and yet gross.

And winning the Jake category this week is jake’s jokes alaska edition.  Oh, we loved it so much.

Our final category this week is the catch-all for things related to TMtP and VP:

Someone searched for tmtp videography legend papa sterling, and it’s true, he is a legend.  And a mythical creature at this point.

The search for troi in a cowboy hat most likely wasn’t for us (we’re guessing a misspelling of Cowboy Troy since he was on DWTS last week), but it made us giggle, so we threw it in here.

For those searching for totally missing the vp memorial concert, vocal point memorial day concert, and vocal point memorial day, we hope you’re pleased with what we’ve offered so far.  There’s plenty more to come.  Give us time to get through all of the material (plus, we gotta have something to stretch out over the summer!).

Now, for whoever searched for waiting for youtube clips of vp delilah and pentatonix concert — thank you for being patient, we got them to you as fast as we could!  Our super-helpers were way fast, and we turned the links over to you as quickly as we could, given the realities of life.  And we’re still totally in love with this video Michelle got the guys to do.

They’re just so tired and loopy, poor guys.  Such good sports, those ones.

And winning the category points is totally missing the point university:snark capital of the world. Ooh, the capital?  We like the sound of that!

Okay, now it’s time for his week’s runner-up and winner of 26,000 points.  This week that honor goes to: papa sterling birthday wishes.  Why?  Because it made us laugh.  And it gives us another excuse to post a picture of his cake.

And now, this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of 40,000 redeemable-for-nothing TMtP blog points is…

totally missing the point: rerun’s spats while gaston spits.

Mad props to this searcher for combining such a variety of blog jokes into one term.  Go you!

And now it’s business time!

First up, the guys got a little feature on one of the Salt Lake Tribune blogs. It’s a quick highlight of the Remix Vocal Academy camp coming up in July (which, you totally still have time to audition for if you’re interested, just head over to the website). And as an added bonus… Hey, Kevin! It’s your favorite game!  Spot the typo! 😉 😉

Now, speaking of Remix… wait. No. Not ReMix Vocal Academy. REMIX the group. Are you guys sure we can’t make “Beyond the Point” happen?  Just for clarity’s sake?  No?  Anyway, there are some exciting things going on for them right now, so scooch on over to TCaR and check out our newest post on the latest REMIX news!

And finally, Keith’s show at the Hale in Orem closes this weekend.  It appears that the last five performances (wait, five shows over two days?!?!? Are they trying to kill you, Keith?  That’s crazy!) are all sold out, so we hope everyone that wanted to see it got the chance to.  Congrats on a great run, buddy!

Alright, that’s all we’ve got for now, but keep checking in here on TMtP, as we’ve got some exciting stuff heading your way soon!

-Troi and Crusher


SCERA Concert – See the New Guys Bring It

May 30, 2012

Super huge thank yous go out to all of you who keep sending us stuff from the Memorial Day concert!  You guys are just the best!

Today we’re going to feature two fabulous photos that show how the New Guys brought their A-game when tasked with keeping up with the Sing-off group.

First up, we have this photo sent to us by the fabulous fromsandytoo (70,000 blog points for the fantastic pictures and hilarious account we can’t wait to share in the near future!).  Here we can see Beaker raising the standard, or at least, raising his leg.

Hmm… what does that remind us of?

Oh yes…


You’re on your way, Beaker, on your way.  Someone has to step up with McButters’ impending departure.  Just work on straightening the support leg a bit more and you’ll be hitting a level 10 right angle in no time.

And darling Michelle not only provided fantastic videos, she also snapped some photos that reveal another important moment.

Trevor is now capable of executing the Trevortastic Stare while singing.  AND smiling.  We had no idea the Trevortastic Stare was such a multi-tasker! This combo move could become downright legendary. At least, it will if we have anything to do with it.

Nice work, New Guys!

-Troi and Crusher

PS — This is our 200th post here on TMtP!!!! Can you believe it?? We can’t!  Wow.  Thanks to all of you who make this blog such a fun place!!

First bits of goodness from the SCERA concert!

May 29, 2012

Oh our goodness (first person plural still sounds so weird sometimes, y’all), you guys, a totally epic concert went down in Orem last night.  And there’s video to prove it.

First, though, a huge, massive, Mega-Gigantor-sized thank you goes out to those of you who are helping the rest of us not fortunate enough to be there in person by providing video, photos, and your accounts of the evening.  It is so, so appreciated.

We have a bunch of material to get through (Yay for new material!), so we’ll ask everyone to be a little patient as we work our way through all of the gems.  We don’t want to rush and skim over things that truly deserve the full-on TMtP experience.

That being said, we know everyone is just itching to see what happened.  Our fabulous reader Michelle came through in a major way (we’re not sure there’s enough worthless blog points to repay her for all she’s given, but we’ll go with 80,000 for now).  She’s uploaded videos of many of the songs to Youtube, so we’ll start everything off by linking to those.  Now, don’t be surprised if we revisit a lot of these in the future for full-on analyses — we totally plan on dissecting every McButtery bit of goodness and busting out the magnifying glass looking for splayed limbs.  But everyone should be able to see these now and start enjoying them.

So on Michelle’s Youtube channel there is: The Way You Look Tonight, No Not Much, Jump, Jive, an’ Wail, Every Little Step, Dare You to Move, and Footloose.  She’s also given us a great written account and some photos that we will be utilizing in future posts, so be on the lookout for that goodness.

Now, that was actually VP’s second time starting “Footloose.”  You see, the first time they started, there was a bit of an “Oh crumbcake” moment.  Massive, massive feedback issues that, after trying to push through, eventually led the guys to take a pause to let the sound engineers re-group.  Being the pros they are, VP handled it with humor and grace, and started back up with their usual aplomb.

What caused the sound issues, you may ask?  Well, you can choose to believe that it was simply a case of accidentally leaving on the second set of microphones for the night, which led to crazy interference.  But we have another theory.  See, dear, dear Jake Hunsaker was still making the trek from Alaska when sound check occurred.  So someone stood in for him.  We think that this may have led the sound engineers to naively set the system for “Humans Only,” not taking into account the unique qualities Hunker Down brings to a performance.  So while it seems like it was all systems go, it was actually system overload once Jakeicles hit the stage.  After a the brief pause to reset the system for “Humans and Being a Human is Hard,” everything was good. 🙂

Oh!  Michelle got one more fantastic video for us.  She stood in line at the after-show signing for an hour to get this gem for those of us at TMtP.

Yup, that’s some of Vocal Point giving a big ol’ blog shout out.  Okay, so it seems like they’re just shouting in general, but we’ll take it!

Alright, is that enough to get us started?  Again, a big thank you to everyone who has sent in material so far.  We have some additional videos we will work on uploading and we’d love to hear from even more of you with your impressions of the show.  It truly sounds like everyone had a blast!

-Troi and Crusher

UPDATE: We just found this video of God Bless the USA uploaded by Prince Trevortastic’s sister.  This completes the videos of VP’s set.

Is it any surprise who mans the grill at a VP cook-out?

May 28, 2012





🙂 🙂

We hope all of you are having a fantastic Memorial Day.  Those of you who are going to the SCERA concert — have fun!  We can’t wait to hear all about it!

And before we bounce, here’s a little VP tribute in honor of the day (from mrsmorgan22’s Youtube).

(So that’s basically just touching and whatnot, but there is one little tidbit of funny — poor Australian Ben, gamely playing along.)

-Troi and Crusher

The Sartorial Summer Adventures of McKay and McKC

May 26, 2012

The cool kids club of those who own a McButters shirt just got a pretty special new McMember.   This most excellent fashion choice was part of a his graduation gift from McSister #1, and from the look on his face, this made him way excited.  Well, as excited as he normally is.  Which is way excited.

That’s right, McKay Crockett is now the proud (very proud!) owner of his very own McButters shirt. We don’t think they come in McKC’s size, but he still seems pretty thrilled that his summertime bestie has one to rock out in. 🙂 🙂

-Troi and Crusher