Happy Birthday, Original Flavor Jake!

Jake! It’s your birthday! 🙂

Okay everybody, let’s all join in and wish our favorite future newscaster (oh please, can’t that be true?) a VERY happy birthday!

Also, we decided to whip up a shirt in order to commemorate this most awesome of days (don’t be scared):

And guess what, Jake?  Today you get to be totally swanky.

That’s right, not a hint of Creepy Jake anywhere in this post!

Of course, you know guys… it just wouldn’t be Hunsaker’s birthday if we didn’t have a little mini-celebration of how hard it is to be human. So, how can we make this work with the Creepy Ban?  Wait!  We’ve got it!  Jake, consider this our blog-gift to you.  Or consider it ammo if these guys ever try to give you sass about the whole “Creepy Jake” thing.  Either way.  We went 2010-2011 with this one, since they were the main culprits in egging on the Creepy.  Here we go:

For Ross:

Sometimes having your head and body line up without pain like a human is hard.

For Tyler:

Sometimes miming a trumpet like a human is hard, especially when all you really want is a sammich.

For Robert:

Sometimes walking without leaning as if traveling uphill like a(n undead) human is hard.

For Ben:

Sometimes keeping up with the crossovers like a human is hard.

For Mikey:

Sometimes not bowlegged walking while scratching your sides like a human is hard.

For Tanner:

Sometimes having your head look like it belongs on your body and wasn’t photoshopped like a human is hard.  Are we sure he was actually there and his head wasn’t just shopped in later?

For Keith:

Sometimes fully extending incredibly long limbs while maintaining a straight-on power stance like a human is hard.

For McKay:

Sometimes not turning into a brain-eating McZombie like a human is hard.

See, Jake (and everybody) being a human is hard!  For everyone!

So today, let’s all celebrate one of our favorite delightfully human humans.

Happy Birthday, Jake!

-Troi and Crusher


12 Responses to Happy Birthday, Original Flavor Jake!

  1. Bela says:

    Happy birthday Swanky Jake 🙂
    Yes, being human is hard for everyone. T&C are so insightfully hilarious. Maybe they’re not humans

  2. Keith says:

    This is my new favorite post. 🙂 I see things in a whole new light now – from now on, we’re all affixing “Creepy” to the front of our names. I shall henceforth be “Creepy Gandalf Rerun Kevin the White.”

    • It’s amazing how we’re all a little creepy when it comes right down to it, right? 😉 And we’re loving “Creepy Gandalf Rerun Kevin the White.” CGRKtW, for short, of course. 😉

      -T and C

  3. Erin says:

    Happy birthday Original Swanky Flavor Jake! Today also happens to be my sisters birthday too, so I’m celebrating double! 😀 Yay!!

  4. Troi's Husband says:

    Happy Birthday, Hunker-down!

    • Fredette about it says:

      Exactly what I was thinking lol! Best wishes o.f. Jake on your birthday from the creepy in all of us…..

  5. Fredette about it says:

    Poor Mikey,
    They named Zoe too quick, CGRKtW fredette about it has a nice ring to it!

    • Mike says:

      bahahaha! I’m sure the nurses who took the birth certificate application would have given us a very strange look 🙂

      I love this post. Well done T & C!

  6. Tanner says:

    ok, so I’m all for having a personal creepy moment exposed…but does it make it worse that I don’t get mine? can someone help me out?

    • …your head doesn’t look like it belongs on your body. It’s because of the angle and the shadows or something, but it looks like your head was just photoshopped onto someone else. We admit it is less noticeable in this larger size, but look here at this one where we shopped Keith out — Troi originally thought the shop had been Crusher sticking your head on a random body.
      Image and video hosting by TinyPic
      If you are unsatisfied, however, we can certainly go find another creepy moment of yours. 🙂
      -T and C

  7. Tanner says:

    Ohhhhh, I see it now! 🙂

  8. yaznicole says:

    Wooo! Happy Birthday Jake!
    We’re all a little creepy sometimes.

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