Monday is a good day (for a caption contest)!

Okay, so we know that we inadvertently gave y’all a really hard pic to caption last time, so major kudos to those of you who managed to still come up with the funny.

We’re pretty sure this one should be… less challenging, shall we say?

But first, a quick little bit of back story on this particular photo: while scavenging the internet for information on the New New Guys, Crusher was Google Image searching for Adam and glancing through all of the thumbnails looking for a winner of a photo.  As she was scrolling down, the reality of one of the thumbnails hit her a few seconds after she passed it, and as she scrolled back up to look again, she thought, “Is that… Ross?

Well, yes.  Yes it was.

So have at it, folks!  Bestow your wittiest, goofiest, or head-scratchingest captions upon us in the comments section, and we’ll bestow the worthless points!  We’ll give 44,000 TMtP blog points to the winner, and dole out other points as we deem appropriate.

Here it is:

(thanks, Google Images!)


Okay, have at it, folks!

-Troi and Crusher


16 Responses to Monday is a good day (for a caption contest)!

  1. Clari says:

    “You mean to tell me that they’re ‘raising the height’ of Vocal Point?! Was I not good enough for them?”

  2. Sarnic Dirchi says:

    “I sense a new McPlot hatching in these hills.”

  3. Granite says:

    “Well shoot dang. That half-hitched hawse ‘a mine done skedaddled off with my saddle bags full of awesome. I reckon it was mighty wise ‘a me to pack some of my awesome here on my vest.”

  4. petch says:

    Is this grass halucigenic or has the whole world gone tilted…..hmmmmm?

  5. Fredette about it says:

    Wheat….it’s what’s for dinner or we’d have won if we wore these hats

  6. Fredette about it says:

    Better yet….I’m your huckleberry that’s just my game

  7. Erin says:

    “Are my eyebrows touching yet?”

    This one is harder than the last one. lol. 🙂

  8. Daenae says:

    Where did I leave that pitchpipe???

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