Jake’s Jokes!

Oh, Hunsaker… we can always count on you to bring the funny! Right, readers? Well Jake brought it, and brought it well at Vocal Sport. One of our favorite little gems wasn’t a regular ol’ joke, per se, but nearly had us falling out of our chairs with Jake’s flawless delivery.

During some emcee banter, Jake told the story of the infamous lady blouses from the Elvis medley performance on the Sing-off.

Hunker Down went on to say that when they were presented with their costumes, the lady blouses were hanging up and appeared to be about “this big” (insert a gesture indicating the size of a sheet of notebook paper here).

Jake’s expression, at this point, was this mix of incredulity and indignation. And then he said…

“Do people fit in those?”


(from nbc.com)

Sadly yes, yes they do, Jake. We’re so sorry.

-Troi and Crusher


One Response to Jake’s Jokes!

  1. Bela says:

    I actually love their Elvis Presley costumes. It gave them a more rugged look and it fit the theme. However, I had no idea they were lady blouses- that would have been funny, rocking with those in jail. Tyler and Ross were sure brave enough have this picture taken.

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