Podcast #5: Wrapping it up by turning the tables

In this final installment of our TMtP podcast series, we let Keith turn the tables and ask us the questions.  Seemed only fair, given the number of questions we’ve lobbed at the poor guy over the life of the blog.  Of course, he (quite naturally) asks us for our opinions on Vocal Point, so it’s really more of the same goodness you’ve come to expect.  We’ll admit that, unlike with VP, we do play favorites with our podcast segments, and this one is right up there with the very first segment in terms of how much we like it.

After we finished recording, Keith had to leave for a prior commitment, and then McStudioWizard began the arduous task of turning our ramblings into something resembling actual podcasts.  It took a lot of concentration on his part, as evidenced here:

And eventually reinforcements had to be brought in.  And by reinforcements we mean McCheez-its.  At a certain point, we were all tired and giddy enough that this McButters-and-his-henchmen photo seemed like a good idea:

And yes, Crusher had to stand on a ledge to make sure her head would be out of the frame.  And Troi’s shirt is totally a way cuter (and gender-appropriate) version of the horrible lady blouses.  And McKay is wearing the shiny suit pants from the November concerts. This photo is just a fountain of information, isn’t it?  And that’s without even going into just how tired-in-the-eyes poor McButters looks.  Such a trooper, that one.

Anyway, McKay was able to work his magic on the forty or so minutes of us and Kevin just cracking ourselves up and produced the five segments we have now.  Again, a million thanks to both him and Keith for indulging us and helping with this little blog experiment and surprise.

Here it is, Part 5:

And here are some links that may be of interest to you:

-Previous podcasts: Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

-The first mention of Uno Lady on the blog

-The post where we discovered Uno Lady exists beyond a poster

-The Day 2 recap where we talk of going on our Clari-tour and meeting Uno Lady in person

And… here she is again, our favorite making-up-stuff tour guide, Clari!

We hope you all have enjoyed our series of TMtP podcasts, or at least have gotten a giggle our of our ineptitude. 😉

-Troi and Crusher


6 Responses to Podcast #5: Wrapping it up by turning the tables

  1. Silver says:

    Please find a way to do that again. Please.

  2. Clari says:

    Bahahahahaha. I think that particular Friday ranks as one of the best Fridays this school year. The looks that people gave us… Priceless.

  3. Erin says:

    Awwwww. I’m gonna miss the podcasts (or podacsts, if you’re me when you’re not watching out 😉 ). Maybe this means that you need to go back to Provo for another blog-cation, perhaps? Or a Texas Tour? 😉 And McKay, I’m surprised you’re not wearing a skinny tie with those shiny suit pants. 😀

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