Dear Keith

Dear Keith,

So here’s the thing.  TMtP is a mess. A glorious mess, but a still a mess — full of complicated jokes that have developed over months, a confusing labyrinth of made-up information (some of which turned out to truly reflect reality, and some of which has strangely become reality) and direct source material, and a history more complicated than some Eastern European countries.  We recently realized that if a new reader came to the blog, they would likely be overwhelmed trying to figure out… everything.  In which case, they would probably click on over to our “About” page to see just what the what is up with TMtP.  That’s kind of a problem.  Because our “About” page hasn’t been updated since the first week of the blog.  You see, part of it still says,

We’re going to blog our musings, with no intention of anyone aside from the two of us ever reading them. Just throwing it all out into the ether.

And it has this pic of us:

Which is all fine and dandy, except… other people besides the two of us do read the blog now.  Including many of the members of Vocal Point.  Which has changed the dynamic of TMtP in strange and wonderful ways.  We mean, this happened:

[Here is where we wish we could insert a headless picture of us with you, but sadly, we all failed to remember to take that, or any photo of the three of us, while in Provo.  We’ll use this as a substitute, since you and McKay are the same guy.]

Clearly, we’re due for an update around here.

But TMtP isn’t just about what we write.  It’s about the community.  And so it seems impossible for the two of us to write an “About” page that fully encapsulates the TMtP experience.  We need someone to help fill in the other side of the story.  And who better than you, Keith?  After all, you were our very first commenter.  We know you’re up to the task. 😉

So, we’re going to start off a draft of our new “About” page, and we’d like you to pick up where we leave off and offer your side of the story.  Possible things to include could be: your first impression upon finding the blog, how the news of the blog spread around to those you know, your favorite “Dear Keith,” your thoughts about our Provo adventure, and what you see as being the future of TMtP.  Or, you know, whatever you want, really.  You know we’ll always happily (nay, giddily) accept made-up information too.  Once you’ve written your spiel, we’ll come back and wrap it all up in a big ol’ wonky blog-bow.  Okay, here we go:


Two sisters who watched way too much of The Sing-off on Youtube over Thanksgiving. Vocal Point quickly became our favorite group, even though they were no longer on the show. We had planned to blog our musings, with no intention of anyone aside from the two of us ever reading them. We were just throwing it all out into the ether. Mostly because we were cracking ourselves up with our own ridiculousness. But then something weird happened.  The people we were blogging about started participating in the blog shenanigans.  And so did their numerous and wonderful fans.  And although we thought we weren’t creepy enough to go to Provo, we learned that we were wrong about that fact, and we took a blog-cation to Utah that exceeded all reasonable expectations.  We got to meet all kinds of readers and even our blog subjects, and now we have this fun little niche of a blog that has become bigger than we ever thought possible.

But let’s backtrack for a moment, all the way back to the beginning.  You see, once Vocal Point had become our favorite group from the Sing-off, we started watching their videos.  A lot.  With multiple rewatchings.  And we started making up things about the guys in the group.  Like… just made stuff up.  We just decided that we thought this guy’s personality was like this, and that guy probably acts like that, and so on and so on.  So when we started blogging, we just took all of our made-up information and dumped it on TMtP.  We thought that if anyone ever found it, they might get a laugh at the expense of our silliness, and then wander away to another, more factual source of information.  A friend of ours asked if she could post the link to the blog on the Vocal Point Facebook page, and we were all like, “Sure, why not?” not knowing how the course of the blog would be forever changed in just nine minutes.

Meanwhile, in Provorem…

(And here’s where you take over, Keith.  Just go to town with whatever you want.  Write as much as you want, and we’ll finish up the rest).

Thanks! You’re the best!

-Troi and Crusher


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  1. Could Vocal Point be cooler? says:

    Has Keith responded to this yet?

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