A day late and more than a little factual information short! But here are the search terms (and you readers are hilarious!)

How’s everybody doing this fine Friday evening?  Announcing the results of the poll early this week has our TMtP schedule a little off, but today we’re coming at you with the freshest in search terms and blog business.

Let’s dive right into the search terms, shall we?  This week, in honor of the tax refunds we hope everyone got, we’re giving out some extra points for each winner.  So, category winners will each receive 14,000 TMtP blog points.  The weekly runner-up will get 31,000 of the worthless points, and What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) weekly winner will receive 42,000 TMtP points.

Alright, you’ve probably all seen the results of the latest poll and know that McButters is the most McSpecialest Snowflake all summer long.  So, here in the category of McFavorite:

Some of y’all went for a straightforward approach, googling some of the best McNicknames featured in the McPlot.  So we had mcgetsmyway, mcarteryclogger (from the comments), and mcwaymad (a McName dubbed by the McMan himself in the comments).

Another couple of searchers went similarly old school, but they drew upon this gem, with one of them searching for cheezits make you adorable and someone else searching / commenting that cheezits campaign totally missing.

Okay, so we totally did our part in kicking off the ad campaign, but things have been pretty stagnant since then.  Now, to be fair, it’s been a crazy couple of months for everyone. Here’s what we’re thinking… perhaps a certain McSomeone should confer with his new best buddy McKC to come up with a McCheez-its-related shenanigan during the summer. You know… just throwing that out there.

Aside from the direct and to the point (or shall we say “piont”) search of mckay totally missing the piont, we also had some people who were focused in on the campaign for summer favorite.  So we had searches for vote for mccrockett summer 2012, and mccrockett for president! or at least summer favorite (wow! that’s aiming high! and then readjusting expectations… good job).

Now this next search term had us simultaneously confused and delighted.  Someone found TMtP by searching for mckay crockett agriculture and science.  What does that even mean?  We can’t even begin to imagine what they were looking for!  Okay, that’s a lie.  We have really great imaginations and we can totally imagine what they were looking for.  And in our imaginations, it’s something along these lines:

What? Our imaginations are great, but also kind of weird.

Anyway, the category winner here is this week is the week mcbutters will finally win the polls!  For your boldness and accuracy in your prediction, dear searcher, you get the points!

And now it’s time for everybody’s favorite unrelated, yet never departing category of the Savages:

Lots of the usual searches we’ve come to expect from the apparently-diehard, but most likely-disappointed Savage brother fans: savage brothers, will friedle 2012, ben savage 2012, fred and ben savage brothers, will friedle twitter, will friedle, and ben savage brother.

Someone wanted to know is jake short related to ben savage, and as far as we can tell, the answer to that is no.  But you know who Ben Savage is related to?  Yep. That’s right…


And then someone wanted to know is fred and ben savage twins? Well, first of all, a certain Mr. Keith Evans may want to have a chat with you regarding your grammar, but to answer your question, no, the Savages are not twins.  You know who are in fact twins, though?


Now, some of y’all might be all, “Troi and Crusher, do you have to post Jakebert every week?”  To answer that, we will refer you to the winner in this category and say: jakebert never gets old.

Let’s move on to the category where the searchers were looking for something, but it was clearly Not Us:

You guys know what’s almost as popular as the Savage brothers?  Judging by the number of searches we get, that would be beef jerky (and beef_jerky). So, here ya go:

We try to give the people what they want. Even if we’re not sure why they want it… or why they click on our blog when they’re looking for it.

You know, we can’t imagine that the searchers of koosh ball (we’ll spare y’all the pic of the ugly shoes this week), campo verde high school auditorium, or campaign wars (doubt they were looking for the campaign wars of a bunch of college guys trying to convince blog readers to vote for them to be the favorites of a couple of bloggers… but that’s just a guess) left TMtP satisfied.

Now, the searcher of dartmouth aires may have been momentarily excited if they read our first post, because we kind of said we would talk about other groups, such as the Aires, from time to time, in order to avoid being too creepy.  But we also said we weren’t creepy enough to go to Provo, and we all know how that turned out.  So, here, we’ll give you the one picture of the Aires we’ve had on the blog.

Which, can you guys imagine how different this blog would be if the Aires had somehow become our favorite from the Sing-off instead of Vocal Point?  Kind of scary to think about, isn’t it?  We can’t imagine that Hanover would have been nearly as awesome and meteorologically pleasant as Provo in March.

And now for the winner of this category we have: who hates jeff thacher?  Hmm… we honestly don’t know.  We love that guy. Rockapella is awesome.  And it’s not like we’re looking for any sort of vocal percussion battle royale event, where we would have to choose between our loyalty to the Honey Badger and Mr. Thacher.

We can (and do) support them both.  So… yeah.

Okay, now we’ve got some searches for things relating to General VP-ness:

We sort of scratched our heads at the intent behind the search for what does vocal point mean during singing.  The searcher of im getting nuttin for christmas vocal point at least probably saw the video (you’re welcome!), but we felt bad for whoever was looking for i’m gettin nuttin for christmas lyrics vocal point (we’re sorry!).  Although we did do a pretty awesome job dictating Jake’s bb gun tangent in our analysis of that number.  Here, in case you’ve forgotten it:

I shot a pigeon with my BB gun, and another thing about it is that it’s timeless and knocked down a telephone pole, and it’s a classic for a reason and landed on some guys bellbottoms and the hair is gone we’re gonna keep singing it and he swerved and hit a fire hydrant causing millions of water damage to surrounding properties and it’s fun to hear and it’s more fun to do and I may or may not have spent the night in jail.

But as for the rest of the song, we can’t really help you.  Keith did tell us all in the comments that Buck was the primary writer of that gem, but we don’t have access to a lyric sheet or anything.

And the winner of this category is vocal points blogging friends.  At first we were all “Who are they? Vocal Point has friends who blog? Wait? Do they mean us?” And then we realized that we were called VP’s “good friends” in their post about the blog on their Facebook wall (timeline? Do we have to call it timeline now?  Oh, crumbcake.).  Which, by the way, was a totally awesome and unexpected surprise!  Thanks, guys!  Just to clarify, we’re the kind of friends who tease and make up things about each other, right?

And now we have a category that we were surprised to see make a reappearance on the blog: LOTR:

Basically, just a lot of people were looking for Lord of the Rings character information and happened to stumble upon our blog.  Sorry about that.  But do go read that Dear Keith, because it’s hilarious!

So we can’t be of a whole lot of help to the searchers of aragorn legolas, gimli, boromir memes,  and frodo and aragorn.  But we do have a little something special for the category winner: gimli merry.  Here’s our favorite set of photos from TMtP’s version of those Fellowship characters (Tyler is Gimli and Rossface is Merry, remember?).

Love those boys.  And love the Papa Sterling-shot footage!

And now it’s time for our searches that were All About Hunsaker:

The excitement of having O.F. Jake comment on the blog led to an avalanche of searches for him this week, including: hunker down hunsaker, creepy jake, and human jake gives some great rossface.

He does!

Then there was also jake joke (love them all), because jake hunsaker lights up when he talks about his mrs., we love him (It’s true! And he should, she’s awesome! And she didn’t go all street on us in Provo, so yay!), and bb gun tangents bell bottoms gut laughing in class.

Yup, we still have to remind ourselves that that really happened, too. 🙂

Then we had a couple of Jake-related questions, starting with: totally missing the point important o.f. jake question: is robake the only evil twin or does the whole group have on in a group called vocal pointe?

Okay… here’s the thing.  Robake isn’t actually Jake’s evin twin, he’s Jakebert’s evil twin.  Key difference there.  We’re pretty sure Jake’s real twin is a perfectly delightful human (at one point we were pretty sure he was a perfectly delightful human with two souls, but that’s all in the past now).  So we’re fairly certain we don’t have to be on the lookout for Vocal Pointe.  We’ll keep our eyes open though, don’t you worry.

Someone else wanted to know: who is jake in the sing off season 3?

Oh boy, oh no.  Please, please, please don’t think you can find factual information on our blog.  Oh Jake.  We’re so sorry.

We’re not sorry about the winner in this category, though, because it’s a downright classic: hunker down with vocal point…being human is hard.

That search term made us think of this photo, which is totally one of our faves.  O.F. Jake is simultaneously hunkering down and finding that being a human is hard, all in one magical moment.

Okay, now we’ve arrived at searches that probably weren’t for us, but that we feel slightly more qualified to answer, or Close, We Can Try to Help:

Someone wanted to know about yellow suspenders for men.  Well… we’re not fans.  And the Street One agrees with us.

Let’s just move on.

Someone else wanted to know wheree can you buy those swag shirts? Hmm… you probably weren’t looking for our shirts, but they are pretty fly, so you can head to our Swag page for more information, or just head on over to Spreadshirt to pick yourself up some TMtP sartorial splendor.

Next, someone was curious about weird things to do in provo. Well, we could probably write a dissertation on that one.  On the top of our list would be going to make friends with Uno Lady, and from there, taking on the challenge of the McBrilliant list (each item on the list isn’t weird on its own, but turning the whole thing into a photo scavenger hunt is the sort of weird you can only find here at TMtP).  But we’re still Provo-newbies.  So, does anyone else have suggestions for this searcher?

And winning this category is the searcher looking for: reviews of remix vocal academy.


(It hasn’t happened yet.)


(There can’t be any reviews yet.)

But we love a challenge and making stuff up, so if we had to guess, we’re going to say it’s going to be awesome.  We mean, it’s got these guys:

So that bodes well for its awesome-potential.

Alright, is everybody ready to delve into the Special Snowflakes category?

So, we had searches for dear keith (our latest podcast was one!), poor kevin, and totally missing kevin’s snark.
He’s still pretty snarky, isn’t he?  We mean, we gave him carte blanche to choose any question and answer for his in-studio Dear Keith, and the boy chose to tell a story on himself, instead of something that emphasized his awesomeness.  That may not be snarky, but it certainly is “Soooooo Keithy.”

Our past favorite champ Tanner also drew some searches, from the simple (tanner nilsson) to the hopeful (tanner earns mad tmtp votes) to the confusing (tanner is jakebert’s favourite too).

Another searcher decided they needed a little rossface sneak attack in their lives, and we feel that everyone needs more of that, so here:

Someone wanted to know about vocal point landon, and perhaps they discovered that he was the first New Guy to fall into our blog hearts.

There was some love for expressed for robert’s bass is amazing in never say never. so is tanner’s beatboxing.
And then someone felt that bobert is the point, nothing is missing (huh?).  But we completely understand and agree with whoever searched for totally missing the point overtone singing all day every day with robert.
Yes.  Make it happen, Seely.  It’s just the best.

And finally, our category winner is: where has trevor gone?

Well, um, we don’t know.  That kid sure came in with a bang, but then he chose to reign as last week’s favorite in silent contemplation.  Oh Gigantor, where have you gone?

Well, wherever he is, odds are good he’s doing the Trevortastic Stare.

And now we’ve reached our final category, those searches which are related to TMtP:

First of all, someone thought that troi and crusher should have a tmtp facebook like page.  Oh you silly searcher, we can barely keep from breaking the blog!  You really don’t want us to branch out into Facebook, do you?  Think of what a mess we could turn that into! And VP’s most recent post about the blog only got, like, seventeen likes, so we’re not sure that many people would actually want to admit they read the blog in the very public arena of Facebook. No judgment here, we blog under pseudonyms.  🙂

Someone else searched for tmtp blog formerly know as totally missing the savages.  Yup, that happened:

Another searcher wanted to know: have troi and crusher ever seen the gap khaki commercial?

Yes, we totally saw it.  Back in the 90s.  Before anyone knew better. 😉

Now, we want to know which one of y’all is still trying to make Grease happen here at TMtP by searching for tmtp summer loving poll? Come on now, you know us.  If anything, we would have had the “TMtP Cool Rider Poll.”

And the winner in the TMtP category is: oh my goodness! stupid google! how many times do i have to type “totally”, “troi and crusher”, and “vocal point” into a search before you come up with the tmtp website!!! :/

Hahaha!  We don’t know?  How many times did it take?  And what other websites could have possibly come up with those search terms??? Points for the persistence!

And now, our weekly runner-up is: troi and crusher should come to dallas for a round of uno.

Wow!  It’s our first invite to a non-Provo location!  We’ve heard great things about Dallas — it’s probably a wonderful place to play a card game.  Maybe we should do a TMtP road trip and go play Uno all over the country.  Oh wait, no — better idea!  Straight No Chaser (originators of “12 Days / Africa“) are doing a fan cruise this year.

We can think of another a cappella group that should do the same thing!  We’re just sayin’, we’re going to keep pushing for the 2010-2011 group reunion (okay, okay, the New Guys can come too) for, well… forever.

And now, we’ve reached the point of the post where we announce this week’s winner of the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae)!  And it is: mccrockett is our favourite!

You win because it’s true!  All of you readers voted, and McButters will reign for all of summer as our favorite!  He’s already cooking up some fun things to do, so… yay!

And now let’s hit a couple of items of blog business:

You may have seen on their Facebook page that Vocal Point had some auditions this week for vocal percussionists.  We can’t wait to see what the results will be!  Make sure to check us out once things are officially announced for our all of our made-up thoughts on the New New Guys.

ReMix has a neat opportunity, seen here:

So go to their official website for more information. We’re pretty sure we’ve already established that you shouldn’t look for legit information here at TMtP.

Most of you are probably aware that the flippy hair Keith was sporting at the concert when we met him is for the show he’s doing at the Hale Center Theater Orem.  Well, The Secret Garden starts previews tonight, so let’s all wish him well and broken legs and all that jazz and whatnot.

Alright everybody, have a safe and fabulous weekend!

-Troi and Crusher


10 Responses to A day late and more than a little factual information short! But here are the search terms (and you readers are hilarious!)

  1. Keith says:

    Now that my hair has grown out for months, it’s finally looking the way it was originally intended to, as opposed to how it was at the concert 🙂

  2. Tanner says:

    Wow! Me and Jeff Thacher, best picture EVER.

  3. Fredette about it says:

    Claiming my points for hunker down…being human is hard. Good luck and God bless with your show Mr. Keith.

  4. karen says:

    I am claiming my points for “This week is the week McButters will finally win the polls!” and… also the one about google. Haha. Sorry about that. And I can’t really remember how many times it took or what I was trying to search for. I think it kept coming up with Star Trek blogs or something. Probably because it somehow knows that I am also a Star Trek fan. 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    There is so much to love about this post, it’s hard to pick a favorite part. Not to mention the happy memories at seeing the old Gap commercial again (though I was partial to the West Side Story one myself). Though I wish I could claim the search for McKay Crockett agriculture and Science, alas I can not. But I do claim “bb gun tangents bell bottoms gut laughing in class”, and “troi and crusher should come to dallas for a round of uno”. That offer completely stands BTW… 🙂

    • Yeah, we thought the agriculture science one was hysterical… mainly because we can’t imagine that, collectively or individually, those terms represent any of McCrockett’s areas of expertise. And you know… we’ve always heard good things about Dallas. 😉
      -T and C

  6. I love acappella says:

    I am claiming points for “Jakebert never gets old.”. I seriously laugh every time I see the pic. =-)

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