This week on TMtP: Search terms, the messy world of politics, and DID YOU SEE WHO COMMENTED?

Whew!  What a week it’s been here at Totally Missing the Point Savages Point, huh?  Let’s look at some search terms and distribute blog points before hitting up a bit of blog business.

You guys know the drill: category winners get 10,000 TMtP points, the weekly runner-up gets 24,000, and the What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) gets 38,000 totally worthless TMtP blog points.

Okay, let’s kick things off with the searches about our Favorite of the Week:

Tanner once again won the reader-voted Troi and Crusher’s Favorite Vocal Pointer of the week poll.  And we have the search terms to prove it, with tmtp favourite honey badger and tmtp favourite tanner addresses his adoring public coming to us via Google.  Tanner’s reign has been less travel-intensive this time around, but he’s been pretty busy endorsing, unendorsing, and switching his endorsement of the eligible candidates.  Clearly one of you thinks that the non-Tanner winners are merely placeholders, as you searched for tanner will likely be troi and crusher’s favorite every week he is eligible. this maketh me happy.  And the category winner here is: tanner the honey badger wins favorite yet again.

It’s true.  He did!  Now, what we really want to know is just how proud he is of his accomplishment.  Has he been printing out his winner certificates and posting them on his refrigerator?

Now, we’re sure we have no idea why we had such an influx of searches for the Savage Brothers (and those affiliated with them) this week, but here’s that ever-present category:

There are, of course, the basic searches of the savage brothers, savage brothers, ben savage 2012, and fred and ben savage 2012. We also had a search for ben savage and brothers.  Okay now, we’re pretty sure that Fred and Ben actually only have one other sibling, and she’s a sister.  So you know what that means, right?  Jakebert is totally gaining Internet-legitimacy as their brother!  Oh happy day!

And we’ve even started getting searches for Ben Savages TV brother.  Again, we have no idea why.  But we’ll take the searches for will friedle 2012, will friedle twitter (he doesn’t have an official one, we checked), and will friedle comedian.

And someone thought our blog restructuring was a good idea, as we had a search for totally missing the savages.

Yeah, that happened.

But the true star of this category is the delightful Jakebert himself.  He racked up a ton of searches, including: totally missing jakebert king of the talkies (O.F. Jake might take objection to that —  talkies are his dominion!), totally missing the jakebert, missing jakebert?, jakebert tells the jokes (again, the jokes come from “Hunker Down,” not Jakebert, folks!), jakebert a capella star, totally missing jakebert, and robake is jakebert’s evil twin brother.

He is!  And he’s from an evil mirror universe and everything!

And then we have the winner of the category and 10,000 TMtP points: totally loving jakebert.  Aww, we all do, don’t we?  How can you not?

We also had a high number of searches this week for various internet Jokes.

You guys know how we love to glom onto existing and emerging memes, and since the debut of Jake’s Jokes, we’ve seen an increase in searches for such things.  This week we had searches for: a dell rolling in the deep joke, totally missing the point joke, adele rolling in the deep jokes, and clubbing baby seals meme.

Ah, yes.  Remember when that went viral back in February and made us all think of Kevin?  Good times.

We also somehow had a search that was just for jokes.  How is it possible that with all of the websites out there actually devoted to jokes someone found our blog by searching for that?  Perhaps searchers just can’t resist the lure of jokes that can make you laugh this much:

Although to be fair, it wasn’t even one of Jake’s Jokes that cracked him up so much in those pictures.  And because we will never pass up the opportunity to post this video, let’s all take a gander at what happens after 1:15 once again.

Doesn’t. Get. Old.


Anyway, after that digression, we guess it makes sense that the category winner here is: jokes about missing the point.  Which really… that’s sort sums up our whole blog, doesn’t it?

Okay, next up we have the You’re All Special Snowflakes (Just slightly less special than Tanner) category:

A nice mix of guys had personalized searches this week, including: keith evans vocal point (he starred in the podcast again), trevor johnson vocal point, tyler sterling vocal point (he plays a great role in this week’s performance analysis) and ross welch.


Ugh.  Such a good moment.

There was also quite of bit of Mikey-love in the searches this week, with both dear mikey and totally loving mikey and his awesome answers leading people to us.  He totally did give an awesome answer to his most recent Dear Mikey, by the way.

Someone out there is still searching for jake hunsaker height.  Look people, how many times do we have to tell you?!?!

He is clearly (clearly) between hobbit- and McCrockett-sized.  Just like always.  He’s a grown man.  There are no more growth spurts coming.  He will continue to be between hobbit- and McCrockett-sized no matter how many times you search for it.  Okay?  Okay.

Someone else was excited for “the return of fish jake?” (oh, us too!).  And then we had a real head-scratcher of a search, with flying jake is byu’s vocal point. What?  What does that mean?  We know Jake is the flyer at the end of “Game Day.”

And that at one of the concerts it was a bit of a precarious flight, but what does the searcher mean by he is BYU’s Vocal Point?  Vocal Point is a collaborative effort, folks!  It takes a mix of experience, youthful energy, and splayed limbs to make the VP machine work.

For example, the searcher of i wish my stares were trevortastic clearly recognizes how important this is:

So we can all agree that there are many things that add up to the magnificent and hilarious wonder that is Vocal Point, right?

We also had some great McButters’-centric searches this week, with one particular individual searching once for when is mckay crockett’s birthday and then three times for when is mckay crockett’s birthday?  And you know what’s sad?  They never clicked on his birthday post.  Like, this is one of the only times where our blog actually has the correct factual information (February 7th!), and this poor person couldn’t manage to find it.  Probably less disappointed was the searcher of mckay crockett: powered by mccheezits and mcchuckles.  Yup, that pretty much sums him up.

He’s certainly not being powered by sleep — not when he’s commenting on the blog at 4:30 in the morning.

And after all of that goodness, what could possibly rise to the top for the category prize?  That would be: who doesn’t love mcprecious?  Why?  Well that’s simple.  Because apparently the answer is a Honey Badger.

Next up we’ve got the searches in the category of Huh? Wrong Blog (but we’ll try to help anyway):

Okay, we’re not sure what to do with boromir meme or party food for guys.  We’ve seen Tanner wear a throat mic:

But that’s really all we can tell you about those.

Now, here’s a two for one: both the searcher of hobbit height and awesome shoes can refer once again to this picture:

Hobbits are shorter than O.F. Jake and Vocal Point wears awesome shoes.  Done and done!

For the person who searched for my hair is a bowl cut if there is no gel in it, well, two things: first of all, we’re sorry, that sounds like an unfortunate situation.  Second of all, perhaps you could get some ideas from this post.

Okay, you searchers of twizzler slap, beef jerky, and funny trip survival guide — we’re going to direct all of you here.  And then we’re going to post this picture:

Just because it makes us laugh.

We’re just going to redirect the searcher of vocal sport to the official website, and send the searcher of  remix vocal academy. do you get an email if you don’t make it? to ReMix’s FAQ page.  We could just make up stuff, but we do enough of that with Vocal Point.

How scary is it that someone found our blog by searching for hunger games the point of it all. There are so many sources of Hunger Games information out there… why would you click on a blog about year-old a cappella?  Oh well.  While you’re here, you might as well enjoy Tanner being awesome on “We All Need Saving.”

And finally, the category winner here is: byu a cappella groups “other than vocal point”

Hmm… well.  We know there are some.  We even know the names of a few of them.  We’re just not sure why you would care.  It’s kind of all-VP, all the time, around here. (It’s not, you say?  Again, we have no idea what you could possibly be referring to.)  How about this: Keith did some stuff with the Advocates and he sounded flippin’ amazing on “Take Me Home” so just go enjoy that.  And then just give in and join the VP love train.

You know you want to.

And finally, we’ve got the All Things TMtP category:

Okay, some good stuff here this week, as we had both troi crusher vocal point and troi cruchser vocal point.  Now, Troi was really excited about that second one, because normally it is her pseud that gets misspelled.  It’s easy to switch her’s up to Tori if you aren’t careful, but this is the first time that we’ve had a fail on the spelling of Crusher’s pseud.  And there were even multiple searches with that misspelling!  Good times. 🙂

We also had a searcher who we felt really “gets” us, as they Googled worst idea is the best idea. Indeed, that is TMtP in a nutshell!  Of course, the nut in that shell is khakis don’t flatter anyone.  (You. Are. Right.)

Some of you let us know how you felt about that thing we have no idea about, with searches for totally missing totally missing the point, totally missing totally missing the point. who cares about the savages,
and totally missing the point trumps totally missing the savages every time. Whatever, y’all.  You know you loved this Paint-shop:

And we just feel so sorry for whoever searched for that awkward moment when you’re reading a vocal point blog and you realise that you don’t actually know who the savage brothers even are. Wow.  That’s just… sad.  You’ve really been missing out!  Here’s a blog homework assignment for you: scooch yourself on over to Youtube and start educating yourself on the wonder of the Savages.  You won’t regret it.  They’re an American treasure.

Okay, the winner in this category is the only one who took the bait we offered up last week, and we just love it when someone goes for the easy points.  So, getting 10,000 points is the searcher of troi and crusher are awesome at playing uno.

Darn right we are!  We’ll even take on opponents who can’t be trusted!

Alright, and now we’ve arrived at our weekly runner-up and winner of 24,000 TMtP blog points:troi and crusher: “you see, we’re still not creepy enough to think road-tripping out to provo for a concert is a good idea….”

Heh.  You got us there.  We promised way back in our first post that we were the “harmless, fun, we’ll-never-show-up-in-Provo kind of creepy.”  And we were still singing that tune at the time of the McPlot.  But then you readers started encouraging us and voting for it in a poll, and before we knew it, we had become that creepy.  And then this happened:

Our lives are weird.  But really, you readers are to blame (in the best possible way).  We never would have had the gumption to go to Provo without the encouragement from all of you, and the thing that kept us from freaking out the whole time was thinking about all of the great stories we would get to tell you guys.  We totally have the best readers ever, and we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we hope none of you ever realize you deserve way better bloggers than us. 🙂

And finally, this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) winner of 38,000 blog points is: vocal point’s favorite blog.

Oh, we could only hope.  But come on, you know some of those guys probably spend more time at this blog.  And really, who can blame them?

Alright, moving right along to some blog business.

Expecting us to address a certain blog-ccurence from this weekend?  We have no idea what you’re talking about.

No really, we had a blast making up those silly posts for you guys, and we’re thrilled that some of you got a kick out of them.  We really love that you guys even voted in the poll we set up (which we’re going to leave active for a while, just because… it makes us laugh).  Big Mama even admitted that it took her a ways into the first post to realize what was up, so if we caused any undue panic, our apologies.

Next up: while venturing over to the ReMix website to help out the searcher above, we noticed an exciting update to their Special Guest section.  That’s right, everyone’s favorite (this week), Tanner, will be making an appearance at ReMix!  But even more important than that is this little tidbit in his bio: “…his greatest love besides his wife, is cheese.”

Really, Honey Badger?  Not cobra?  Well, we can get behind a love of cheese, although we are curious to know what varieties are at the top of the list.  Probably nothing too McButtery, huh?

And finally, we had some exciting first time commenters on the blog this week.  Trevortastic came in with a bang, announcing his campaign for this week’s favorite and making some bold promises.  He was originally mocked by Tanner, then supported by Ben-Jon, and finally supported by Tanner, when the Honey Badger turned against his former McRoommate while speaking cryptically of a McBetrayal.  So, will the late endorsement from the Street One be enough to get this New Guy to the top?  Head on over to Poll Land and place your votes!  Voting closes in a few hours, at midnight Provo Daylight Time.

And then… YOU GUYS.  We did a post about a Christmas song, and then we got the BEST BLOG PRESENT EVER!  “Jake” commented on the blog.  And yes.  It is that Jake.  The Hunsaker has landed!  Or at least momentarily stopped by!  And we couldn’t be more thrilled!  We can truly say that this is something we never thought would happen.  In fact, we’re going to screen cap it for posterity.

Best. Thing. Ever.

-Troi and Crusher


9 Responses to This week on TMtP: Search terms, the messy world of politics, and DID YOU SEE WHO COMMENTED?

  1. SweetPotato says:

    Claiming being the only one to take the easy points, AKA “troi and crusher are awesome at playing uno.” 😉

    I’m pretty sure the sole fact that he commented will make him the winner this week.

  2. bluesabriel says:

    Great search term post, or GREATEST search term post? 🙂 “mckay crockett: powered by mccheezits and mcchuckles.” Seriously. Your readers are amazing.

    I swear I will start commenting again. I have been completely eaten by baseball season starting, but this is in NO WAY intended to imply that baseball > college a capella My heart has room for both. 🙂

  3. Fredette about it says:

    Totally claiming my points for totally loving jakebert….but not as much as TMtP

  4. fromsandytoo says:

    Wait… Jake was reading the blog during class! No wonder he is Kronk’s bad shoulder angel!

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