Okay, okay… a follow-up announcement

Hey everybody, we’re not usually ones to waver back-and-forth on a decision, but we looked back through our files and internetted around some more, and guess what?

We realized we totally have enough material to continue moving forward with our plan to blog about the Savage brothers!

Just kidding.

😉 😉

We’re back to Vocal Point.

Woo-hoo!  Everyone’s so excited!  Except…

Oh, Jakebert.  We can’t argue with your logic, though, so… yeah, whatever.

(We’ll now wait as the disappointed Savage brothers fans leave the blog… don’t worry you Savage super-fans, we’ll let you know if we ever do go back to the TMtS concept. And Will Friedle, please feel free to go ahead and answer your “Dear Will Friedle” column anyway.)

So, we’ll be resuming regular blog programming around here effective immediately.

Oh!  And we wanted to make sure y’all didn’t miss some of the fun stuff that has been going on.

  • Dear Mikey came by and answered his, well, “Dear Mikey.”  You can find his response here.
  • Trevortastic has made his blog presence known (welcome to the blog, Trev!), stopping by this thread to deliver a pretty epic campaign platform.  Isn’t his anti-khaki (and incredibly tall) stance intriguing?  Also worth checking out is Tanner’s response to him.  Plus, even quiet Ben-Jon has weighed in.  So keep those votes coming, no matter who is your choice!

Alright, we will see all of you lovelies later on, as we resume full-fledged TMtP Vocal Point-centric shenanigans!

-Troi and Crusher


5 Responses to Okay, okay… a follow-up announcement

  1. Keith says:

    As long as we still haven’t seen the performance analysis of “Every Little Step,’ I know there’s still something up you guys’s sleeve. 🙂

    • First, we love that we apparently share a sleeve in your mind. That sounds… cozy. 🙂
      Second, you’re totally right, we do still have to perf review that song. We were thinking of using this clip:

      Thoughts? 😉
      -T and C

      • Ash says:


      • Erin says:

        This clip is excellent! I think you should mix things up and do a double performance review with Every Little Step (Sing-Off/2010-2011 line up) and Every Little Step (New Guys Version). THAT would be cool. 😀

      • SweetPotato says:

        Same, a double review would be awesome!

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