Fav Moments: Attack of the Hungry Rossface! Edition

It’s time again to check out one of the big ol’ group numbers from the Sing-off and pick out some great a cappella action.

“Sweet Soul Music” sung by Jerry Lawson and a supporting cast of Sing-off all-stars is a fun, upbeat number from the Sing-off Season 3 Holiday Special. From Vocal Point, both Rossface and Keith made it into this little vocal jam band.

So, what’s our fav moment from this performance? Is it when there’s a shot in the pre-package where Ross and Keith are clearly in the “horns” section…

…but then when the “horns section” is being interviewed, Rossface is nowhere to be seen?

Is this another case of “disappearing Ross” as pointed out by Mikey in the comments on the “You Really Got Me” analysis?  Is this just something Ross does?  Part of the group one second, gone from sight the next?

Or maybe it’s time we go totally rogue and pick a non-VP moment as our fav?  It is pretty hilarious to watch poor Mariah from Afro-Blue fully commit to the number when she has only a mic stand, but no actual microphone, in front of her.

But there’s probably been enough digression from VP around here recently to last for a while, so we’re going to go with a downright classic Vocal Point moment that cracks us up.

Starting at 3:21, we can see Rossface workin’ it out behind Mr. Lawson, giving the amount of face we have come to expect.  But then the camera angle shifts, and clearly the next few frames are supposed to be all about Avi the super-bass, laying it down while being impressively laid back.

But Rossface is having none of that!  The energy level of the performance must stay at maximum a cappella levels at all times for Ross the Cowboy to be satisfied.  So the Face does what it has to and…


Rossface just gets all up in the shot, making a noble attempt at belting out the notes / eating his microphone.

Hey, we wonder… do you think that since Ross has a habit of going all out in rehearsals, maybe he actually did eat a mic then, and that’s why poor Mariah is left with only a stand now? Somebody get that boy a sammich!


-Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to Fav Moments: Attack of the Hungry Rossface! Edition

  1. SweetPotato says:

    This made me crack up so much.Thanks for making my day 🙂

  2. fredette about it says:

    Combining my love of Vocal Point and this blog, I came up with this song for the reunion tour (in Vegas???)…. You will have to provide your own “yeah, yeahs” and “brass section.”

    We like Vocal Point music,
    Sweet Provo music
    The swankiest singin’
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Out there in Utah y’all
    With a baggy blue polo
    Dancin’ to the music
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Spotlight on “Creepy Jake” y’all
    Even though he cannot dance at all
    He’s a lead singin’ party
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Spotlight on “McCheez-it”, now
    That always please it Cheez-it
    Singin’ Jailhouse Rock
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Spotlight on “Big Ben” y’all
    Havin’ trouble with the ladies y’all
    Singin “Telephone Opera”
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Spotlight on “Street Tanner” y’all
    Singin’ “Every Little Step I Take”
    Singin’ “Every Little Step I Take”
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    Hit it “Rossome”
    Spotlight “Kevin’s” Bobby Brown y’all
    He’s “The King” of ’em all y’all
    He’s “The King” of ’em all y’all
    Oh yeah, Oh yeah
    We like Vocal Point music
    Sweet Provo music
    Just the swankiest singin’
    Robert’s gotta get the feelin’
    Mikey’s gotta get the feelin’
    Tyler’s gotta get the feelin’
    “New Guys” gotta get the feelin’
    Everybody’s got the feelin’
    Everybody’s got the feelin’

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