Fav Moments! Princess Bride Edition

We’re pretty sure we’ve made our feelings known about The Princess Bride. Best movie ever, basically. And young Fred Savage plays a key role in this cinematic treasure.

One of our favorite little Fred moments is from the very start of the film (and also appears in the oh-so-80s-and-boy-do-we-love-the-smooth-jazz trailer), when his movie mom tells him that his dear grandfather, played by the inimitable Peter Falk, has come to see him because he is home sick from school. Little Fred bemoans this development in a day that would have otherwise been spent playing some way cool 8-bit Nintendo and complains that his grandfather will pinch his cheeks. And then he lays this little gem on us (at the 12 second mark):

“I hate that.”

So. Much. Sass. You guys! You know how we love SASS! And this is SAVAGE SASS! Fred is, dare we say, savagely sassy! Oh, the puns! They just keep coming!

-Troi and Crusher


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