Beat It, or the one that’s a Papa Sterling classic (oh, and VP’s pretty good too)

April 30, 2012

So this past weekend ICCA finals were held in New York (congrats to the SoCal VoCals!). Given that, we decided it would be fun to take a gander back the first song of the set that won Vocal Point the 2nd place spot in the competition last year. The guys absolutely rocked “Beat It” and it’s definitely become a VP favorite for us.

If you want to go check out a version of this number with great audio (all the guys are mic’ed and Tanner even has his throat mic), go here and see the video from the Women’s Conference in April of 2011.  Now, you may be asking, “Troi and Crusher, if that video has such good audio, why are you reviewing a different performance of ‘Beat It’?”  Well, silly reader, you should know by now that when it comes to VP videos, if a certain someone happened to film it, it’s pretty darn likely we’re going to use it!  So…

We want to give a huge shout-out to Papa Sterling, who has provided us (well, YouTube at large, not us specifically) with an expertly-filmed video! The ICCA videos were the ones where we could truly appreciate the man’s artistry for the first time. And for that, we’re forever grateful.

Right as we start at :02, Keith gives the audience a look, like, “Y’all ready? ‘Cause we’re about to slap you in the face with some awesomeness.”

Or maybe he was thinking about baby seals. Or keeping his balance in the upcoming lean. Or… yeah, no… it was definitely to warn the audience about the slap of awesome headed their way.

Then the guys put on their fedoras (we love these fedoras!) and go into the MJ lean. Which, this a good time to mention a fun game you can play as you introduce your friends and family to the wonder that is Vocal Point.  After they’ve seen a few videos, but before they have seen enough to be completely familiar with each individual Vocal Pointer, bring them to this gem, and have them cover their eyes up until :07 when the guys have obscured their faces.  Then, see how quickly your friend can pick out and identify one of the shawties.  In our experience, without fail, Jake’s quality of movement gives him away by :21.

And what a quality of movement it is – he puts an almost sassy (we love sass!) spin on the move from :21-:24.

Also, as they move into the bendy section, his legs… they don’t quite bend like human legs. Watch Jake and then check out McButters beside him. (go ahead, we’ll wait) See? Completely different.

Then they shift into a new formation as the audience goes crazy for what they’re doing. While we’re sure that they’re all really naturally snappy snappers, it is kind of fun to imagine that maybe one of the guys (take your pick who) couldn’t actually snap and maybe had to go to VP snapping boot camp or something. Or maybe had to mime it? Can you imagine if that conversation came up during auditions? “Can you sing?” Yes, of course. “Dance?” You know it!  “Snap your fingers?”  Er, no?  Oh, snap.

Next up at :31 we have this great lean-y bit where Keith’s feet are not planted the same way as everyone else’s.

Everyone else’s toes are pointing slightly stage left on the first lean, and Kevin’s are pointing almost perfectly straight ahead. Now, it doesn’t actually matter, he still manages a good lean. But, it does make him look pretty Gumby-esque.

You know who doesn’t manage quite as far of a lean the first time? McPrecious. Yep. It’s true. Check out Tanner and (gasp!) Hunsaker. Look at how far they’re leaning! Look at McNotTheLeaningTowerOfPisa. Kinda not so much. Luckily, he recovers and drops it back a little further on the second lean. Also, Keith’s feet are pointed more like everyone else’s on this lean and generally all the guys are looking pretty spot-on by this point.

Keith takes us into the verse right around :38 and he sounds just great. This is one of those examples of a singer taking a really well-known song and paying homage to it without imitating it. Keith’s not MJ, and he’s not trying to be. He’s still true to himself as a singer while showing total respect for the original. It’s a tricksy thing to pull off, but Keith does it well.

So here’s a great shot of all the guys now that we’re well into the song:

Check out how jaunty all those fedoras look! We really do love them. Now, you’ll notice that most of the guys have their fedoras pulled down low on their brows.  And by “most” we mean “all but McKay.”   His hat is tilted up so you can see his shining beacon of McSunshine.  Guess you really can’t hide the McMoneymaker, right?

At :58 Tyler is fully committed to the choreography and gets extra low to the ground. Who does he think he is, Tanner? Droppin’ it like it’s hot like that.

The guys hit the body rolls section of the choreo at 1:04 and they all kind of add their own flavor to it. Ben keeps snapping through the first one, Tanner hops a little on the second one, and Robert and Mikey just kind of look naturally cool. Can’t quite see McButters (who put him in the back?), but the other half of the bonded pair pulls off some impressive body rolls, especially considering all of the limbs he has to wrangle.

At 1:14 Ben and Jake are together stage right – a risky choice, but they pull off the moves and we’re thoroughly impressed. These guys have come a long way from “Hip to be Square” in 2010.

The choreography at 1:25 is classic VP “Why does this look so cool?” and Keith’s legs look incredibly long.  But, you know, when don’t they look long? The guy is all limbs!  This bit of choreography definitely puts them to good use.

And then the bit continues with this group look into the audience:

They’re just so… cheeky. And coordinated. This may be one of our all-time favorite choreographic moments from VP.  It also just goes so well with the cool vocal things they’re pulling off (“cool vocal things” is the technical term, if you didn’t know).  Yup, we’re big fans of it.

Then we’re into the next verse and after some more coordinated moves, the guys break up into two groups, perhaps gearing up for a rumble.  And then we totally get a “being a human is hard” Jake moment at 1:38.

Oh Jake honey, humans don’t bend and point like that.

Of course, this is followed immediately by a very powery power stance. Who was the poweriest of them all? Take a guess! 😉

And now we’ve reached the portion of the performance where the guys gear up for their second set of body rolls (at 1:42).  As you can see, they all sort of gear up differently…

We know you’re wondering and nope, we won’t do it!  We absolutely cannot pick a favorite part of that photo.  It is ALL SO EPIC.  Oh boy, it just gives us so much joy.

Anyway, all of the guys get into their body rolls in earnest, except for McKay, who kind of does a half a body roll and then not so much while heading stage left (he’s better when he’s heading back to the right). Don’t worry, McButters, Shelf People aren’t required to do body rolls. Just bell kicks. Oh wait

As we reach the finish line (which is really just lap 1 of 4 in terms of the ICCA set) Keith hits some great falsettos as the guys finish up the choreo.  Then they go for one final lean while Keith closes with some MJ moves.

And then everyone hits the ending together at 1:56. And the audience goes absolutely nuts.

Now, we’re going to stop right there, even though the Papa Sterling-shot fabulousness continues on into “It Had Better Be Tonight.”  That’s a performance analysis for another day.  Today is all about “Beat It.”  And we don’t know about the rest of you, but we’re pretty sure that this jam is going to be stuck in our heads all day long tomorrow.  As long as we can restrain ourselves from busting out the choreo we should be good.  Deal? Deal.

-Troi and Crusher


Happy Birthday, Original Flavor Jake!

April 29, 2012

Jake! It’s your birthday! 🙂

Okay everybody, let’s all join in and wish our favorite future newscaster (oh please, can’t that be true?) a VERY happy birthday!

Also, we decided to whip up a shirt in order to commemorate this most awesome of days (don’t be scared):

And guess what, Jake?  Today you get to be totally swanky.

That’s right, not a hint of Creepy Jake anywhere in this post!

Of course, you know guys… it just wouldn’t be Hunsaker’s birthday if we didn’t have a little mini-celebration of how hard it is to be human. So, how can we make this work with the Creepy Ban?  Wait!  We’ve got it!  Jake, consider this our blog-gift to you.  Or consider it ammo if these guys ever try to give you sass about the whole “Creepy Jake” thing.  Either way.  We went 2010-2011 with this one, since they were the main culprits in egging on the Creepy.  Here we go:

For Ross:

Sometimes having your head and body line up without pain like a human is hard.

For Tyler:

Sometimes miming a trumpet like a human is hard, especially when all you really want is a sammich.

For Robert:

Sometimes walking without leaning as if traveling uphill like a(n undead) human is hard.

For Ben:

Sometimes keeping up with the crossovers like a human is hard.

For Mikey:

Sometimes not bowlegged walking while scratching your sides like a human is hard.

For Tanner:

Sometimes having your head look like it belongs on your body and wasn’t photoshopped like a human is hard.  Are we sure he was actually there and his head wasn’t just shopped in later?

For Keith:

Sometimes fully extending incredibly long limbs while maintaining a straight-on power stance like a human is hard.

For McKay:

Sometimes not turning into a brain-eating McZombie like a human is hard.

See, Jake (and everybody) being a human is hard!  For everyone!

So today, let’s all celebrate one of our favorite delightfully human humans.

Happy Birthday, Jake!

-Troi and Crusher

Vocal Point is doing a concert with who? No way! Alright, who of you readers can go?

April 28, 2012

Hope everyone’s weekend is going well so far!  We’re sure most of you saw the announcement from Vocal Point’s facebook yesterday regarding their Memorial Day concert with Pentatonix and Delilah.  How exciting is this little development?!  More information can be found at the website for the venue, the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem.

And here’s a little video the SCERA staff put out announcing their summer concert series (the Memorial Day show is the first one discussed):

Oh, Shawn and Danielle, we sort of love your delightfully cheeky take on everything.  But you know what we really love?  The fact that you can hear the camera operator smacking on gum in about half of the segments.  Seems like the kind of thing that would happen if we ever tried to make TMtP vlogs.

Now, we’ve already heard from some of you lovelies, who wanted to know if our particular brand of sideshow hilarity would be flying into Provorem to document the potential epicness of this concert.  Now, we’re not going to lie, even though we knew it was a long shot, the first thing we both did was go check airfare prices (just think, we could see the Memorial Day concert and Keith in The Secret Garden, which got rave reviews from McKay and McKC!).  Alas, flying to Utah is darn expensive, and too cost prohibitive for just a weekend trip.  That means that these gals won’t be able to make it.

So this is where some of you come in.  We need our Utah readers (or those with enough disposable income to fly in for the concert) to help us cover this event.  We want reports, reviews, VIDEO (oh please, oh please), pictures… whatever y’all can get.  So, if you are planning on going, either leave us a comment or shoot us an email (totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com) to let us know, and we can all figure out what sorts of blog goodness we can get out of this concert.  And don’t worry if you aren’t a regular commenter, you can totally remain anonymous if you want (although really, you should just join in the crazy fun).

We’re totally excited for this concert, even though we won’t be able to be there in person.  With the help of TMtP-nation, we hope we can all experience the next-best thing.  Blog powers activate!

-Troi and Crusher

Part One of the Continuing Summer Adventures of McKay and McKC

April 27, 2012

So, the McButters and McKC Summer Adventure series is kicking off tonight with a little culture!  McKay has decided to take his new constant companion with him to see Keith in The Secret Garden at the Hale.

Now, we know that McKC has already gotten to travel the world with Tanner and do… whatever Ben-Jon and Trevor did with him (advocate for tall VP members?).

But this is perhaps the first time McKC has gotten to experience some live theatre, with the added bonus of joining forces with McFavorite to support the other McBestie.  It’s like meeting the parents for the first time, only instead of parents, it’s Keith, instead of dinner, it’s watching a musical, and instead of a girlfriend, it’s a key chain.  But, you know, other than that, it’s exactly the same. 😉

Enjoy the show, you two!  Let us know what you think of it!  Keith, break a leg (tonight and every night… we hope you have enough magically regenerating legs to make that feasible)!

-Troi and Crusher

The terms that were searched and can you believe it’s been four months?!

April 26, 2012

Good evening, everybody!  Ready for some search terms, TMtP points, and blog business?  Good!

Alright, y’all know the drill — category winners get 12,000 completely worthless points and the weekly runner-up gets 26,000.  The What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of the week gets 40,000 TMtP blog points.  Let’s get to it!

We’ll start off with a couple of searches that came in for this week’s most exciting real life event, the birth of Baby Girl Christensen(!):

We’re all super-excited for the new parents and adorable baby girl.  We agree with one searcher who is totally loving mikey’s new edition. So are we! Someone was curious, though, totally wanting to know what mikey will name his baby.  Well, if we have our way, the answer to that is our category winner: Baby Fredette about it.  Luckily, we don’t often get our way when it comes to those sorts of things. 

Now, it just wouldn’t be the weekly search terms without the numerous misguided searches for the Savage brothers:

We mean, at this point, we feel kind of bad that there are so many people trying to find out information about ol’ Ben and Fred (and Will Friedle, too), and that our blog is apparently one of the more appealing links to click on.  Someone should let the Savages know that they need a stronger internet presence to satisfy their fan base.  We mean, we got searches for: ben savage 2012, savage brothers, will friedle 2012, ben savage in 2012, will friedle twitter, the savage brothers, ben savage brother, fred and ben savage, will friedle still single, images of the savage brothers, will friedle, and will friedle recent.  That’s a whole lot!  Of course, we also delighted in getting a search for jakebert.

And our category winner here is: jakebert looks fantastic at any age.  Yes, as we proved last week, Jakebert never gets old.

Now, we had so many searches for the individual guys this week, that we had to break things down into more categories.  First up, we’ve got Special Snowflakes – True Group Edition:

We had some nice and simple searches, ranging from tyler sterling to vocal point tanner.  Then in one day we had six searches for ross welch vocal point images.  Six times, Searcher?  That seems excessive.  Let’s see what we can do for you:

There’s three.  And…

There’s three more.  Six total.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Someone else wanted to know what subgroup does the honey badger belong to?  Um… we’re going to go with “Rhythm section of Vocal Point.”  And another person is totally missing original flavor jake, rossface, mcsoulful and the honey badger.  Don’t worry!  They’re still in the group until August!  You have to time to adjust to the changes!  We can get through this together!  Now, we wanted to provide this searcher with a lovely little picture of those four VP-ers together to help curb their disappointment.  But you know what?  We had a hard time finding any pics of that particular conglomeration of guys in our files.  So, what are a couple of bloggers to do?  Make some horrible Paint-shops, of course!

Uh… sadly, those were the best we could come up with.  Yeah.  (Hang heads in shame.)

Moving right along, we have our category winner:

rossface sneak attack!!!

Because you never know when one’s coming!

Next up with have our Fashion-related searches:

Some poor soul was looking for flattering khakis, and honey, we’ll let you know if we ever find any, but we’re kind of thinking that’s not going to happen.  In the “should never happen again” department, we had a search for suspenders with khakis, but let’s just move right along to happier topics, such as footloose red shoes.

Yup, still love those.

Now, we don’t quite know what to make of the search for pictures of uno cap and gowns.   Um… huh?

Our winner in this category is koosh ball shoes, because while we can’t figure out why someone would be searching for them, we can actually provide you with a picture of those beasts!  Because we bought them in Provo.  Because… we are weird. 🙂

Next up is the He’s Everyone’s Favorite Newcaster, Jake “Hunker down” Hunsaker! category:

We’ll start with the searchers we just kind of want to apologize to, as they were probably looking for legitimate facts when googling jake hunsaker vocal point and jake hunsaker.  And as always, apologies to Jake for the fact that those searchers found TMtP.  But the person looking for jakes funnies has multiple options, as they can look here, here, and here for some of that O.F. Jake comedy gold.

And the person who searched for creepy jake probably ended up exactly where they meant to come. 😉

Our winner here is i had a bad day that can only be fixed with “the jake wink.”  Well, we like to be helpers when we can, so here, cheer up!

And now we’ve reached the category of Special Snowflakes – New / New New Guys:

Trevor’s return to blog prominence (did you guys check out his response in his new feature?) led to an increase of searches, as we had gigantor vocal point, trevor johnson vocal point, and how long has trevor johnson been at vocal point?  Well, the New Guys were officially announced in January.  But really, you can just find that information on Vocal Point’s official website.  Oh wait.  Just kidding.  They still have the 2010-2011 group up there.  And people accuse us of living in the past?

Anyway, we also had searches for conlon bonner and vocal point gigantor part 2, so it’s nice to see the New New Guys getting some search love too.  In fact, our category winner here is: how to prepare for attack of the mega-gigantor.

Aww, now hold on.  Adam may be our Mega-Gigantor, but we hardly think he’ll be attacking anyone.  We mean, could a face like this really go on the attack?

Nah.  Everything we’ve heard about Mega-G is that he’s a way nice guy.  The only sorts of attacks we expect from him are Attacks of Awesomeness. 🙂

Okay, now we’ve reached the searches where We Can Only Be Moderately Helpful:

We did Paint-shop up a sweet cap and gown cake for Mikey, so take a gander at that if you want, dear Searcher.  And we guess if you want bouncy ball backgrounds for your desktop, you could use this pic from our Road Trip Survival Guide post.

Someone just searched for vocal sport, so we’re just going to send you right along to their official website, since we don’t know what you specifically are looking for.  And, really, these are the sorts of insights we provided from the nights we went to Vocal Sport:

So yeah, we’re probably not super-helpful to you.

Now, we’re not sure anyone can be helpful to whoever searched for remix vocal academy review.  It hasn’t. happened. yet.  We can preview it (Our guess?  It’ll be kick-awesome.) but no one can review it.  Because it hasn’t been viewed yet.  Cool? Cool.

Someone was curious about the wheaties make you stronger campaign, but really, we hope they left here with the knowledge that Cheez-its make you adorable.  And for the person wondering vocalpoint what do u get for party? again… we’re going to go with McCheez-its.  At least if this guy is coming to your party:

Okay, now we may need Tanner to step up and help the searcher of my son’s hair does not bend when it grows out. i need a good hairstyle for it.  We tried to help once, but the only answer may actually be a number 4 clipper cut.

And the category winner here is:  what points we should remember at the time of performance review.  Hmm… we would say, remember to look for interesting staging moments, notice the quality of the lead and backing vocals, take special care to be on the look out for any noteworthy Jake moments, make sure to go off on a few random tangents, point out the ridiculousness of the judges and / or Nick Lachey, and just appreciate the overall awesomeness.  Oh? You didn’t mean a performance review of a Vocal Point number?  Well why did you come here?  Silly Searcher.

Now it is time for searches all about the McBesties:

One of you just decided to point out the obvious by searching for tmtp loves rerun.  Which, duh.  Someone else looked for vocal point keith kevin and we can confirm, he does actually respond to both of those names.

Someone wanted to know is keith evan’s middle name really mckay? And the answer to that question is yes, it really is indeed.  And then we also had a search for what is mckay crocketts middle name?  Well, his middle name is actually the same as Keith’s middle name.  So there’s that.

And finally, we have our category winner: totally mchappy, mcsmiling, mckay.


Yup, he’s totally McHappy and totally our summer McFavorite!

And now we’ve reached our last category, which is a delightful mix of General VP and TMtP Things:

Someone latched right onto the fun of yesterday’s post, and searched for totally prepared, panicked, and pandemoniumed.  And really, in this photo series, couldn’t that describe Robert, Jake, and McKay (in that order)?

We’re always happy to get searches for human pinwheel and human pinwheels, because they make “Higher and Higher” so delightful.  Someone was wondering where is vocal point? Hmm, well, we’re not sure if you mean in life itself or in terms of the blog.  Blog-wise, they’re still here — Tanner just left a behind-the-scenes tidbit, Trevor just recently answered his “Dear Trevortastic” and most of the New New Guys have stopped by recently to claim some points and hopefully get sucked into the shenanigans.  In terms of life, with the semester ending, the group is a bit spread out right now.  But don’t worry, they’ll all be back together soon enough.  And maybe, hopefully, some of them will provide us some updates on their summer adventures.

We also had a search for oh, vocal point. why are you so awesome?  You know, we’re not sure we could distill the awesomeness down to a short answer.  Just, uh… read the whole blog?  That shouldn’t take too long, right?

And our category winner here is: release date for “attack of the khakis” starring vocal point.

Hahaha!  Yes, please.

Now it’s time for this week’s runner up, which is: kevin evans lsr youtube tutorial.

Can we just say, best idea ever?  Like, for real real.  The LSR is just a thing of wonder.

There should totally be a YouTube tutorial.  Can someone in Provo make sure this happens?  Or do we have to come out there and demand it in person?

And finally, it’s time for this week’s What the What with a Cherry on Top (of a German Chocolate Crunch Sundae) search term winner of 40,000 totally worthless TMtP blog points!  And it is: how to apply for the papa sterling school of full-group videography.

Oh how we wish we could all find out the answer to this question.  We certainly could use a few lessons ourselves.  Remember this video we shot at the Creamery?

Clearly we’re in need of some Papa Sterling help.  And really, if Tyler the Tank Engine isn’t going to pull a Rerun and rejoin VP, we need a whole squadron of capable videographers to fill the Papa Sterling void.  If we could get the man himself to train them, even better. 🙂

Alright, let’s work our way through some blog business, shall we?

First off, we want to wish Conlon well as he travels through a few different countries in southern Africa with the BYU Young Ambassadors.  Have a blast, buddy!

Also, we saw on the ReMix Vocal Academy website that they’ve decided to double their enrollment, so definitely check that out if you’re interested.

And finally, this little blog turned four months old this past week.  Which simultaneously doesn’t sound like very long and is also way longer than we ever thought this thing would last.  Thanks to all of you who make this little corner of the internet so cozy and fun.  So…

Happy four month birthday, TMtP!

-Troi and Crusher