Weekly Favorite Poll 3/30-4/5

Oh boy, these polls just keep getting more and more competitive every week.

Here’s the poll for for the latest voting period.

This post is where all campaigning, bribery, promises, back room deals, and whatever other shenanigans you can come up with should take place.  Feel free to vote over in Poll Land, but keep that place free of comments and such.

Tanner is ineligible this week, but Ben-Jon is back in the mix.

Vote early and vote often!  Have fun!

-Troi and Crusher


7 Responses to Weekly Favorite Poll 3/30-4/5

  1. Trevortastic says:

    Fellow bloggers and avid TMtP readers,

    The time has come for the McPlot to come to an end. Let us not allow the average height to again fall to an uncharismatic level. As he is over 6 feet tall, I fully support Ben-Jon’s reign as favorite Vocal Pointer the second campaign week, with the hope that my fellow above-average (in every way, not just in height) Vocal Pointers and readers will vote for me, Trevortastic, the tallest member of Vocal Point to date, as favorite Vocal Pointer. As favorite Vocal Pointer I will ensure the following:

    1. Ditch the khakis. I’ve said it many times and will continue to fight for the rights of those more stylistically inclined.

    2. Tall–friendly choreography. I mean, is it right to force a man who stands at 6’5” to sing while crawling across the stage just so he doesn’t stick out?

    3. Increase average height of Vocal Point by an additional two inches after this week’s auditions.

    The Monstars are back, and this time we WILL win.

    P.S. Please see :58 in video posted below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6iqTkijMoc&fb_source=message

    P.P.S. Now that I’ve officially commented on the blog, props to Troi and Crusher for choosing Where you Are by Marc Broussard for my audition – he is one of my favorite artists and you chose my favorite song of his 🙂

    P.P.P.S. I claim all blog points previously awarded.

    • SweetPotato says:

      Now THAT’S a campaign. Votes for you, Trevor!

    • Tanner says:

      Wow Trevor, look at you, all growed up. Go ahead, no it’s fine, campaign the week I’m ineligible. It gives you a chance of winning.

      To all my loyal supporters. It’s time for the McFavorite to really win. Get your vote on!

      Why would I suddenly choose to endorse someone? Well, for those who don’t know…

      I…..am the original McRoommate.

      • Ben-Jon says:

        I support Trevor’s cause for those of us that are average height and above. This is a time of change for both the blog and the VP.
        Also, I would just like to recognize the weight of my comment…seeing as I am the second favorite!
        Long live the blog…

  2. Silver says:

    Sounds good to me

  3. Tanner says:

    In light of in internal investigation I am conducting upon finding some suspicious evidence of conspiratorial activity…I am now endorsing Trevor.

    Actually, I will support all those running against McBetrayal. Stay tuned for breaking news to come…

    • Trevortastic says:

      Although Tanner is not above average height, he is definitely an above average beat boxer, singer, and person (with a soon-to-be-if-not-already above average sized head…). Therefore – I wholeheartedly accept Tanner’s endorsement 🙂

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