From the mailbag… Gems from a concert!

This post could be subtitled: Or, some readers give us material instead of challenges, Keith. 😉

Hey, do you guys remember our awesome readers Clarissa and Ferg-face?  Clarissa was actually our very first tipster ever for the blog, and she later combined her powers with her sister Ferg-face to give us some tidbits from a VP concert.  Uh, we’re still sorry about blog-naming her “Ferg-face” but once you start down a pop culture rabbit hole, you have to ride that donkey all the way to the last port of call.  Or something.

Anyway, these two lovely ladies recently attended an “Evening of Uplifting Music” fireside with Vocal Point as the musical guests.  And being the sharers that they are, they sent us a recap of the event and included some fun pictures that gave insight into just what went down.  (Want to share tips or material with us?  We always love to hear from readers — send us an email at totallymissingthepointblog at gmail dot com.)

Notably, the guys were in “express your own style” mode for this concert.

Well, look at them, all sans Standard Look and happy!

Now, this leads us to our first of three major points of importance we have gleaned from Ferg-face’s report.

Number One:

Tanner runs away with the VP style award for this performance.

Cuff links and a tie bar!?!?  That’s, like, legitimately stylish!  However, we regret to inform everyone that this is by no means a very “street” look.  Oh no.  It’s fly.  Perhaps even verging on straight up ballin’.  Way to go, Honey Badger, way to go. We definitely approve of these choices.

Number Two:

While no one can compete with Rossface in terms of in-performance expressions, during the times when the other guys give their talkies, Jake Hunsaker has the best background faces and body language in the history of the world.

Sometimes he goes with the I’m-giving-you-so-much-side-eye-that-my-body-is-thrown-off-balance stance (or, you know, “Human balance is hard!”).

Sometimes it’s the ol’, “Quick, the teacher’s not looking, let me talk to my neighbor” trick.  Oh Jake.  You’re onstage.  Someone’s always watching.  In this case, it was Ferg-face.

Then there are the times The King of the Talkies just crosses his arms and silently stares to see if anyone can challenge his dominion.

Which, apparently, his dominion consists of empty theatre chairs.  (Evidently this photo was taken while the rest of the guys were onstage greeting fans… perhaps Jake is also thinking of applying for honey badger status.)

And finally…

Sometimes a guy just has to go for the full-on combo platter of several options.  With bonus incredulous face.  Our blog hearts can barely contain their love.

And moving right along, it’s time we hit on the next key point.

Number Three:

Ferg-face and Clarissa have been such dears, and we really have to thank them for the following photos.  Why, you ask?  Well, we now have visual proof of something we saw during our trip to Provo.  Something we mentioned in a concert recap (before it had a name), but had no photos as proof.  We give you:

The Trevortastic Stare.

“What’s the Trevortastic Stare?” you say?  Oh readers, the Trevortastic Stare is a priceless gem that appears multiple times during the banter of Vocal Point concerts, only to sink away like the lost city of Atlantis when the singing starts.  At first, we thought Trevor was just confused by Robert’s talkie involving glasses and trees.  But then we realized that, well… perhaps everything confuses Trevor.  Or maybe this is just his listening face.  Either way, we love it.  Now, we won’t hold out on you any longer, here is the wonder that is the Trevortastic Stare.

Sometimes his head goes to the right, to the right…

And sometimes he leans to the left, to the left.

You know, a man’s got to mix it up.  And perhaps most amazingly:

Sometimes it is even contagious.

Clearly, the Trevortastic Stare wields great power.  All future VP audience members should be on the lookout for it and how it affects those around him onstage.  Can you imagine what might happen in the event the Trevortastic Stare came up against both Rossface and O.F. Jake’s expression / body language combination?  Could the space-time continuum even handle such a meeting of powers?  These are the questions that need to be answered!

Unfortunately, we lack the ability to seek out these answers on our own right now (perhaps another trip to Provo is in order? In the name of research, of course.).  What we do have is the ability to enjoy this lovely video that Ferg-face provided for us.  It’s of the guys singing “Higher and Higher.”  Now, don’t get too excited — this was a choreography-free concert, so there’s no human pinwheel to be found.  But, it’s still a fun little number (and will soon be rivaling “Jump Jive” in terms of number of versions on Youtube), so with a big thank you to Ferg-face and Clarissa, let’s enjoy it!

-Troi and Crusher


2 Responses to From the mailbag… Gems from a concert!

  1. Bela says:

    Tanner. Wow. Very suave. Very GQ. Classy

    • SweetPotato says:

      Ditto, looking good Tanney Badger (oh… maybe that doesn’t work. I tried.)!

      I love the Trevortastic Stare. So much. I mean, NEVER in my life have I seen a stare like that.

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